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Tyro lists on the ASX today @ ~$2.75. If you haven't had the chance, check out the Tyro IPO prospectus. Shorter summary here

Afterpay is fighting back against the 'No Surcharge' rule. The RBA is asking two questions of BNPL providers: (1) "Should merchants be allowed to add a surcharge to their goods if using BNPL?" and (2) "Are merchants increasing the cost of their goods to cover the margins taken by BNPL providers? (which can be 3-6% in Afterpay's case)" In Scenario (1), merchants are having their margins squeezed (note: sufficient volume by adding the service may cover the $ loss in margin) and in scenario (2), non-BNPL users are getting punished. All difficult questions with complex answers. In their defence, Afterpay is positioning themselves as a marketing company & lead-generator, as opposed to a payment service. Weird flex but ok. Keep your eyes peeled on how this unfold!

Travel card, Pelikin, launched their travel insurance product. Worth checking out if you're going on a trip any time soon - the app is fully slick!

Definite read: 'Crossroads 2020' - an analysis of the tech startups in Australia. Venture-backed startups page is especially interesting 


Research: The average American worker hasn’t had a meaningful pay rise in 40 years. Yes, ‘average’ and ‘meaningful’ may be subjective, but the finding is that although pay checks have risen, the purchasing power has not. Link

Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of Google's parent, Alphabet. Good angle here


Sacha Baron Cohen continues his tirade against Zuckerberg and the #siliconsix. Link

Mesmerising aerial view of a sheep dog herding sheep. Link

Answers at the end of the email

(a) What are the four countries that have 'Guinea' in their name?

(b) What small creature can change its middle letter to become a much larger mammal? Clue: remove the last two letters of the larger animal to indicate another animal

(c) The name for which form of transport stems from the Latin "for all"?


I'll be wrapping up the loop for the year in the next few weeks, especially with the news cycle slowing down a bit & to switch off for the break! But you can expect a few more editions (including a Christmas edition) up until then.

Anything you'd like to see more or less of in 2020? Let me know, feedback is always much loved.

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Happy Friday.
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Trivia Answers 

(a) Equitorial Guinea, Guinea, Papua New Guinea, Guinea-Bissau

(b) Mouse -> Moose (Moo)

(c) A bus. From 'omnibus' (all) 
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