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Greetings Holy Spirit Parish!

Welcome to the Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time!

Please scroll to the bottom for our updated parish guidelines.
SCRIP orders will be accepted beginning July 12th!

SCRIP is just like a gift card – you get the full value of your card when you go to the store. The parish gets the difference between the face value of the card and the discounted rate the parish pays for it. Though the store discount rates vary, the average is 3%. So for every $100.00 in SCRIP you buy, $3.00 goes to help the parish offset expenses. Some of the proceeds from SCRIP can also be applied to tuition for students in the Religious Education Program and in Holy Family Catholic Schools.

You may purchase SCRIP by calling the parish office during office hours and scheduling a pick-up. Click here for an order form. Print the form, complete your order, and bring it to the parish office Monday morning. SCRIP can also be purchased online; simply send an email to to set-up an online account.

Senior Cards is RESUMING!
Senior card playing will resume on Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 1:00pm in Paraclete Hall at Holy Ghost Church. Contact Steve at 563.580.6130 with questions.

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A Note from Patrick, Director of Worship
Dear All, 
I hope you and your families continue to be in good health! What a blessing to be able to come together to celebrate Mass for the continuation of Ordinary Time. Happy Fourth of July weekend! Since many ministers stay home for various legitimate health and safety reasons this means many of you are serving each week to help; please know how grateful I am for all of you who are serving every week! Thank you all for your continued service!
This Sunday we continue Ordinary Time, 14th Week in Ordinary Time. For Lectors and ministers who like to follow along here is the link for the readings: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time | USCCB
Liturgical Minister Schedules
I have posted the June-August Schedule; moving through the summer, Ordinary Time, there will be an ongoing number of changes to the ministries and the Mass as a whole; we will always let you know if/when we make any updates.  As you have seen, we have lifted the mask mandates for those who are fully vaccinated; please see other parish blasts for more updates on modified guidelines.
Copies of the schedule may be found in the church sacristies, and the parish website under the Ministry-MSP-Schedules. To those without access to the internet I will be mailing out hard copies; everyone please let me know if you ever want a hard copy and I will send them to you. Please send me your updates to availability via this email, the parish phone, (563) 583-1709, ext.313, or my Arch-Gmail, Thank you to all who have already started sending me your schedule updates. 
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Last week I sent you the notes and recording of the meeting this week via pdf and YouTube link. Please let me know if you still need more information.
For those who did not attend the meeting but are still willing to serve, Father Steve still has to give you the commission blessing in person and have a quick conversation. This may be done before or after Mass on the weekend, or during the week. Please let us know what day/time option works best for you. After this blessing we will get you the official certificate. Thank you!
Exciting to see so many ministers re-commissioned!  While we are not fully opening up the ministry we are asking for 1-2 EMs to help the priest distribute; since this depends on many special circumstances, I thank you for your flexibility and time!
Please contact the office or me if you are not already on the list but are interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion on the weekends!
Last week I began to call people from the past Sacristan list. We are hoping to bring back Sacristans soon but do not have a specific return date. Please let me know if you are willing and able to resume your sacristan duties when the time comes. We are in need of more Sacristans at Holy Ghost specifically, please let me know if you are interested in beginning your ministry. Thank you! 

Many prayers and blessings to you and yours,
Patrick J. 

Sunday Reflection from Father Steve Garner

Reflection | Fourteenth Week in Ordinary Time July 4, 2021

When children are very young, say around two or three years of age, their entire world exists within the walls of their home. And all that they are, all they believe, comes from their parents. In fact, in those young eyes, their parents are perfect; they believe everything Mom or Dad tell them is the truth, and they will do anything they ask (usually!). But as they grow older, and the world outside of those walls grows wider and louder, the perfections of Mom and Dad seem to begin to falter. They are looked at through doubtful eyes, their wisdom challenged at every turn. Often it is not until years later that we realize they were the same wise parents all along. When Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time before His crucifixion, he cried. Not for His fate, but because those around Him did not realize the importance of their pending salvation.

In this weekend’s Gospel, Jesus has returned to Nazareth to teach in the synagogue, yet His own people doubt His truth, remembering Him as a boy and as the son of a carpenter. Jesus remarks that prophets (such as Himself) are always scorned by those who know them best, the people of their hometown.

