Makestar Stretch Goals. Go go go!
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Stellar's Relaxation Day & Other Makestar Stretch Goals

Hi everyone~ This week I'm back to let you guys know what's happening with our Lotte World Day Out / Stellar's Healing Day Out, as well as Gayoung's Twinkle song, in conjunction with Stellar's Makestar project stretch-goals. I've also finished recording the costs and budget for all our support packages up until now, for your perusal, as well as an update on our Stellar Contribution Project. Read on to find our more!

  • Lotte World Day Out / Stellar's Healing Day Out
  • Makestar project stretch-goals (including Gayoung's Twinkle song and Official Stellar Light-stick)
  • Costs, budget, and future of Stellar Support Project 
  • Stellar Contribution Project Update (and recent videos)
Lotte World Day Out / Stellar's Healing Day Out
I've been discussing with Makestar to use Stellar's current Makestar project as an opportunity for fans to gift Stellar with our Lotte Day / Healing Day out for Stellar, and to use the Lotte Day / Healing Day out as a way to improve Stellar's Makestar project.

Makestar liked this idea, but alluded that some of Stellar's member's may be uncomfortable with anything too obtrusive and public (ie running around Lotte World with large cameras around would be quite obtrusive, and make it uncomfortable for Stellar's members and make it difficult for them to relax). I tend to agree with this, particularly because the original intentions of our Lotte Day Out was for Stellar members to relax (the promotional part was added in later because we wanted to make it appealing to management to let us do this for Stellar). 

Instead, Makestar is proposing that we do something more private for Stellar so that they can really relax, and avoid too many cameras. Their team liked the idea of taking the girls to a (classy) spa where they can enjoy an (indoor) pool, get a massage and have their nails done, and give them cameras to film themselves when they want to so that they can really relax when they want to too.

Since it's difficult to convince management to give Stellar a full day off, Makestar suggested this as, at first, a half day off, and then using Makestar stretch-goal to add things for Stellar (from Makestar and The Entertainment Pascal) until it is a full day off.

Makestar suggested that we contribute the funds we've raised to Stellar's Makestar Project, which will be credited as "IdeaFan: Stellar Support Project Contributors", with each contributor acknowledged as a kind of "platinum contributor" on Makestar, and contributors listed in order of your contributions to our Stellar Support Project (although complete details still to be confirmed). These funds will them be used for covering the costs of Stellar's Healing Day Out, and at the same time boost Stellar's crowdfunding percentage toward the later stretch-goals. I've thought about this and given them a tentative okay, and they've spoken to Stellar's Management who have reacted well to the proposal. The job for me now is to ensure the day is created well for the girls, and that they fully get to enjoy it, so I'll do my best around that. Currently, our Stellar Support Project has ~$2400 USD remaining, which will come to around $2200 USD after costs, so this is the amount I will pass on to Makestar for Stellar's Healing Day Out. (Check out the full cost and budget calculations here).

If you would still like to contribute to the Stellar Support Project, you still can. Any excess I will redirect to the Stellar Communication Project, credited under "Stellar Support Project Contributors".

If you have any suggestions for things for Stellar to improve their day out, please email me at stellar.twinkles[at] For example, one suggestion could be to take them out to a nice restaurant for dinner after their time at the Spa, or even if the girls are comfortable with it, to give them passes to Lotte World after all, and let them enjoy that however they please.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, you can reach me on that email as well :)

Makestar Project stretch-goals

My goal for this current Makestar project is for Stellar to reach a funding goal of 1000%. With the rewards set up as well as they are this time, I think this is entirely possible with the right stretch-goals. Reaching this percentage is important as well because this time management listened to fans on what we want for the project. If we can get show management that Stellar can reach a much better result by listening to fans, it will make it easier for management to listen to fans in future - and then we can do even more fun and exciting things together with Stellar :)

The current stretch-goals I have proposed are as follows. Please note that these are tentative and therefore the final stretch-goals may be different to what you see below.

500%-800% - Stellar Healing Day Out gifted to Stellar from Stellar Support Project, improvement stretch-goals created by fans/management/Stellar.
900% - Gayoung's Twinkle Song (Studio Ver.) is released
1000% - Official Stellar Lightstick Created / Official Stellar Lightstick Project created

Unofficial Stellar Light-stick (A Korean fan, Doni, organised and gave this to everyone at Stellar's 2nd concert)

Costs, Budget, and future of Stellar Support Project
I've finally finished doing our cost and budgets for all of our Stellar Support Project packages so far. You can view the details here.

It's also worth acknowledging that after our Stellar Healing Day Out, all the parts of our Stellar Support Project will have been complete! It's worth pausing for a moment and giving ourselves a pat on the back. After our next Healing Day Out package, we'll have managed to send Stellar 5 support packages, over the last 8 months. We were able to raise a total of $5,028.54 USD for the projects, across 69 different fans, with Stellar members having interacted with us multiple times, tangentially mentioned fans in an interview (Hyoeun mentioned the messages we'd collect and send to them before their comeback) and Hyoeun and Jeonyul even recorded a thank you video for us during Chuseok.

The intentions of supporting and motivating Stellar members, as well as building a dialogue with them has been complete! 

As such, after our Stellar Healing Day Out is complete, our Stellar Support Project will be coming to a close. But don't worry, I plan to start a Stellar Support Project Season 2 sometime soon, with even better goals, outcomes, and cool things for Stellar members and Twinkles to interact with together!

If you want to continue to contribute to our Stellar Support Project for now, you still can! However, it will be redirected to the Stellar Communication Project for subbing Periscope and V-live videos because Gayoung and Stellar members have been wanting subtitles for the V-live videos that haven't been subtitled so that international fans can enjoy them as well. Alternatively, you can contribute directly to the Stellar Contribution Project here.

I will continue updating everyone on our projects through this mailing list, and during Stellar Support Project Season 2 as well.

Stellar Contribution Project
Main project page here.

Current budget remaining: $105.10 (~55 minutes of video)
We've got a lot more videos to sub, so if you can, please contribute so we can get more done! In particular, I'm keen to start getting some of the Stellar V-live videos (like Minhee's birthday) subtitled!

The Periscope broadcast videos that have been subtitled since last update are here: You can watch the full playlist here.

That's it for this update~ I'll continue to update everyone as things develop~ ^^

Stellar Twinkles
You can read previous Stellar Support Project updates from our Stellar Support Project Main Page. You can also subscribe to these email updates, here.

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