And I need your input~
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We've got some big plans, and I need your input

Hi everyone~ This week I've been working on plans to help promote Stellar, and to get them on to some variety shows. These plans are related to the Lotte World day out and related filming. Please have a read of the details below.

Input Required from you guys! (Summary)
This is the input I need from you guys, extracted from our plans below. Your input would be greatly appreciated, and will help shape the outcome of the project! Each link will take you to a Google form. Lotte World so far
As you may already know, the plan for the Lotte World day out for the girls is to give them a chance to rest and relax, but also to take it as an opportunity to make a video to help promote the girls.
So far we have been in touch with The Entertainment Pascal, and they will review the project and get back to us as Stellar's promotions for 'Crying' wrap up.

Filming & Editing services from Makestar
This week, I have been in communication with Makestar to discuss the filming of the Lotte World Day out. So far discussions have been good, and it looks like there's a good chance that they can assist us with this. I will be having a meeting with them Tuesday, 10am KST to discuss this further. One of the things I will be discussing with them on Tuesday is the aims and objectives of our project.

Aims & Objectives of Lotte World Filming
The main aim and objective of the filming, in my opinion, is to produce video footage that can show and highlight the charms of Stellar's members. This film can then be used to help promote Stellar and to gain them more fans.

To fulfill on this, however, I need to know what attracted you to Stellar in the first place. Please help fill out this survey to help me know!

Promotional Channels
Once the video is made, the plan is to release the video on various promotional channels. So far, the channels I have in mind are as follows:
  • Stellar Official YouTube Channel (To be suggested)
  • An article in Makestar's online Magazine (In discussion) and their YouTube Channel (To be suggested)
  • Do you have any other promotional channels in mind? Please let me know via this form.
Beyond this, my plan is to use this video to promote Stellar to the producers of various variety shows. How? Read below to find out :)

Promoting Stellar to Producers (Let's get them on to Variety Shows!)

My plan is to assemble packages to be sent to variety show producers and influential people (eg Mr. Yoo Jae Suk) in the Entertainment Industry to give them a compelling reason to have Stellar on their show.

Each package will be a physically made book that will contain:
  • The Lotte World video (On a USB key)
  • A customized letter with compelling reasons why they should have Stellar on their show
  • A collection of 1000 short messages from fans requesting for Stellar be selected for a variety show, translated to Korean (I will need help from Twinkles for this, and will start asking for messages from everyone soon).
  • Various other videos of Stellar that may show their charms (Also on the USB Key)
The intention is to build a compelling story for the producers and their shows.

Please help suggest some variety shows or influential people we should contact via this form!

If you have any other thoughts and suggestions, please contact me on stellar.twinkles[at]
Thank you!

For fun

Have you seen our English subbed video of an early Behind the Scenes video for Stellar yet this week? If not, check it out below! The girls were adorable back in 2013 (as they are now still, of course:)) Do enjoy~

[ENG SUB] 13 08 25 STELLAR Behind the Scenes Video (2013.08.25)

I'll keep you all updated on how the planning for Lotte World goes. Please do send in your input! Ideally before the meeting with Makestar on Tuesday. Thanks much :)
Until next time~

Stellar Twinkles

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