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Lotte World Discussion Update

Hi all~ Since the last update on this, I've had two meetings with Makestar to discuss the Lotte World filming. We've been creating how the Lotte World filming will look, and I would like to update everyone on this now.

Please note that while the response on Makestar's side is positive, nothing has been confirmed yet, so it is possible this won't go through, or that the details will significantly change, but I do want to keep you guys up to date on the kind of things that we are discussing.

Lotte World Discussion Details
Main Objective

Currently, the main objectives of Lotte World are the following:
  • Produce a video highlighting Stellar's charms, to help discover and create new fans for Stellar
  • Produce the video like a Korean variety show, and perhaps something of the order of length up to 30 mins - provide the opportunity to have Stellar be chosen for existing variety shows in Korea
To this end, (if this project goes through) Makestar can provide the following:
  • A pro-bono project that will cover the costs of filming and editing of the video
    • Makestar will be able to provide an in-house PD (producer) that can do the storyboarding for the filming and direction during the day. (Their PD has worked within the major broadcasting companies in Korea previously).
    • Makestar will be able to professionally edit the video like a Korean variety show.
  • Work with us (ie Stellar Twinkles / IdeaFan / Stellar Support Project) to promote this project
    • We're thinking of involving all the Twinkles around the world to help create exactly what will happen during the day, create challenges and the like so get the whole fandom involved
    • Makestar can get Korean articles written up on this (which will then also filter down to sites such as onehallyu, allkpop etc, as that's where they get their sources from).
    • We'll do various promotional activities as a lead-up to the video release as well
The idea is to create something, which is made together with fans, and to show that it is possible to make a difference to your favorite groups, even if you are far away from Korea. This is something we think is unique in both my and Makestar's opinion.

Do note that since we're planning for this to be higher production, the project will no longer be simply about giving the girls a day-out at Lotte World, but now would be more focused on promoting them. However, I think the girls will be happy with this, and we will still be able to make the day very enjoyable for the girls :)

Filming Day Costs
We did a very rough back-of-the-envelope calculation of the costs involved, and I will list them below for your reference. Please note that these are conservative estimates, and the costs may be higher. There are also likely missing costs involved around this. Makestar will do a more detailed calculation of costs and will update us.
As a reference, currently, we have ~$2700 USD available for use on this project (this includes funds originally planned for the gift for Stellar's dorm, but I think this event is more important, so if we need to use it, I think we should).
  • Lotte World Tickets: $45 pp x 11 ppl (Stellar and Staff) = $495
  • Makeup and hair for members = ~$800
  • Meal = ~$200
  • Transportation for filming crew: ~$60-$100 (this is minus the cost of TEP crew)
  • Any additional costs (spending during the day / missions / preparations) - $120-$150
Total: ~$1745 for the day

There will be other costs involved around promotions and marketing (social media ads / articles being released in Korea) which still need to be confirmed, but these will be important for helping a wider fanbase discover Stellar.

Other things of note
I have requested for all contributors of the Stellar Support Project to be recognized in the credits of the video.

Where to from here
I will continue to develop how this day will look together with Makestar and keep everyone updated. It may still be another few weeks before we can get a final result, but let's work to make it happen for Stellar :)

If you have any ideas or thoughts on anything, do shoot me an email at stellar.twinkles[at]

That's it from me for now, until next time~

Stellar Twinkles

Gayoung: "It's too hot today" (or at least, that's what I think she's thinking haha).
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