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"Fans gift a day off to Stellar!"

Hi everyone~ I'm back again this week with another update.

First of all, thank you to each and every one of you for your emails and input since the last SSP update. Your emails have really helped me form my thoughts around how our Stellar Support Project should operate around all of this. From the correspondence I've had with you guys, it's become increasingly clear that you guys are happy with whatever we do, as long as it's in Stellar member's best interest, and I appreciate your generosity. I also appreciate the trust you've given me that I'll do what I can to ensure Stellar's best interests are looked after.

As many of you will have seen, the "For Stellar - Fans gift a day off to Stellar!" stretch-goal has been revealed on Makestar, and we're well on our way to reaching the stretch-goal of giving the girls a fun day off! *yay*

(As of writing, we're sitting at 684.06% of the 700% target).

Now, there is a choice I'm currently left to make, which will affect how our Stellar Support Project relates to the Makestar stretch-goal, specifically about whether our Stellar Support Project should still do a direct contribution for this stretch-goal or to use it for something else that will directly benefit the girls. Please read below for the details and my thoughts.

So currently it's like this:
  • I was speaking to Makestar about my concerns around how the funds we contribute from SSP will be used (specifically if it will be well used on the girls). It appears that we won't have much control over it at all, and I questioned whether or not it would be better for Stellar if SSP used our funds for something directly for the girls instead.
  • The communication I got was that if we think the funds would be best used in an alternative manner for the girls, we should do so, and that Makestar and The Entertainment Pascal have been happy to continue with the "Fans gift a day off to Stellar!" stretch-goal, regardless of the decision.
So currently, I'm left with the decision of whether or not we still do a direct contribution to Makestar, or if we use the funds for something directly for the girls. My thoughts are this:
  • We've already fulfilled the intention we wanted to fulfill by giving the girls a day off through Makestar's 700% stretch-goal from Twinkles. I'm also confident we're going to hit the 700% mark whether SSP contributes or not.
  • The reason why we would still make a direct contribution now would be to get credit on Makestar, and to increase the % for a later % stretch-goal (once revealed).
    • On a side-note, the girls already know we'd been working on a day off for them to have fun, from communications I've had with them from before. Whether we proceed with a direct contribution on Makestar or not, I will be letting them know that this is the outcome of what the Stellar Support Project had been working on :)
  • If we don't make the direct contribution we can use the $2200+ USD to spend on something for the girls or fund something that they've wanted to do, remembering that we still have an open dialogue with the girls on helping them fund things. For example, it's still uncertain if the Studio Ver. of Gayoung's "Twinkle" song will be approved by management for a stretch-goal or not. If it doesn't make it through, I think we can still fund this directly for Gayoung. (Funding things for the girls is something I wanted to pursue for Stellar Support Project Season 2, but perhaps we can even get started on it in this season :))
  • However, it may still make sense for us to do a direct contribution to Makestar if a new stretch-goal comes up that makes a difference to the girls.
Currently, I'm trying to find out how the funds can be best used, so I'm holding off on this decision for a little bit until I find out. I wanted to communicate this to you guys though, so you're all across what's happening, and the impact that it would have, depending on the choice that is made.

As it's always been, this project is about doing things that best benefit the girls, and I will do my best to make a choice that in the best interest of the girls.

If you have any thoughts or input, please email me at stellar.twinkles[at], and I will be sure to consider it all.

Regardless of what we end up doing, I think we've already made a significant difference by having the Stellar's day off stretch-goal being accepted by Makestar and management, and that's worth giving ourselves a pat on the back :)

I'll keep you guys updated on how it all goes.

Stellar Twinkles
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