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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
Autumn/Winter 2019

Dear Ones, 

First, a big warm welcome to those of you new to this list. Someday I will get organized with a fancy automated series of welcome emails, but for now, here I am - Welcome! I am so glad we have connected and now have the opportunity to share more, here, and in the future.

My intention is to write these letters, with updates on past and future music events, musing on being human, and a featured song, once a month, but sometimes, LIFE happens. This is a gift, and a struggle, as life tends to be.


I notice how easy it is for me to feel and think that everyone around me has it all together. Especially when they send out fancy looking newsletters! (Even if it's not exactly once a month). It's easy to feel like everyone else knows just what they're doing, where they're going, and how they're going to get there.

Well, I'll let you in on a secret, I don't! And I'm guessing that you actually don't either. Yet part of becoming an adult seems to be about becoming good at hiding or at least twisting truth, the truth we share with others, and sometimes even the truth we tell ourselves.

In this season of autumn, moving into winter, I look around at the trees. I see how they let go of the leaves and then stand there bare and naked, holding nothing, quiet, and empty. How beautiful. How sane. How honest. How necessary.

My song of the month ties into these sentiments, as I wonder:  How can we be more truthful with ourselves, and each other? For, while truth can be painful, it can also bring exquisite comfort and connection. 



I REALLY want you to come to the Women's Winter Solstice Circle I am co-leading with Debbie Nargi Brown. {And early bird tickets end this Saturday! So get them now!}

I want you to come because I want to share it with you, and I want you to come because I know you need it, because we all need it. Capitalism does a fine job of covering up our true needs with consumerism, but underneath, what we really want and need this time of year is to be reminded that we are loved, and held, and that we have the strength and resources to carry through, no matter how cold and dark the days are.  This is what gathering together in song and ritual offers as it fills the well in the deepest of ways. I do hope you will join us!

I'm also looking at my 2020 calendar which is emphasizing quality over quantity, a great upside of becoming a mama musician --->

--> Songs from the Motherhood Songwriter trio show in May with
Anne Sibley and Song Nelson

--> Sisters in Harmony women's singing retreat in August, with MaMuseHeather Houston, Debbie Nargi Brown, Kaitie Ty and Becky ReardonWow! What company to be in!

--> I'm also cooking up more offerings of group music classes for people of all ages... Is there something you're looking for? Maybe I can help. Hit reply and let me know.

# 3
Meanwhile, my baby turns TWO in December. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel... I think I might have survived... Thanks for staying with me through it all!

{And there's more in this email, so keep reading, you can do it!}

with love & song always,

your mama musician, 
~ Amanda

Upcoming Events ~ 

~ Women's Winter Solstice Circle ~
with Amanda West & Debbie Nargi Brown

Saturday December 21st

Pacific Cultural Center | 1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz

$20 EARLY BIRD (ends Dec 1st)
$25 in advance
$30 at the door


An afternoon celebrating the energies of the Winter Solstice

Through meditation, song and simple ritual we will drop into the deeper parts of ourselves and align with the season while nourishing our hearts and spirits

All women, women-identified, and gender non-conforming people are welcome. To help maintain the quiet and contemplative ritual space, this is for adults and babes-in-arms only.


--->  Early Bird Tickets End This Saturday! *  <--
* This event sold out last year & advanced tickets are highly encouraged! *




--> in Oakland, CA <--
{Last one of the year!}

Introducing the power, science and magic of
singing into motherhood
through pregnancy, birth & post-partum

Sunday December 8th |10am - noon

@ Oakland Birth & Wellness | 5735 Shattuck Ave., Oakland, CA

This is the 4th of a four-part series I've been hosting in Oakland,  introducing the power, science and magic of singing into motherhood through pregnancy, birth and post partum. Each circle begins with a short meditation followed by simple vocal toning. Participants then learn beautiful songs and chants from around the world through call and response. No musical experience necessary. A short time is left at the end for questions and discussion.

Advanced registration strongly recommended
$30 - $20

questions or more info please write to:
or hit "reply!" and ask me directly


~ Winter Music Student Recital ~

Sunday December 15th
2:30-3:30pm 2019

Upstairs Gallery, Pacific Cultural Center
1307 Seabright Ave., Santa Cruz


This is always a sweet gathering, welcoming for people of all ages, celebrating the work of my current music students, and the joy of sharing music together. I'll be singing a song or two as well, at the beginning and the end.

Requested donation $10-$5 per person, no one turned away

write me with any questions:


Song of the Month ~ 
photo by Jo Ann Manolis
from "The Way to the Water"

I want the truth
because I have never been a liar
and I’m feeling more and more like one
as time goes on
I know fewer and fewer
with the courage, or the time, or the acceptance
to hear the truth


I haven't played this song in a long time. Some of the original verses were definitely inspired by the 20-something life I was living at the time, and the details no longer hold true for me. But the essence of this song has never been more true. And as I sit here and look at these lyrics, I realize, though I wrote them from a very personal place, they could easily be extrapolated to the political these days.

It is a COMPLICATED world we live in! Being human is complicated, trying to have a global society is extremely complicated, and trying to have everyone agree on what all that means can look pretty much impossible most days. 

I think very few of us actually intentionally set out to tell lies. But truth doesn't fit well into a post, a tweet, or anything attention grabbing.  

Truth takes TIME, COURAGE, AND ACCEPTANCE.  Truth takes WORK and a big, wide, open HEART. Truth takes cups of tea, and hours, days, and years woven slowly and surely together. How do we keep on the honest path? How do we continue returning to what is true, and real, necessary, and good?

You know my answer, don't you? Always. Always. MUSIC.

What about you?
Hit reply, and let me know. I want to know! What do you think?


Listen & Download

The Amanda West Music Calendar ~ 
DECEMBER 2019 --->

12/8/2019 SUNDAY @ 10am
--> Womb Song Workshop

Learn the science & magic of singing into motherhood at Oakland Birth & Wellness, Oakland, CA. Please register HERE 

12/15/2019 SUNDAY @  2:30pm
-->Amanda's Fall Student Recital

A sweet afternoon featuring some of Amanda's students of voice, guitar, ukulele and songwriting. Amanda will also play a few songs. All ages are welcome, children encouraged!
@ the upstairs gallery of the Pacific Cultural Center | $5-$10 no one turned away

12/21/2019 SATURDAY @ 2pm
-->Women's Winter Solstice Circle ~
with Debbie Nargi Brown
@ The Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz. GET TICKETS HERE

ONGOING --> private lessons in voice, guitar & songwriting

2020 SAVE THE DATES! --->

SUNDAY @ 2pm
--> Songs from The Motherhood ~
an afternoon of original songs with Amanda West,  Anne Sibley and Song Nelson @ The Pacific Cultural Center, Santa Cruz

May 14th - 17th 
--> Song Village ~
a gathering of people who love to sing

August 7th - 9th
--> Sisters in Harmony Summer Retreat ~
a weekend of song, yoga, saunas and nature in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Amanda West, Heather Houston, Debbie Nargi Brown, MaMuse, Kaitie Ty and Becky Reardon! Registration opens in January. Stay tuned...

+ more in the works! ... Womb Song, Summer Camps, Family Music... stay tuned!

And here's Pete & I, celebrating our 9 years of Togetherness on the autumnal equinox (kids were there but not pictured here) 

Nothing fancy, we're just humans, in love, tired, grateful humans.  

THANK YOU for sharing this journey. What a ride it continues to be.

Wishing you health, courage, love and truth,
through the holidays and beyond.

May we sing together soon!

with love & song & gratitude,
your mama musician,
~ Amanda
Copyright  © 2019 Amanda West Music

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