As children, our innocent faith and belief in God is unwavering. As we grow older, we sometimes question our beliefs and put aside our faith, rather than grow even closer to Christ. This is because “Faith seeks understanding” (CCC 158). Everything else in this world is explained visually through tangible facts; only faith can come from our hearts. Perhaps Jesus cried not only for those who saw His miracles yet did not believe, but also for us who did not see. Our challenge is to be as children in our faith, unwavering, open, and believing with all our hearts. 

I wish everyone a safe, blessed, and fun filled celebration on the anniversary of our country’s independence. As we gather this weekend to remember the founding principle of this great country—the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, let us recall that they are meant for all people. Let us remember the native peoples and those from our own history who arrived from varying countries throughout the world to enjoy the freedoms established in our Constitution. May it shape our understanding and welcome of new immigrants who wish to enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that we have embraced. It is good to recall as well the price paid by the sacrifice of so many lives in our military to make this possible. It continues today. May God bless our country and all who dwell within.

I wish you a blessed week!

TOGETHER is a monthly bulletin from the Archdiocese of Dubuque.
Each month, TOGETHER will feature messages from Archbishop Jackels as well as initiatives and happenings from around the archdiocese.

Click on the link above to read the most recent edition.

Prayer ResourcesCatholic Resources

ONLINE MASS (Pre-recorded)
Opportunities for online Mass with the Archbishop will continue to be available. Click the button below for the broadcast schedule. 


Please visit these websites for resources for your daily prayer life or other prayer opportunities:

Please refer to the Archdiocesan webpage for family resources.

Archdiocese Live Broadcasts

Prayer for the week

Let us pray with intention this week for our freedom!

Chicago Southland CVB - Blog: Happy 4th of July!

God, source of all freedom,
this day is bright with the memory
of those who declared that life and liberty
are your gift to every human being.
Help us to continue a good work
begun long ago.
Make our vision clear and our will strong:
that only in human solidarity will
we find liberty,
and justice only in the honor that
belongs to every life on earth.
Turn our hearts toward the family
of nations:
to understand the ways of others,
to offer friendship,
and to find safety only in the
common good of all.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
R/. Amen.

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Enjoy the latest edition of the Family Matters newsletter here!

With the revised CDC recommendations presented on May 13th, the reporting of over 50% of adults having been vaccinated, and the lifting of mask mandates by the city and county, we are given some very encouraging signs that the worse of this COVID crud is behind us.

With the lifting of the dispensation to attend Mass on June 5, 2021 by Archbishop Jackels, we will likewise adjust some of our COVID protocols at Mass and other liturgies.

Facemasks are no longer required to be worn at liturgies by those who have been fully vaccinated. Those who have been fully vaccinated and wish to continue to wear facemask as a precaution may continue to do so.  

Those who have not been fully vaccinated (age 2 and above) are strongly encouraged to continue wearing a facemask at Mass and other liturgies.

At this time, the current seating pattern will continue with every other pew closed with seating so all feel comfortable attending Mass (although we may choose to adjust this protocol if attendance warrants it).

We will begin singing all of the Mass parts and songs but ask that singing be done minimally—meaning singing a bit more softly as opposed to loudly.

We will not have missals available in the pews at this time.

We will have bulletins available for pick up at the church entrances after Mass, but no other media materials or pamphlets will be available at this time.

Holy water and baptismal fonts will remain empty (if you would like to have some holy water for home use, please bring a bottle and ask Father to bless).

There will be no offertory procession with the presentation of the gifts and no collection (collection boxes will still be located at the entrances of the church for contributions).

Holy Communion will continue to be distributed only under the species of bread with ministers continuing to come to you in the pews. Receiving Communion in the hand will continue to be the norm for the safety of all. Ministers will be masked while distributing, sanitizing before and after communion.

Live-streaming will continue for the 4:00 pm Sacred Heart Saturday Mass.

Sanitizing the church following Mass will continue (A big thanks to all who have assisted over the last year in sanitizing our pews after Mass).

As conditions hopefully continue to improve, we will evaluate, and modify accordingly with charity and safety in mind. Our goal always has been and will continue to be a welcoming faith-filled community--while protecting the safety and well-being of all.
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