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Neobank 'Up' partnered with TransferWise, in order to provide customers with a currency transfer / travel card capability

Canva hit a whopping $4.7bn valuation after raising its 7th round of capital. If you haven't used Canva, do yourself a favour and give it a go. The product is fantastic

Square released a platform custom-built for Australian restaurants. Trying to eat up more market share... 


SoftBank is planning to bail out WeWork with $5bn rescue financing. The saga continues...

Long read: Defiant Zuckerberg Says Facebook Won't Police Political Free Speech. Leading up the 2020 election, Facebook's been copping heat for allowing political ads that contain false claims / promises. Should a private corporation really decide what political speech is allowed? Where does one draw the line between censoring disinformation and censoring information? Complex issue, and I personally think that Facebook has a role to play (especially content moderation), but shouldn't be deemed wholly responsible. In the same way Apple doesn't allow Government agencies with a way to unlock iPhones (third party influencing core product capability), Facebook shouldn't allow Government agencies to block free speech (third party influencing core product capability). The role Big Tech plays in influencing political & social spheres is far-reaching and an insanely interesting topic of conversation. As always, feedback welcomed in reply

A number of big-name businesses are leaving Facebook's Libra. Here's a good analysis on why each member's mutiny hurts Facebook


Fascinating read: The logistics behind Qantas' non-stop 20 hour flight. Technological capability v.s. passenger boredom

We are 79% through the year

Twitterati: Thread by CB Insights on techniques to make a newsletter effective

Answers at the end of the email

(a) Which of the following was an Olympic sport between 1900 - 1920 (a) Tug of war (b) Fishing (c) Horseshoe toss

(b) The soundtrack of which 2018 film has "Material Girl" & "Money (That's What I Want)" in Chinese & English?

(c) By the time it was disbanded in 1858, this company controlled an area the size of Europe & home to 200 million people


Interestingly, one of the biggest tips in the thread above on sending newsletters, was to have an engaging / quirky subject line. For the last 80 weeks since starting this newsletter, I haven't changed it at all, or even considered mixing it up. Keep your eyes peeled for some more creative subject lines in the future. I'll trial it with a segment of users first, and if it works, I'll make them all a bit different.

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InDebted Careers
InDebted is sublimating debt collection by leveraging machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts. We couple this with an exceptional customer experience to enable our clients to better support the financial wellbeing of their customers.

Reinventure Jobs
Open roles within the Reinventure portfolio. Maybe time for a change to FinTech?

DiviPay Jobs
DiviPay is an awesome up and coming corporate card & expense management platform. Co-founder Dan has been a long time reader / fan of the Loop! Check out the link for some of the roles they are looking for as they scale up.

Friends of The Inner Loop showcases some of our readers, their interests and what they're working on. If you want to be a friend of The Inner Loop, then drop me a note

Trivia Answers 

(a) (a) - Tug of War

(b) Crazy Rich Asians

(c) The British East India Company
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