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Turn grass into
steaks and milk efficiently!


The basis for economical
and environmentally friendly agriculture


Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad


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Datalab Agro strives to continuously incorporate innovations in PANTHEON Farming to offer the best possible decision support in agriculture.

Turn grass into steaks and milk efficiently!


Cows and other ruminants have some kind of superpower as they are able to turn hard, inedible cellulose fibers into milk and meat. To help them to make this conversion as efficient as possible we have to provide them all the nutrients and a balanced diet.

Every single animal has its own needs and what is an optimal diet for it depends on age, gender, category of animals, genetic factors, and the environment. When we calculate the feeding plan we have to take into account all the mentioned parameters and nutrient content in the feed, and this makes diet calculations rather complicated.


The basis for economical and environmentally friendly agriculture

A precise fertilization plan


Applying fertilizers is an environmental and a financial issue. Three most important elements, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are not widely available in arable land and must be added if we want to achieve high yields.


Check us out at 83rd International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad, Serbia

Srbia is the largest exporter of agricultural products within the CEFTA region with € 2.2 billion worth of exported goods and services. It enormous agricultural potential is set within Province of Vojvodina. Its capital Novi Sad is the best place to display and offer tools for ensuring better production volume, better quality and production continuity in agriculture. The fair will last till Friday, May 20th.

Pantheon Farming is presenting its functionality novelties on stand together with Cooperative Union of Vojvodina, the biggest NGO in country, uniting 406 active agriculture cooperatives.


Did you know...?

… that in Switzerland the less phosphates you introduce to a field the more subsidy you can receive. It is up to the farmer to decide whether the higher yield from more intensive fertilization outweighs the reduced subsidy due to a higher environmental burden. Fertilization of agricultural land has decreased up to 30 percent because of that.

    Did you know?
Maja Peternelj    


Maja Peternelj, Support Specialist for Pantheon Farming at Datalab

Fast and efficient tech support is one of the crucial characteristics of every successful IT company and a good support specialist is worth his or her weight in gold.

Maja Peternelj is one of Datalab Agro experts at the tech support department. She handles questions about organizing and optimizing agricultural production. She is specialized for crop production, orchard, and vineyard management in Pantheon Farming. Maja graduated in Agronomy at the University of Ljubljana and later finished a Master's degree in biotechnology. She is currently studying informatics at a vocational college.

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