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Shut the front door! 253!

  • 253 women = $253,000!!  
  • That means we can offer TWO $100,000 Impact Awards and three $17,666 Finalists Awards (to be awarded in December after we vote)
  • 115 nonprofit leaders showed up on Jun 27th to learn how to complete the Letter of Intent
  • 50 members have volunteered for our five grant review teams! Initial grant review trainings and team meetings have been scheduled.
Our Name in Lights : Member Orientation Event at Lagunitas

So many new girlfriends! So much to learn about women’s collective giving. Click here to see the new member materials from the event.
Discovery Forum A Great Success! 

115 members came together to learn from our discovery team researchers. Chris Grumm took the group through an exercise to identify each person's style of leading and thinking, setting the stage for strong presentations in each of our five focus areas. We were also treated to two performances by young writers who are part of the Spit/Write program. 

Click here for the five, two page reports that were created by our members this Spring detailing the role of philanthropy in addressing the challenges of our region.

Special thanks to Nancy J for doing a spectacular job designing the program and reports, to Vicky T who stepped up to coach our member presenters, and to Tracy W who coordinated all the behind the scenes event details. Three cheers for all the effort the Community Study Teams put in:  Andra, Morley, Deborah E, Terri, Elise, Gina A, Katherine B, Peggy S, Laurie C, Kathi, Lisa A, Pam, Victoria, Betty, Emily F, Jane, Marnie, Tammy, Elizabeth M, Linda S and Janet W.

Special Event with Chris Grumm 

Sept 5th 5:30-7:00pm, Chris Grumm will present a model to understand six "shifts" that propel social change and engage us in a fun exercise to explore how we think about our own personal investments into transformative change. Bring your smartphone or tablet - we've got some interactive tools to share!

Notes and Requests:

  • Look for our online Member Survey at the end of July (please help us by participating). It will help us in shaping future Educational events. 
  • 71 members have signed up for seven Random Repast dinners this summer! All of you should have been contacted by your host by now. Enjoy your blind date with 8-10 other members. Thanks to Heidi Y and Deborah K for putting this all together, and thanks ahead of time to the hosts for opening their homes. 
  • Three more $500 sponsors are needed for upcoming member events. Sponsorships help us keep our costs very, very low. If you can help by sponsoring an event, let Jinx know at Thank you so much for considering helping out, or let Jinx know if you would like to serve on our sponsorship team. (It’s not a time consuming job.) 
  • Are you discreet, comfortable with survey monkey, and detail oriented? Would you like to be on our Ballot Master team this year? This involves volunteering the week of our online voting and ensuring our voting is confidential and operates with integrity. 
  • And remember, if you know a nonprofit that may be interested in applying, send them our Apply Now link [link to:]. The deadline is July 17 at 5pm. 
Ninety-nine girlfriends  “Seasons” 

Our collective giving project has an annual cycle, or set of seasons. 

Jan-May  - We invite friends to join and host educational events. By Jun 1 our membership and impact fund is set

Jun-Dec - Our grantmaking cycle is in full swing.  


Tuesday, Sept 5th      Wiser Giving Event with Chris Grumm, 5:30pm. Location TBD. 

Monday, Nov 13th     Meet the Finalists  at The Old Church, downtown Portland, 6-8pm

November 14-21st     Online voting. One woman = one vote.  Please vote! 

Wednesday, Dec 6th  Our Awards Presentation and Celebration, at The Evergreen, close in SE Portland, 5:30-8pm


This is a meaningful and joyful venture. We look forward to an exciting second year.  Yours in collective action, Eileen, Deborah, Jinx and Erin (your 2017 exec team)

As always, you can reply to this email and Kate or Eileen will get back to you directly. 

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Ninety-nine girlfriends is an all volunteer effort. It is an organization built on friends inviting friends.
We are grateful for the fiscal sponsorship of Grantmakers of Oregon and Southwest Washington
for hosting our project.  

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller
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