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86 400 became the first neobank to offer home loans, facilitated via their broker network. Link

Afterpay and eBay partnered, a week after Amazon partnered with Zip. 'Tis the season. Link

A raft of privacy concerns have arisen on Medicare's 'data matching' scheme. The data matching scheme is in place to detect fraudulent or incorrect claims, but comes at the expense of patient privacy. Must-read analysis by Vanteum here (including an interesting reference to dark web .onion sites where you can buy fake Aus medicare details). More here

Beem It has branched out into loyalty, allowing you to store the barcodes of your rewards cards in one place. It's a digital wallet feature for a bank-transfer app, so I'm unsure how this is any easier than using Apple Wallet / Google Pay. Unless, of course, this is hinting at a future ability to 'Pay via Beem' which is then linked to your respective WBC / CBA or NAB card (which actually makes sense given WBC lack of Apple Pay, and would mean less fees per transaction for 3 of the Big 4). Great to see features continually being pumped out - iterative product development at its finest! Link


Facebook Pay was announced, providing a P2P payment system across WhatsApp, Insta, FB & marketplace. Link 

Yes, another one: Google’s turning into a bank, offering checking and saving accounts in 2020. They're naming it 'Cache' and looks to be a series of banking partnerships, as opposed to the issuance of their own currency (a la Libra). Another Big Tech looking to close the loop and build out their own ecosystem. Link 

Apple is looking to bundle Music, News+ & TV+ as one subscription package. Subscription fatigue is a real thing! Link

HSBC launched a mobile-first payments app for business bank customers. Neobanks in Aus have been heavily B2C - is there a use case here for Business? Link


Uber's Rewards system is starting to roll out in Australia (go check your app). There are some pretty decent deals, but nothing to ride-share home about. Link

Password manager, 1Password, raised $200M Series A funding, fourteen years after launch. Patience is a V1rtue*!. Link

Answers at the end of the email

Feelin' wordy this week

(a) Until 1946, what word usually meant a mathematician; since then, it's come to mean a machine?

(b) What is the common name for a regular hexahedron?

(c) Which mathematical term, derived from the Arabic, translates as ‘‘reunion of broken parts’’?

(d) In the phonetic alphabet used by the U.S. military, what is the only letter that has the same name as a warrior people?


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Trivia Answers 

(a) Computer

(b) A cube

(c) Algebra

(d) Z for Zulu
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