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Project Updates

Hi, Twinkles~ It's been a while since I last wrote, but since last time a few things have been happening, both around Stellar related projects and news, so today I'm back with an update!

In today's email we have:
  • Stellar Communications Project (Periscope Subs)
  • Becoming a Professional Fan & IdeaFan Release Plan
  • Stellar Makestar Interview (Minor Update)
  • Updates on Gayoung's Neck Injury

Stellar Communications Project
As many of you no doubt already know, Stellar members have been doing live broadcasts on Periscope recently. These broadcasts are fun and intimate, with only one problem - not everyone understands Korean! As such, I've started a project to have these broadcasts subtitled into English. I would have liked to have been able to cover the cost of translations and subtitle them all myself, but there are hours of video this time, and  I don't have the capacity to do it all myself! As such, I'm reaching out to you guys to help fund the translations this time. Please check out the project details, and contribute if you would like to :) Contributing to this project will also help me become a Professional Fan so I can better serve Twinkles and Stellar.

Currently, it costs ~$2 USD to get each minute of video subbed. We have 70 Twinkles on this mailing list. If everyone contributed $10 USD, we could get 5+ hours of these broadcasts subtitled! :)

Project Page: Stellar Communications Project

Videos subtitled so far (please enjoy! :)) Becoming a Professional Fan
While I love being able to contribute to Stellar's success and helping Stellar members and Twinkles communicate, I've realized that I can't keep things up as they have been so far. In the past, I've supported myself by working part-time, and more recently, while in Korea, I've been going from my savings. But if I want to keep making a difference to Stellar and to go far, I need some way to support myself. That's why I'm creating for myself a new profession of Becoming a Professional Fan.
You can read more details about it in the link. I am looking at other ways of earning funds as a Professional Fan. If you have any ideas on how I could raise funds, please let me know as well! :)  I would like to be in a position where I am able to serve Stellar, Twinkles, and the Kpop industry :)

Related to becoming a professional fan, I have been working on a system that will allow fans to chat, share news, and create fan projects for idol groups. It's currently still under development, but I would like to release it bit-by-bit for fans to test and use.

The rough schedule for release is this:
  • This week: IdeaFan core launched (users can leave comments)
  • Next week: Alpha launch for fans to test + feature improvements
  • 3-week: Project Idea suggestion feature released
  • 4-week: Crowdfunding features released (fans will start being able to run their own fan-projects)
  • 5-week: Fans can submit topics and news for discussion (fancafe-like features)

Screenshot showing some incomplete IdeaFan features

Eventually, I want to make it easy for fans to interact with each other, and also create projects to support their idols.

Stellar Makestar Interview
Since my last update, Makestar communicated to me that they've had to manage a few things on their end, so this has not progressed much. I've requested another meeting earlier this week, and plan on reworking the interview structure today and tomorrow to get things going. I'll update everyone again once things have progressed some more.

Gayoung's Neck Injury
I know many fans were worried about Gayoung around this, so here's the links to all the updates and information about this. If you would like to send a letter to Gayoung, please let me know and I will send you The Entertainment Pascal's address. She loves receiving hand-written letters, and her English is good :)

Okay, that's it for this time's update. Twinkles fighting!!!


Stellar Twinkles

Today, I taken off neck cast 🙃 Yet, the waist is sick.. but I'll be a speedy recovery 💪💪!!!! I felt a lot of things ☺ㅋ My family, Stellar, Twinkle, My lovers love you 🙆💝 #가영스타그램 #gayoungstagram
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