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Aussie-founded eCommerce platform ‘BigCommerce' floated on the NASDAQ and absolutely skyrocketed. Link

Mozo released ‘Marketview’, a Product to compare retail banking products. Link

BNPL Splitit raised $100m for global expansion. Link

Zip Co's personal finance manager, 'Pocketbook' has gone through a massive refresh. New product looks swanky and I love the tag line 'One App to Rule Them All'. Link

Awesome use case of Up banking’s API that I wrote about last week - a web browser version of the app. Link


Long read: What is Amazon? Link

Analysis: Why the term ‘full stack’ is dead. Link

More analysis: How does Shazam work? Link


Germany plans to dim floodlights at night to fight the decline in insect population. Link

Satire: Team of Sydneysiders deployed to Melbourne to help them live in a city with no nightlife. Link

Completely unrelated: Origin of the word ‘Oops’ (tl;dr no-one really knows where it comes from). Link

Answers at the end of the email. 

(a) What theme links the following answers to these questions: 1) The 1962 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded for the discovery of this. 2) What happens on Tinder when two people both swipe right? 3) This term refers to very heavy rain. 4) The films Precious and Juno share what theme? 5) What day comes after Christmas?

(b) Aus PM Scott Morrison was nicknamed ’Scotty from Marketing’ because he spent time as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006. What controversial (and now ironic) Australian tourism slogan was formulated under his leadership in that same year?

(c) Which Australian state’s capital doesn’t have a passenger train service?

(d) What is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Antarctica?  Is it zero, 11, or 21 degrees? (celsius)

(e) I want you to take one word & put it inside another word to make a third word. The outside word means worthy of devotion. The inside word means a place of rest or retreat. The combined word is an eight letter word meaning without cheating. What is the combined word?


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Assembly Payments / Careers Page
Assembly Payments manages payments, so that their customers can focus on running their business. Assembly makes navigating complex payment ecosystems easy by integrating payment workflows using clever, comprehensive APIs. Assembly has ranked in the top 10 start-ups for attracting talent and is now growing their presence in the next few years across APAC, Europe the US and Africa. 

InDebted Careers
InDebted is sublimating debt collection by leveraging machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts. We couple this with an exceptional customer experience to enable our clients to better support the financial wellbeing of their customers.

Reinventure Jobs
Open roles within the Reinventure portfolio. Maybe time for a change to FinTech?

DiviPay Jobs
DiviPay is an awesome up and coming corporate card & expense management platform. Co-founder Dan has been a long time reader / fan of the Loop! Check out the link for some of the roles they are looking for as they scale up.

Friends of The Inner Loop showcases some of our readers, their interests and what they're working on. If you want to be a friend of The Inner Loop, then drop me a note

Trivia Answers 

(a) Babies. 1) - DNA 2) Match (as in a couple matching) 3) Shower (baby shower) 4) Pregnancy 5) Boxing Day (the most common day to conceive)

(b) So where the bloody hell are you? Link to the video (in 144p, because 2006).

(c) Hobart

(d) 21 degrees - this year in February. Link

(e) H O N E S T L Y (Outside word: Holy, Inside word: Nest)
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