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Roughly 5% of Spaceship's funds were withdrawn under the Government's early-access Super scheme. This has led the company to undergo a ~$10m capital raise. Link

Logistics company 'WiseTech' released their 2020 results and the share price took off. Link

Crypto exchange '' is increasing its Australian expansion, now accepting NPP and Bpay transfers. Link


Airbnb has 'confidentially' filed to go public. So, they are listing a company that provides listings. Link

Apple now has a $2t market cap. They hit a $1t market cap in August 2018. iNsane. Link

Analysis: Why would Oracle or Microsoft partner with TikTok? Link


Why 536 was the worst year to be alive. Link

Answers at the end of the email. 

(a) What is an autological word? Is it a (a) a word that describes a car, (b) a word that describes itself (c) a word describing organisms?

(b) Name the science terms starting with the letter P. A nervous system disorder suffered by Michael J Fox & Muhammad Ali, a radioactive element named for Marie Curie’s homeland, the geologic era running from 540 million to 250 million years ago, and a gland at the base of the brain that controls growth?

(c) What country is an anagram of SENTIENT CHILE?

(d) What three letter word can you put before all of the following words to create new words: Baked, burnt, dial, dries, flower, roof, and set?

(e) I want you to put one word inside of an other word to create a third word. The outside word is something plants use to reproduce. The inside word is a curved structure. The combined word is an eight letter past tense of a verb meaning “to look carefully”. What is the combined word?

(f) How many stars are on the American flag now and how many were on the American flag during WWII?


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Assembly Payments / Careers Page
Assembly Payments manages payments, so that their customers can focus on running their business. Assembly makes navigating complex payment ecosystems easy by integrating payment workflows using clever, comprehensive APIs. Assembly has ranked in the top 10 start-ups for attracting talent and is now growing their presence in the next few years across APAC, Europe the US and Africa. 

InDebted Careers
InDebted is sublimating debt collection by leveraging machine learning to understand consumer preferences for servicing overdue accounts. We couple this with an exceptional customer experience to enable our clients to better support the financial wellbeing of their customers.

Reinventure Jobs
Open roles within the Reinventure portfolio. Maybe time for a change to FinTech?

DiviPay Jobs
DiviPay is an awesome up and coming corporate card & expense management platform. Co-founder Dan has been a long time reader / fan of the Loop! Check out the link for some of the roles they are looking for as they scale up.

Friends of The Inner Loop showcases some of our readers, their interests and what they're working on. If you want to be a friend of The Inner Loop, then drop me a note

Trivia Answers 

(a) (b) - a word that describes itself. e.g. unhyphenated, polysyllabic, asymmetric, English. Nice article on more here

(b) Parkinsons, Polonium, Paleozoic, Pineal (Polonium is from Poland).

(c) Liechtenstein

(d) Sun-

(e) S E A R C H E D - curved structure = ARCH, plant reproduction = SEED

(f) 50 now, 48 in WW2. Alaska and Hawaii joined in 1959.
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