Our Christmas presents were received~ 
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Stellar's Christmas Presents Response!~

If you missed our Christmas present update, you can read it here.

Hi everyone~ This week I'm back to let you know that Stellar members have received our Christmas Presents, and have replied on social media ^^ Also in this week's update, I've attached the letters and cards sent to each staff member as well, so that you can all see what we sent.

Beyond this, we've got things brewing for Stellar's Lotte World Day Out (which is evolving a little into something slightly different, but with the intentions of giving a day out to Stellar to relaxed being kept in place - I will update you guys in more detail in a following update). We also have a plan for getting Gayoung's Twinkle song produced in collaboration with Makestar, but I will update you all on this a little later as well.

For now, the rest of Stellar's Christmas Presents update! ^^

Stellar Members have received our presents~
Jeonyul wrote on her Twitter on January 3rd a thank you to Twinkles for the presents we prepared together ^^ Actually, her English is not as good as in her tweet, so she must have gone to the trouble to write the tweet well, so her feelings could be conveyed properly to us :)

Our presents can also be seen on Hyoeun and Minhee's Twitter updates

Minhee put her present together with the ones she received on her birthday. I think members received our presents on the 3rd (Minhee's Birthday), because they visited their company to do Minhee's birthday broadcast on that day haha. As I've discovered, members don't visit their company all that often. Regardless, though, I think they really appreciated it ^^

The rest of what was sent~
Here are the messages we sent for each Stellar member: And here are the messages I sent to Stellar & Stellar's staff members on Twinkles' behalf! I wanted to make the messages a bit more personal, so I wrote from my point of view, but I've made sure that they knew everything was from Twinkles' behalf! These were hand-written on to Christmas cards (which you can see in the previous SSP update). I've obfuscated their names in this document for their privacy, though :)

Check them all out :)

Other things
Recently Gayoung went to the Nick Knight photo exhibit, which you can see as an update called "Gayoung's day off" on Stellar's Makestar project.

As a part of the day, she went to Starbucks before going to the exhibit. And there in the photo you can spot a familiar Starbucks card, if I've ever seen one haha.

That's right, it's the Starbucks card we sent as a part of our first Stellar Support Project package! She's really been saving up the card to use well keke.

Throwback! ^^

Actually, I think she might have used the card on purpose on this day, to show us she's still enjoying it. I know that she tries to communicate with us sometimes in this way ^^

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed this update! I'll be sending another update about more project updates shortly~ Keep an eye out :)

Stellar Twinkles
You can read previous Stellar Support Project updates from our Stellar Support Project Main Page.

"I'm going to China #🤓#😎"
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