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Digital support for circular farming solutions


Seeing Is Believing


Evening Red and Morning Grey


Introducing Datalab Agro's Workforce

Datalab Agro strives to continuously incorporate innovations in PANTHEON Farming to offer the best possible decision support in agriculture.

Digital support for circular farming solutions – pioneer of the Circular Change platform

Andrej Mertelj    

Using fewer resources with less impact on the environment to meet rising food demand, is more and more important.

Consequently, EU policy objectives are supporting solutions that ensure that farmers have access to the innovative tools needed to meet the growing agricultural demand in a sustainable way.


Seeing Is Believing

To examine all the fields on your farm on a daily basis is almost impossible if you have a big farm or a farm in hilly terrain. Driving around takes too much time and money and sometimes it does not even provide the information you seek.


Evening Red and Morning Grey

Two Sure Things of One Fine Day

Weather is the key factor of successful farming and a precise weather forecast is of major importance in decision making. Public weather forecast systems which are easily accessible and free of charge are suitable for planning Sunday picnics and local football matches, but they’re not precise enough for modern farming.

    weather data display
Maja Peternelj    


Klavdija Kopač Zagožen, Product manager for Farm Accounting and localization,
Datalab Agro

She is not only an integral part of the software development team at Datalab Agro, she also brings hands-on farming experience to the table so that farmers can get exactly what they need.


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