Gayoung replied to us on Instagram! ^^
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Gayoung's Reply & Project Next Steps!

Hi everyone~ I'm back again with another update for our Stellar Support Project! In happenings this week, Gayoung replied to our Starbucks letter package on Instagram and I've been working with my Korean Translator/Assistant So yeon in getting in touch with The Entertainment Pascal about the Lotte World component of our project. Read below for more details and project updates!

Gayoung's Reply
So as I mentioned above, Gayoung replied to us through Instagram ^^ I think it was very sweet of her to do so ❤ It's lovely to be able to see her enjoying a little break. Can't you feel her returning the love with her little finger heart? Hehe.

I have created a page that I will be using to collect media that shows our presents being received by the girls. You can keep up to date with everything here. Please stop by and leave a comment! I would love to hear your impressions so far ^^

Project Next Steps
For the next steps of the project, I'm thinking of focusing on delivering Lotte World to the girls! I think this is the most important part of the project. 
I have been preparing with So yeon for the call, and you can see the script/preparation material if you're interested.
We have given a call to The Entertainment Pascal Wednesday and yesterday, but seem to have called at inconvenient times (too early I think!). So yeon will be giving them another call this afternoon, and I will further update the project directions after that.
With Stellar's V-live channel having been set up, I'm hoping that we can work Lotte World in with one of the V-live broadcasts - wouldn't that be fun? :)

Project Funding Update
Current funds raised: ~$3592 collected (~$3842 pledged across 48 fans)

This week, we have reached and exceeded our original funding goal, due to the efforts of everyone involved! :D Amazing work Twinkles~ Let's celebrate! :D

More of skating Jeonyul (come leave your impressions as a comment on the page kekeke)

This is great because it gives us more flexibility in the budget we have for each part of the project! It also means we will be able to fulfill even more ideas to help promote Stellar. My hopes are to be able to fulfill more ideas together with Stellar's upcoming V-live broadcasts. Let's see how we go :) I have updated the "Updated Present Delivery Structure to Stellar" section of the project page to reflect the new budget available, as well as funds used so far. Please check it out.

If you have any ideas on ideas of things we can provide for Stellar's upcoming V-live broadcasts, or even broadcast suggestions, please leave a comment on the main project page so we can bounce the ideas around and work it in to future parts of the project! As I have mentioned before, the project has only been this awesome so far, because of everyone involved!

That's it for this week's update. Today, I leave you with a picture of puppy Gayoung. She's looking for an owner. Won't you adopt her?  🐾

Stellar Twinkles

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