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NJORD’s data protection morning seminars!
Every day we leave behind a lot of data. Our life is monitored by hundreds of satellites, security cameras and our movements are  tracked when you use your bank-, fitness club- or public transportation card and is saved and processed. Every movement we make online is business for someone.
Consumers and employees alike favour when they are known but dislike when they are followed or monitored.
Every time a salesperson contacts you via e-mail or phone, you should ask yourself; who gave them your information?
It is imperative for businesses to understand where to draw the line between adapting to users and spying on users, between collecting and processing data in conformity with the law and going beyond it.
The use of cookies and collection and processing of big data has created an opportunity for companies to find the most appealing client segment, to create personalised offers and to adapt to clients’ needs. Use of online resources has become one of the biggest advantages and also one of the biggest risks for companies. 

Most of the largest data breaches and therefore the highest penalties to companies in relation to data breach arise from circumstances where office equipment has been given to an employee who then has had it stolen, lost, left unencrypted or has deliberately violated data protection rules with the intention to sell the data. Incidents also arise from negligence in regard to information security such as when an employee can access work related data with their own device which does not have an antivirus program or is not encrypted. 

However, following data protection rules is not an issue only in these cases. A hot topic lately - reading employee’s e-mails –has raised a well-founded question whether the employer has a right to do it and where to draw the  line when processing your employees’ data. Knowledge, whether the data is being processed in the right manner and lawfully, is important not only to the person, whose data is being processed, because unlawful data processing bring along several sanctions.

Today, on 28 January 47 European countries, United States of America and Canada celebrate the International Data Protection day. This day represents the day, when convention for the protection of individuals with regard to automatic processing of personal data was signed.

Personal information is any information that can be used to identify a person. Some of this data can also be categorized as delicate personal information which requires more protection. The aim of data protection is to assure that every person’s fundamental rights, liberties and privacy would be protected when processing such data.

NJORD Law Firm will carry out a series of seminars where different data protection issues and important aspects will be discussed.

The seminars will contain issues that entail practical and acute problems in data protection as well as issues where this problem may not seem so eminent. 

The seminars will be carried out in both English and Estonian
1. Speed-date with data protection specialist and speed-audit for data protection

You have an extraordinary opportunity to receive a 30 minutes’ mapping of your largest risks with data. You will be listened to by the information security protection specialists Riivo Talviste and Kristjan Krips, who are able to provide you with recommendations how to ensure data protection in your business, and  determine your weakest link. As a result of this risk-audit, NJORD will assemble a scheme to lower your risks and help to adapt your business to data protection rules.

Riivo Talviste is a PhD candidate in informatics at Tartu University, assistant professor in information security and works with privacy issues as Cybernetica.

Kristjan Krips is a PhD candidate in informatics at Tartu University and assistant professor in information security.
NJORD Law Firm
Veerenni 24, Tallinn

Monday, 22 February 2016 (Estonian and English)
As these are private meetings, the spots are limited.
The meetings will start between 9.00 to 11.00
Specific time will be notified to registered participants.

The speed-dating is free of charge.
Registration due by 12 February 2016 at
2. „Privacy toolkit“- what and how to protect?
With the development of technology, data protection has changed remarkably. More and more interest is shown for storing data in clouds. In relation to this, the threats to safety and lawful processing of data have increased. The safety of data is affected by the data processors, but also by the applicable regulations.
NJORD Law Firm’s specialists and attorneys Siiri Kuusik and Anne Veerpalu will explain how to ensure data protection and its appropriate processing.
Siiri Kuusik
Anne Veerpalu
NJORD Law Firm
Veerenni 24, Tallinn

Monday, 7 March 2016 (Estonian)
Wednesday, 9 March 2016 (English)
8.45—9.00 arrival
9.00 – 10.30 seminar

The seminar is free of charge and will be accompanied by morning coffee and snacks.
Registration due by 1 March 2016
3. ”A 32 000 EUR penalty.“ Yours, Data Protection Inspectorate
Disregard of personal data security or processing requirements can result in a fine for a company for up to 32 000 EUR, imposed by the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate. NJORD lawyers Katrin Sarap and Triinu Hiob,  specialising in employment law, will identify and tackle problems concerning data protection with regard to employment relationships. Amongst other topics, the seminar will feature data protection requirements when recruiting employees, the employer’s right to inspect the employee’s communication devices (including e-mail and phone) and the preservation of employee related information. The seminar will also cover the creation of relevant guides and regulations.
Triinu Hiob
Katrin Sarap
NJORD Law Firm
Veerenni 24, Tallinn

Wednesday, 16 March 2016 (Estonian)
Thursday, 17 March 2016 (English)
8.45—9.00 arrival
9.00 – 10.30 seminar

The seminar is free of charge and will be accompanied by morning coffee and snacks.
Registration due by 6 March 2016 at

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