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 The Amanda West Newsletter | NEWS & ADVENTURES of a mama musician artist
| October 2020

Dear Ones, 

Here is what I know: no matter what happens, there will always be music!

I'm reminding myself of this, as well as you, as I write, sending out some love as we all sit on the edge of our seats, just a few days before the election, wondering what our future will look like.

These days I am staying busy by practicing my harp (so fun to be a beginner!), and, oh yes, taking care of the children. Always. Recently, I was the musical inspiration for a month-long Waldorf Homeschooling seminar which was unexpected and delightful. I'm spending perhaps a bit too much time pondering the moral and philosophical questions facing human society right now. And I'm working through the book Me & White Supremacy. Let me know if you want to talk about it. There's a lot to talk about.

I have a new song for you in honor of this season, and some upcoming events to make sure you have on your calendar.

But most important of all, I want to let you know that I have taken the leap and begun a Patreon account! If you know what that is, great! If you don't, great! Keep reading.

All the details are below.

I'm sending you love & courage & solidarity in this most exquisite time on planet earth,

with a wide open heart,

your mama musician
~ Amanda


Your Inviation   ~ 
 IMAGES of the 7 directions (+1)
Representing the 7 levels of my patreon offerings:


Creating Mindfulness, Medicine & Magic
// ~ // ~ // ~ // ~ // ~ // ~ //

There was something about the fire evacuation experience that lit a fire within me: "there's no time to wait" it said. The time is NOW.  So here we go:

If you've never heard of Patreon, I think the best way to describe it is like a musical CSA (community supported agriculture): I am the farmer ~ planting, tending and harvesting artistic creations that nourish the heart and soul. If you join and become my patron, you agree to make a regular financial contribution, and in return I agree to share with you whatever bounty I harvest each month.

Patreon is set up so that different contribution levels (also known as "tiers") can receive different benefits depending on how much they give. I have set mine up differently - every level gets the same benefits. I know that $10 can mean something very different from one person to another. So my tiers go from $3 - $100, and they're all the same.

I set it up about a month ago and have been surprised how deeply inspiring it has been for me already! Some of the posts are for patrons only, and some are public. So please look around and enjoy what is there for all.

I would be SO honored and grateful should you choose to join me on this path. It is the new way of the artist, which is actually a very ancient way (there are long traditions of the arts being made possible by patrons). I simply see it as a reminder of our beautiful interconnectedness.

Music of the Month ~ 
All of Us
(a song for those who came before)


This month's song I released on Patreon last week. It is shared as a public post, so you can listen even if you are not my patron.

This song came to me 10 years ago and since then I've only performed it a tiny handful of times. I recorded it 4 years ago as part of the "Consanguinity" album that is still unreleased.

As this autumn season rolls around again, this time that is honored in so many traditions as a time to connect with the ancestors, contemplate the endings of things, hold grief, and remember our interconnectedness, this song surfaced again for me. 

In a few  hours of precious babysitter time, Pete & I dug it out of the archives and polished it up to share. There is so much more production I'd love to add to it. But I release it now in the hopes that it may connect you to something you've been needing or hoping to find.

I offer it in honor of the ancestors, and for all of us.


Upcoming Events   ~ 

"Many Voices"
CZU Fire Victims Benefit Concert
{livestream online}

hosted by Freesia Rain 
with Amanda West, Betsy Rose, Joya Winwood and more

Monday November 23rd @ 7:30pm 

~ songs of courage & gratitude ~


Women's Winter Solstice Circle
{online from the comfort of your home}

with Amanda West & Debbie Nargi Brown

Sunday December 20th @ 4:30-6pm

meditation, song & ceremony in community


~  U P C O M I N G   E V E N T S  ~

November 14th  | Saturday @ 2-4pm
--> Amanda's Aumtun Music Student Recital
Please write me if you'd like to attend! All are welcome (via zoom)

November 23rd | Monday @ 7-9pm
-->CZU Fire Victims Fundraiser for Valley Churches United Mission
With Betsy Rose, Joya Winwood, Freesia Rain, Amanda West & more... Join here & donate as you wish:

December 20th | Sunday @ 4:30-6pm
-->Women's Winter Solstice Circle
With Debbie Nargi Brown. Details & tickets HERE

ONGOING --> private lessons in voice, guitar & songwriting


Here I am depositing my ballot last week.
Can you see both the anxiety and the hope on my face?
Yes, all the feelings.

Just remember, whatever happens, there will always be music!

xoxo Amanda
Copyright  © 2020 Amanda West Music

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