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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
| July 2020

Dear Ones, 

How are you holding up during this very intense time here on planet earth?
To be truthful (which I prefer to be), I’ve been having a hard time. Not like “people I know are dying and I’ve lost my job and don’t know how I’ll pay the rent” hard time, just like, “I’m witnessing the collapse of social structures while humanity struggles with its inner demons and the future is a big muddy blur” kind of a hard time. So I suppose that makes me quite privileged at the moment.
I was grateful to come across this article: “
Why It’s Important to Feel Sad During Covid-19” If you’ve been having a hard time lately for similar reasons to me, you might appreciate it too. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from it:
"Sadness is what keeps a tragedy from becoming a trauma. It’s a bridge that allows us to say goodbye to the old reality and adapt to the new."
So I’m working on that. Being an artist, one of the ways I work through these things is to make art, of course! So amidst all of this I am celebrating the release of a brand new song, less than a month old, from feeling to writing to recording to editing to release. Many thanks to my amazing partner Pete for making such a quick turn around time possible.
It’s the song I’ve been singing and will likely keep on singing for quite some time to come. It's called RISK/BENEFIT. Take a listen and let me know what you think. If it moves you, do share it with those you love.
There are some upcoming events (virtual) that you might enjoy, including a women's singing retreat and a songwriting workshop for parents. Keep on reading for all the details.


Feeling gratitude for you in the ways we are connected,
and sending much love & tenderness,


your mama musician
~ Amanda


Song & Video of the Month ~ 

A new song for these times....



I am no fortuneteller, nor could I be
I cannot see the future I cannot see
Risk/benefit, risk/benefit
Put it on a scale and throw the dice
Will we be lucky, walk through unscathed?
Will we be sorry as we dig another grave?
Risk/benefit, risk/benefit
Put it on a scale and throw the dice
I harbor all the darkest fears
I keep thinking, I may loose what I hold most dear
Risk/benefit, risk/benefit
Put it on a scale and throw the dice
Risk/benefit, risk/benefit
Put it on the scale and throw the dice
Risk/benefit, risk….
We’ll never know until it’s over what one was right


This is a little something I've been working on that's totally not related to music (aside from the fact that everything is connected), and is something I made with the intention of sharing.

As my family has been exploring how to safely navigate through these times we came upon the concept of a pod ~ a collaboration with another family or two. I was looking for some guidelines and a document like this. I found nothing, so I made one.

Please use and share and this document freely if you find it to be of help. I offer it with love.


{artwork by my awesome toddler}

~  U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S  ~

August 8th | Saturday 3pm (Pacific Time) 
--> Sisters in Harmony GlobalBig Sing  
The in-person weekend retreat has been re-scheduled to summer 2021, but now we have this amazing online gathering, open to all for you to join! Song leaders include Heather Houston, Becky Reardon, MaMuse, Katie Ty Warren, Debbie Nargi Brown, and of course, Yours Truly.  Get your by-donation tickets HERE

August 14th | Friday @ 11am PT/ 12pm MT*
---> Songwriting for Parents: How to write a lullaby
* this gathering is virtual, through Zoom, and accessible in many time zones
Sponsored by the Mundi Project, this FREE workshop will be led by award winning singer-songwriters, mothers and friends, Mindy Dillard & Amanda West. No musical experience necessary. Advanced registration is required. Please register HERE.

September 2020 
-->Release of the album"Truth, Love & Understanding Remixed"  
Celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the release of this original album, with the songs remixed for the 2020's! Stay tuned for details...

December 20th | Saturday @ 4-6pm
-->Women's Winter Solstice Circle
With Debbie Nargi Brown. Save the date!

ONGOING --> private lessons in voice, guitar & songwriting

Meanwhile, life goes on. We visit the dentist (no cavities!), the stuffed animals have birthdays (Happy Birthday Tooth!) and childhood is still sacred and beautiful.

How are you learning and changing these days?

~ ~ ~

Write to me 
It makes my day to hear from you.  

xoxo Amanda
Copyright  © 2020 Amanda West Music

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