Small update this week~
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A small update

Hi everyone, I'm back this week with only a small update today.

This week I've updated the confirmed total of the Spa Gift Card component of our project, as well as some of the other on-going costs. You can view the details under the "Updated Present Delivery Structure to Stellar" section of our project page.

There has been no news as yet from Stellar for our gifts, but that is understandable since they've been busy shooting their new MV, and are also busy promoting in China right now. I will be sure to update you guys when there is any news :)

I've also updated or project structure a little for Lotte World to be in September. I think this time will be appropriate since my guess is that Stellar will comeback on the 25th of this month, and promote for around 5 weeks (like they did with 'Sting' promotions).

Also, there was a little bit of a scare earlier this week from the accident that happened during Stellar's MV shoot, but the girls are okay! The girls are healthy and well.

160708 Gayoung Instagram Update

Did you have to worry about watching news article?
Don’t worry about it. we are all fine.
While preparing the album had a lot of happens.
But we are 
more harder.
So I hope good luck.. 🙏 🙏 🙏

#걱정마요 #dontworry
#잘자요 #goodnight
#가영스타그램 #gayoungstagram 

Translation Cr. Gayoung Kim

160708 Minhee Instagram Update
 The members are all safe and sound  Sorry to make you worryㅠㅠ.. 

Translation Cr.

160708 Hyoeun Instagram Update
We’re okay~ !!! We’re healthy!!!!  #hyoni

Translation Cr.

160709 Jeonyul Twitter Update
I'm sorry for making you worry Twinkles 😭😭
Have a great day 😍😍

Translation Cr. Stellar Twinkle

For Fun
Our friend Baby Jane is currently making a Stellar fan game called "Stellar Survival Island". She will release a mini-game every week for the next few weeks, and will be available for PC and Android.
While we're waiting, here's her first draft of "Marionette 8-bit" music for the game! (Version 2 download links in the YouTube description)! (Click below for the video)

Enjoy, and until next time~​

Stellar Twinkles

Hyoeun waking up in her cute Kakao Friends pajamas in China 😍

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