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4 Reproduction Factors With High Financial Impact that are Usually Neglected


Trapview - Automated Pest Monitoring System


Agro IT - EU Project Offering an Open Platform to Farmers

Datalab Agro strives to continuously incorporate innovations in PANTHEON Farming to offer the best possible decision support in agriculture.

4 Reproduction Factors with High Financial Impact that are Usually Neglected

Optimization of Reproduction at Dairy Farms


In dairy farming quantity and quality of milk are key elements of production. For farmers to be able to achieve the best milk productivity of individual animals, they have to optimize different factors, such as milking, animals’ health, and reproduction. Each of these factors can bring about a drop of turnover or additional costs, which decrease farm profits. Factors like quantity and quality of milk are easily financially evaluated. The same goes for health problems, where we can calculate costs for treatment and lost profit for the time the animal is not giving milk.

Reproduction is a third factor that influences milk production. It has not been taken into consideration, because tracking and optimization of reproduction events bring additional work and controlling, where additional profit cannot be directly evaluated. The good thing is that improvements in reproduction don’t include high costs, just accuracy and promptness of the breeder.



Automated Pest Monitoring System


Since preparations for the new growing season in the Northern Hemisphere are well under way, it is a good opportunity to discuss TRAPVIEW, the automated trap system, and get ready for the season.

Trapview allows growers to easily and remotely monitor the pest insect situation in their fields and react smarter. It can be used effortlessly and intuitively: after the automated trap is placed in the field, the grower can remotely monitor the pest insect situation through the Pantheon Farming IT system and can be alerted when the number of insects reaches the economic threshold level.


Did you know...?

There is an EU project offering an open platform to deliver digital tools to farmers, local communities, state institutions and consulting institutions in farming.

That project is Agro IT project, coordinated by Datalab, with the aim to make a digital transition in farming with the support of a network of project partners. Everyone is getting something out if it, including the 100 farms across Europe that already have benefited from free access to digital tools.

Agro IT
    Did you know?
Gašper Petelin    


Gašper Petelin, Datalab, Animal Science expert

Gašper Petelin is a product manager in charge of livestock modules in PANTHEON Farming. With knowledge about animals from his bachelor studies, he is developing a comprehensive solution for livestock farms. He is also an active member of Agro IT project, co-funded by the European Commission within the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme.

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