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It’s Not Worth a Cent.
Or Is It?


Synergy of Agriculture and IT in Ukraine,
Roundtable in Kyiv


PANTHEON Farming at Agralim Fair, Romunia


Datalab Agro strives to continuously incorporate innovations in PANTHEON Farming to offer the best possible decision support in agriculture.

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It’s Not Worth a Cent. Or Is It?

Small amounts of money are generally not considered as important, but in farming, an increase or decrease of price by 1 cent can make a considerable difference.


Synergy of Agriculture and IT in Ukraine, Roundtable in Kyiv

On 19 August the Kyiv city state administration held a Slovenian-Ukrainian roundtable whose theme became "Intelligent solutions for farmers in Slovenia: the future driver for agriculture in Ukraine."


PANTHEON Farming at Agralim Fair

AGRALIM Fair was held between 1 and 4 September 2016, in the field, on an area of 10 hectares of land in the Romanian village Miroslava, Iaşi, at Ezăreni Farm, a didactic farm of the Agronomy University of Iaşi.

    Agralim Fair
Rok Rupnik    


Dodoloi Florina – USD Consultant at DATALAB Agro RO

My name is Dodoloi Florina and I’m 36 years old. I have a university degree in Economic Engineering in Agriculture, a PhD in Management and Marketing in Agriculture, which I followed up with a postdoc in the same field. The main theme of my studies was research regarding optimal milk consumption for the population of a larger area including villages and finding opportunities to increase it.


Did you know...?

that Precision Agriculture was first defined in 1997?

The US House of Representatives defined Precision Agriculture as "an integrated information- and production-based farming system that is designed to increase long term, site-specific and whole farm production efficiency, productivity and profitability while minimizing unintended impacts on wildlife and the environment".


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