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Remote Sensing in Agriculture is at the Doorstep


Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture


Datalab is competing for European Business Awards

World population is crossing the 7.3 billion mark. It is expected to increase by another 3 billion over the next 50 years. The pressure on being more productive is very high because arable land and water resources are limited. These facts call for introduction of advanced technologies to more easily provide information in order to improve in-field management decisions, reduce quantity of fertilizers, and as a result reduce pollution, than to increase profit margin, to permit more accurate farm records.

Farmers need precise tools to increase the difference between inputs and outputs. We believe that they are closer to this goal one data entry into farm management systems at a time. Datalab's farm management system PANTHEON Farming is made for supporting farmers on their way to the information age.

For the 1st issue of the PANTHEON Farming newsletter, we chose some amazing technologies for agriculture that shouldn’t just stay in the lab. The ultimate farming goal is to do what is good for humans, animals and land, and what is profitable at the same time. It is not supposed to be a luxury to farm this way. Let us all think what kind of stakeholders we want to be.

Remote Sensing in Agriculture Is at the Doorstep

Many progressive farmers in the world are constantly looking for ways to maximize their returns. Some advanced technologies like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) may provide new ways needed for farmers to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of precision farming.

Unfortunately, most farmers do not have the knowledge to utilize these technologies effectively. But with time and friendly computer applications, there are many possibilities to overcome this problem. Even though technology has the potential to help alleviate the problem facing future generations, an integrated approach is needed to promote its use among farmers.

Remote Sensing    

Remote sensing is the science of acquiring data about the earth’s surface without being really in contact with it. We can sense and record reflected or emitted energy and do further processing, analyzing and applying that data.


3 Key Areas of Farming Optimization

Agricultural machinery has been state-of-art until it comes to the technology for process and cost optimization

Optimization has been known as the key factor of success since the beginning of industrial production. Today, there are a large number of different software programs, which were developed for process and cost optimization in a specific field.

But what about farming? Farming is a basic human activity, since it provides food and raw materials for the processing industry. Until recently, there were only partial solutions for different isolated processes in farming. There were programs for fertilizing plan calculation, programs for crop management, for dairy production, programs for farming accounting, etc., but none of these covered all aspects of optimization in farming.


Have you ever imagined drones flying above the fields on duty for agricultural inspection?

Check it out in Abu Dhabi at the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, 16-17 February 2016, at the Datalab stand.

Drones have been “hot stuff” for some time now, but still haven't been adopted by many, especially farmers. At the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture, 16-17 February 2016, (GFIA 2016), in Abu Dhabi, we will be presenting how new technology can be of use in farming. In a joint presentation, Datalab, C-Astral and Modri Planet (3D Survey) will show how drones can be useful in keeping costs down in essential areas of the farming business, such as fertilizers and pesticides. Finding the best way to use them is a real challenge.


Join the thinking. Vote for us!

Datalab is competing for the title of “National Champion” in this year’s European Business Awards.

The European Business Awards (EBA) exists to recognize and reward excellence, best practice and innovation in companies across Europe. EBA is now in its 9th year endorsing individuals’ and organizations’ success.

European Business Awards    

Datalab entered the competition with a sense that our solutions are useful, innovative and future-oriented. The PANTHEON product family, cloud computing in cooperation with local telecoms, and our complex Farm management solution PANTHEON Farming has convinced the jury to include Datalab in the shortlist of 9 candidates for the “National Champion” of Slovenia.


Did you know...?

Suppressing infection among livestock reared in intensive operations often means using large amounts of antibiotics, thus greatly increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance, and that has huge implications for human health. Despite this, approximately 75% of new diseases that affect humans originate in animals or animal products.

    Did you know?
Janez Avsec    


Janez Avsec, Geo-information systems specialist, Datalab

Janez Avsec is in charge of integration of geo-information systems (GIS) into PANTHEON Farming modules, such as agroclimatology, phenology, crop optimizing, pest monitoring, disease monitoring, fruit growing, wine growing and animal husbandry. He integrates decision support models (e.g. irrigation, fertilization) with the help of data from sensors in the ground and integrated in farming machinery on the basis of international standards (ISOBUS).

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