Merry Christmas~
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Stellar's Christmas Presents Sent~

Hi everyone~ Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays! I hope you've all been enjoying the holiday period ^^

Today I'm writing to let you know that the Christmas presents for Stellar and Staff were prepared and sent last Friday! I ended up sending the presents a little late because I had fallen sick the previous week, and also vastly underestimated the time it would take to prepare the presents for staff as well... I recorded time this time and it took me a total of 18 hours to prepare everything hahaha... well it was a lot of work but it was still fun and rewarding as well.

The presents will arrive at The Entertainment Pascal on Monday, and Stellar members can receive it right when they arrive back from Japan. I sent each of the members a Tweet today (Christmas) to let them know there will be presents waiting for them. Jeonyul liked her tweet, so they know there's something there for them when they get back :)

Please read on to see what we sent, with photos as well ^^

Presents for Stellar (4 people)
Each member received:
  • 1 x Custom hand-written Christmas card
  • 1 x Kakao soft toy (I got a different one for each of Stellar's members and each of their staff - I thought this would be fun for everyone)
  • 1 x Printed copy of messages from fans (English & Korean)
  • 1 x Lush present box (1 x Galaxy Bath Bomb, 1 x Golden Shimmery Present Bath Bomb, 1 x Lavender Bubble Bath, 1 x Soap based on member personality - each member different)
The Galaxy Bath Bomb is very popular on social media at the moment and burst out into a galaxy in a bath. The Golden present becomes a shimmery luxurious gold bath. Each bath bomb contains essential oils and is excellent for the skin. The Lavender Bubble Bath is fun, because well, it's a bubble bath haha. Each soap picked smells nice and different. They are also all moisturising. I picked the soap based on member personalities. Hyoeun's one is honey and smells very sweet. Minhee's is lavender, Gayoung's one is a very fresh smelling one (smells like the sea?) and Jeonyul's one was really nice too, but I can't remember what it was made out of. It was the "sexy" one though haha.

I had considered getting the members aromatic candles as well to help them relax, but I thought it was going to be overkill so decided against it. We can always send them more things next time ^^

Presents for Staff (8 people)
Presents for CEO, Team Manager, Office Manager:
  • 1 x Custom hand-written Christmas card
  • 1 x Kakao 2017 Scheduler
Presents for Managers and Stylist:
  • 1 x Custom hand-written Christmas card
  • 1 x Kakao soft toy
  • *For Seyoung, I also got her a smaller Lush gift pack (1 x Galaxy Bath Bomb, 1 x Golden Shimmery Present Bath Bomb, 1 x Reindeer Soap)
The presents for Staff was small, but I think they will enjoy it as a little bit of fun. Plus, I think they'll enjoy the individual messages I wrote them (will upload this for everyone later) :) 

I got Seyoung a little extra. She's the manager that reads all our emails and monitors Stellar's fancafe. She's also the one that reads all the complaints from fans and liaises to upper management about it. Sometimes I think her job must be thankless and difficult because she's the one stuck between fans and upper management trying to get everything to work. I really wanted to thank her for everything that she has been doing ❤

I will prepare a page later with all the cards so you can read what I sent (including English), as well as the messages from fans that were sent. I also need to finish calculating the costs and update you guys as well - roughly I think everything costed around $500~$550 (side note, I still need to do this for the Chuseok presents as well, but will do this altogether shortly, particularly since it looks like I'll be able to get our Lotte World project going together with Stellar's upcoming Makestar Project ;) Will keep you guys updated on that as well).

For now, here are some of the photos! ^^ Have fun :)

Preparing presents from LUSH

Packing gifts for Stellar and Staff

Presents for Staff looked like this

The cards for Stellar Members looked like this

Wrapped Presents for Staff

Final Result!

I'm really looking forward to when Stellar and Staff see their presents. I can imagine their surprise. I think it will be a lot of fun ^^ Please look forward to it as well~

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday everyone~

Stellar Twinkles

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