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Prospa's share price was hammered this week (down ~27% post-announcement), due to a 'premiumisation' of their loan book. Higher quality loans to less risky customers = less $ from interest repayments. Link

Fintech Landscape: There's 38% more Fintechs in Australia since last year & 40% aren't making money. Interesting read here

Westpac is going to be releasing a native app in 2020 (!!). They're also building a data-driven experience platform with Microsoft. Link

Integration app 'Doshii' partnered with Geronimo to accelerate their product development. Link


Browser extension 'Honey', which automatically applies discounts to your shopping cart, was acquired by PayPal for $4bn. Some stats on Honey: saved users $1bn this year, 17m MAU and only raised ~$40m prior to acquisition. Amazing success story from LA. Link. (Throwback: Honey was my Cool Startup of the Week, The Inner Loop #25)

Guide: How to detect AI snake oil. Link

Good thread comparing Sun Microsystems and Google Stadia. A great exposé on 'building a product people want' v.s. 'building a product you think people want'. Link


How Turkish coffee destroyed the Ottoman empire. Link

An Ad Campaign in South Dakota launched with the slogan “Meth: We’re On It”. Unsurprisingly, everyone took to social media, saying “How on earth could they release this?! What screw up!” But really, it was an intentional double entendre, so people would share their outrage about it, and further awareness of the campaign. Certainly taught me. Analysis here

Answers at the end of the email

Turbo this week

(a) What is the only Canadian province without a natural border?

(b) How many suspects are there in a game of Cluedo?

(c) The word for what method of cooking is derived from a native Caribbean word meaning “a framework of sticks"?

(d) According to the official rules of Monopoly, what happens if you land on an unowned space and choose not to buy it?

(e) The Komodo National Park is famous for its Komodo Dragons. In which country is this park found?

(f) Based on the total amount of tourists, what were the five most visited countries in the world (2018)? One point for each correct answer.

(g) Which country with a land mass of 9.6 million square kilometres has just one time zone?

(h) Which European country has the most lakes? (Russia excluded)


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Trivia Answers 

(a) Saskatchewan

(b) 6

(c) Barbecue 

(d) It goes up for auction

(e) Indonesia

(f) In order: France, Spain, USA, China, Italy

(g) China

(h) Finland
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