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Chris Chats

Wow, wow, wow, never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined the positive response there'd be to me starting this newsletter.  On the first day alone I had over a hundred brand new subscriptions to my mailing list and more have followed.  Totally chuffed is one way to describe how it made me feel and a teensy bit nervous too but in a good way :D  

I did put out a blog post too where I hope I've explained how this will work possibly a bit more clearly than I did here - I've included it in my blog post round up below if you want to take a look.

A lot of my time over the last two weeks has been spent catching up with my daughter, Flicky, who's home from St Andrews University - Scotland, for the summer and has brought repair projects galore with her - you can see how I go on in my blog posts.

If you're happy to stick around, thanks for subscribing and let's do this together :D

Chris Dodsley
owner at made by ChrissieD
sharing some of process and finished pics of this Art Quilt made in a Cynthia Corbin class at QBL last summer
not to be missed - this Kyoto shopping gem AND my photo directions of how to find the store
check out the before and after pics and then see how I did the repair.
How I Repaired -
Torn Jeans

a Liberty tana lawn jean repair and pocket lining
A "how, when, where and why" explanation for the new mbCD newsletter.
My second Exploring Japan post - this time we'll take a look around Tokyo's fabulous Blue & White shop. 


My biggest piece of news is that I've been elected Vice President of the NYC Metro MOD Quilt Guild.  I'm very excited to take on this role and looking forward to working with our President Cynthia Clark and the rest of the Officers' team to take our Guild forward over the next two years.
Ladore Summer Quilt Retreat - busy prepping for our NYC Metro MOD Quilt Guild Summer Retreat.  Three days of non-stop sewing, chat and giggles.  This year Flicky's coming too, her first quilting retreat.  Admittedly it wasn't the chance of sewing for three days that sold it to her, it was the pool and hot tub that clinched it.  We're off to the Ladore Retreat Centre in Waymart, Pennsylvania.  

36 Shares in 30 Days - every day in June I'm taking part in a social media experiment.  There's 12 of us involved and each day each of us on social media will link to a post by one of the 12.  It is on a rota basis so every day someone is posting about each of us.  The idea is that our work will be seen daily by people who wouldn't normally get to see it.  I'll be posting to Facebook, Twitter and to this Pinterest board each day if you want to take a look.

It's been a busy two weeks meeting a project deadline for the next Modern By The Yard ezine, designing, writing making and testing the project.  Especially for you here's a sneak peek of the fabrics I've been working with - from the Sevilla (Blues) collection by Andrea Komninos for Contempo Studio.  Super soft and vibrant colours turquoise/lime/navy I really enjoyed working with them.  There's a gold/grey/black Sevilla (Mellow Yellows) colourway too
Had to share this needle book with you that one of my regular class attendees, Sarah, brought along to the last session at Gotham Quilts.  Top left you can see the finger pin cushion and needle book as it looked when I gifted it to Sarah for her birthday last year.  And the other two pics are how it looks now.  

It made me so happy to see how Sarah is filling the pages of that needle book not just with needles but also with her scrap threads and fabrics and keeping all those tiny pieces of scrumminess together.  I had to take pics to share with you.  

If you'd like to make your own finger pin cushion my tute is here and here's a link to my original post about Sarah's gift too.
Did any of you catch images from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in the news last week?  A few pics caught my eye.

The first pic I saw was this one of Wills and Kate inspecting a sea of poppies...

...which grabbed my attention and I wanted to see those red flowers up close too.

a bit of research and I discovered

On the RHS website they say:

The poppies have been beautifully handmade as a tribute to those who served in all wars, creating a thread of connection to servicemen and women in the armed forces. Each of the hand-knitted and crocheted flowers was individually crafted by people from a range of cultures, and communities and ages, from two to 102 years old.

It's a sea of poppies and you can find out more about them here on the
5000 Poppies website.

The final image that caught my eye is this one of Princess Beatrice - now wouldn't that skirt make a great quilt design?!!!
A quick heads up about TGBSB as mentioned in my last newsletter - at the time of going to press several episodes are available internationally via youtube.  I'm linking you to episode 1 of the current series 4:1.  

If you watch the first episode it should automatically take you through to the second and so on.  If you missed series 1-3 as I'm typing this you can find them in the right-hand sidebar too but you know how these things can suddenly disappear!  
Apols if this link no longer works when you try it but worth giving it a go nonetheless.  
The Great British Sewing Bee Season 4 Episode 1
I often receive questions from readers either via email, on Facebook or Instagram and in blog post comments and it occurs to me that some of these questions and my answers to them may be interesting/useful to share with everyone. Today I'm sharing a question about NYC themed fabrics.

Q: Can you help me ...I'm looking for fabrics with landmark sites printed: Flat Iron Building, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building and things like past and present ... ?

A: Oh I think I can help you with this one!  The City Quilter store in Manhattan specialises in NYC fabric, designing and having it printed exclusively for them, they also have the copyright for the subway map and the subway station dots.  You can read more about The City Quilter in my blog post here and if you can't get into the store you can always order from them online and they'll deliver internationally too.

If you've been following my blog for some time I'm sure you'll agree it's hard to believe my daughter, Flicky, has finished her 3rd year at the University of St Andrews, just one more year to go.  To celebrate I thought it might be fun to revisit my blog posts relating to her time at St Andrews, Scotland.
Click any image below to read the original blog post.
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Copyright © 2016 made by ChrissieD, All rights reserved.

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