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'Zeller' - a company looking to reinvent business banking. Zeller provides a set of products and services to help small businesses get up and running, such as an eftpos terminal, a linked debit card and business accounts to manage their money. Zeller was founded by two ex-Square execs and recently raised a $6.3m seed round from Square Peg capital. I can see them being competitors to Tyro and the Square terminal (which makes sense given their background). Slick website and proposition!


It's Open Banking week, meaning that Open Banking has officially launched in Australia! The Consumer Data Right (CDR) is the first implementation of Open Banking, which gives you the right to share your data between service provider e.g. share your banking data with a new bank to get a new / better offer (switching) or sharing your banking data with another app to help manage your finances (personal finance management). Currently, there are two accredited recipients of the Consumer Data Right (CDR) - Frollo and Regional Australia Bank (latter are partnered with Douugh). I highly recommend giving personal finance manager 'Frollo' a go if you want to understand (a) a use case of open banking (b) a data consent flow (c) an awesome UX. There will be a heap more exciting use cases to come. Link

Awesome resource: Stone and Chalk's capital raising guide. Link

New Podcast: "Bank of the Future" - documenting the Australian banking and Payments landscape. First cab of the rank is Dominic Pym, co-founder of Up. Nice. Link


Wirecard files for insolvency following the missing 1.9bn Euro. Link 

The Financial Times also provided a fantastic timeline of the Wirecard fallout (they've been doing investigative journalism on Wirecard malpractice for a long time now). Link & Video

Over 400 brands (including Microsoft, Starbucks and Coca-Cola) are taking down their Facebook and Instagram ads as part of the 'Stop Hate for Profit' campaign, launched after the death of George Floyd. Skeptics argue that these companies were cutting ad spend anyway in the face of Corona, and that this is a convenient way out. Link


We are 50% of the way through the year. Link

Westpac won the 'Shiraz and wagyu' case against ASIC. Link

The City of Sydney's advertising on billboards & bus stops are going to get completely overhauled, with JCDecaux losing the contract to QMS to replace Sydney's 'street furniture'. Link

Sacha Baren Cohen infiltrated a far-right event in Olympia, Washington. Booyakasha! Link

Answers at the end of the email. 

(a) Name four countries that begin with the letter U, that do NOT include the word “United”?

(b) What country has the greatest range from lowest elevation to highest elevation?

(c) What is on the flag of Antarctica? 

(d) What three letter word can be put before all of the following words to create new words?  Charge, crete, ease, guise, placement, pose, sect, sing, and tract.

(e) I'll give you the definitions of five words. All contain the same four letters in the same order somewhere in the word. Name the words. Farm animals regarded as an asset, an organ in the digestive system, a musical based on a Dickens novel, a small & narrow portion, and to take something to someone. (Looking for the five words, not just the four letters in common.)

(f) Which country’s national flag has a total of 27 stars?


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Assembly Payments / Careers Page
Assembly Payments manages payments, so that their customers can focus on running their business. Assembly makes navigating complex payment ecosystems easy by integrating payment workflows using clever, comprehensive APIs. Assembly has ranked in the top 10 start-ups for attracting talent and is now growing their presence in the next few years across APAC, Europe the US and Africa. 

InDebted Careers
InDebted is sublimating debt collection by leveraging machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts. We couple this with an exceptional customer experience to enable our clients to better support the financial wellbeing of their customers.

Reinventure Jobs
Open roles within the Reinventure portfolio. Maybe time for a change to FinTech?

DiviPay Jobs
DiviPay is an awesome up and coming corporate card & expense management platform. Co-founder Dan has been a long time reader / fan of the Loop! Check out the link for some of the roles they are looking for as they scale up.

Friends of The Inner Loop showcases some of our readers, their interests and what they're working on. If you want to be a friend of The Inner Loop, then drop me a note

Trivia Answers 

(a) Uganda, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Uruguay

(b) China. Nepal is a close second (the border of China / Nepal goes exactly over the Summit of Everest)

(c) A white map of the continent on a blue background.

(d) Dis-

(e) LIVE - Livestock, Liver, Oliver, Sliver, Deliver

(f) Brazil
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