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All major banks will now provide credit bureaus with a customer's full loan and repayment history. This move, as part of comprehensive credit reporting (CCR), means that banks will not have to rely on the disclosures within a loan application

Salesforce partnered with open banking platform, Basiq

On that note, as part of the Consumer Data Right (which pre-empts Open Banking), the Govt has allowed consumers to have the ‘right to delete’ or ‘the right to be forgotten’. This is proving to be a highly complex and difficult tech problem to solve. Read about it here

Interesting article: Australian FinTech career tips. Good questions to ask when considering a career in FinTech


Cisco offered a whopping $7bn for Datadog, as Datadog plans to IPO

Airbnb is going to go public next year

Eternally relevant: How to stop Slack taking over your life. I think Slack is brilliant, but (a) opening the app is a bit like going into the supermarket to buy bread, and coming out with 12 other things you didn't need (b) due to its conversational nature, I find it also encourages over-communication which eats into the time you could be spending on tasks, and (c) it is a breeding ground for context switching, making it incredibly ineffective for getting into 'deep work'. I've significantly benefitted from turning off all Slack notifications and muting channels (which I wonder, kind of defeats the purpose of it?)

Analysis: How does WeWork make money?

Friendly reminder: iOS13 is officially out. Worth updating your device to make the most of it


How a battery icon shapes perceptions of time and space and define user identities

Good read: Where Basketballer Steph Curry’s investments go


Brickfloor - a company that promises to buy your house if it doesn’t sell. Brickfloor offers a customer a guaranteed price for the house (presumably using some incredibly fine tuned pricing model & analytics), in addition to some due diligence on the house. If the house fails to sell for, or higher, than Brickfloor’s offer, then the startup purchases the property. The properties then become part of Brickfloor’s portfolio, and they snag a 2% commission on the sale price. Cracking concept, put the house on it!

Answers at the end of the email

(a) What 6 countries have the highest number of English speakers? (Total number of speakers not % of population)

(b) What South African antelope lent its name to a brand of athletic shoe?

(c) What species of poisonous spider has an hourglass pattern on its abdomen?

(d) In what century did South Sudan gain independence? Bonus point for the year


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Trivia Answers 

(a) USA, India, Pakistan, Phillipines, Nigeria, United Kingdom. See here

(b) Rhebok / Reebok. See here

(c) Black Widow

(d) 21st / 2011
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