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For these women, philanthropy means giving their own money to help others. - Tom Hallman jr, Oregonian, Nov. 30, 2018

What an awesome year!
$401,000 awarded to ten transformational organizations in our community. 
2018 Awards Ceremony Recipients
On December 4th 270 members and friends gathered for the ninety-nine girlfriends 2018 Awards Ceremony. The electricity in the air was palpable as $401,000 was invested in community nonprofits that are truly making a difference in our community!  Bravo Youth Orchestras provided entertainment. Speeches, by both new and past grantee partners, inspired hope. There was so much joy, laughter, and pride from those in our wonderful community.

Ninety-nine girlfriends is honored to partner with the
following award winners!

Three $100,000 Impact Award Winners
for outstanding transformative projects
August Wilson Red Door Project
Evolve: Using Theatre to Impact Public Safety in Portland
The August Wilson Red Door Project was founded in 2011 with the vision of changing the racial ecology of Portland through the arts. In 2016 Red Door first produced Hands Up, a play written by seven black playwrights about their experiences with racial profiling. Hands Up has now been seen by more than 12,000 people and served as a catalyst for ongoing dialogue and collaboration with the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). Red Door and PPB have developed, and are currently producing, a second show called Cop Out.  They are also formulating the Evolve curriculum, designed specifically to help law enforcement innovate and adapt their approaches to policing, and to improve public safety and well-being by helping the community see and feel the fruit of the Bureau's efforts. 
Transformational Education for Tomorrow's Leaders
According to multiple measures, black students are failing at unacceptable levels in Oregon and are also being disciplined at disproportionate rates, contributing to lack of academic progress through diminished classroom time as well as stress that impacts readiness to learn. KairosPDX currently addresses these issues but the organization has been limited in the number of children and families it can serve. Transformational Education for the Tomorrow's Leaders project will enable KairosPDX to codify and document its proven practices so they can be shared with a much broader audience of educators and early childhood professionals locally and throughout the nation, increasing the success rate for black students.
Red Lodge Transition Services
Healing the Sacred Hoop
Though Native American women compromise only 1.7% of Oregon's general population, they represent 7-8% of women incarcerated. These women come from communities and tribes entrenched in poverty, often having experienced serious physical and/or sexual abuse from childhood. Red Lodge seeks to break the intergenerational cycle of recidivism and abuse, running culturally sensitive programs within Oregon correctional facilities and working with individual women as they plan their transitions back into the Community. At its recently opened Transitional Home, Red Lodge sleeps up to six women at a time while serving many more in the community, using a range of culturally specific approaches to activate individual, family, and community resiliency. This grant will increase the capacity to serve Native American women over the two-year life of the project.

Two $20,000 Finalist Award Winners
to support the organizations work in our region.
These two grants are unrestricted awards.
Founded in 1999, Bark is the resource for community action to protect Mt. Hood National Forest (MHNF) and surrounding federal lands. Bark prioritizes grassroots organizing and believes in the power of an engaged public, working primarily in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Hood River Counties. Barks proposal for an Impact Award focused on increasing the amount of functional beaver habitat and the number of beavers in the MHNF as a long-term, low-cost, effective approach to mitigating the hydrologic impacts of climate change.
Cascade AIDS Project (CAP) has been providing the LGBTQ+ community with compassionate healthcare and support in Oregon and Southwest Washington since 1982, growing from a grassroots organization addressing the AIDS crisis to a robust agency with 75 employees across four locations and five counties. CAP's proposal for an Impact Award focused on the expansion of Prism Heath to include a mental health program and additional care to members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Five $12,200 Core Mission/Runner-Up Award Winners
to support the organizations work in our region.
These five grants are unrestricted awards.
Adelante Mujeres
Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to low-income Latina women and their families in Washington County to ensure full participation and active leadership in the community.
 Bravo Youth Orchestras
Bravo has transformed the lives of 800 underserved youth and their families in the Roosevelt Cluster in North Portland through 10 hours per week of intensive orchestral music instruction emphasizing collaboration, promoting self-confidence, and creating a community where children thrive.
CASA for Children, Inc 
Casa for Children advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children who are under the protection of the courts. Resources are dedicated to recruiting, training, and supporting citizen volunteers in order to provide quality advocacy to as many children as possible. 
Friends of the Columbia Gorge
Friends is the only nonprofit organization focused exclusively on protecting the outstanding natural resources of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Friends has a forward thinking commitment to engage and educate the public while achieving this mission. 
Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
Virginia Garcia provides high quality, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate primary health care to the community of Washington and Yamhill Counties, with a special emphasis on migrant and seasonal farmworkers and others with barriers to receiving health care. 
What's the plan for Member Education in 2019?
The Member Education Committee is pleased to announce our “learning question” for 2019. This question shapes what we design as events and programs, and helps guide the resources we share on our website. This year our question is: “How can we become active and effective in our community: What is civic engagement and how can each of us find our place?” In response, we’ll be providing these activities:
  1. Understanding Implicit Bias Workshop, March 6, presented by Barbara and Marina of Diamond Law. Registration will begin in January.
  2. Board training for individuals interested or already active in nonprofit boards and government commissions. These will be small-group activities in members’ homes in March and April.
  3. Topic Talks inviting other grantmakers to share their experiences and perspectives on key community issues as we learn more about the challenges and bright spots related to homelessness and providing strong starts for young children. These will be panel discussions in members’ homes in May
  4. Leadership skills series, our members help other members build community leadership skills including project management, group facilitation, public speaking, and more. This will be a weekly Friday “lunch and learn” series in the fall.
Learning is a key part of our mission and we look forward to continuing to broaden and deepen our understanding of philanthropy and community through ninety-nine girlfriends. Please look back at some of our materials from 2017 and 2018, including our community study team reports, our philanthropy overview, and our Ripple Effects e-magazine!

Fellows Program Advances Philanthropy

The ninety-nine girlfriends Fellows Program is an amazing opportunity for young women ages 20-35 to bring diverse perspectives to the organization. The three Fellows that are selected each year carry out a project of their choice. These projects can range from participating on a grant committee, to planning an event, helping design a member survey, and more. The fellowship is a three-year commitment and Fellows are full voting members of the organization. They are also paired with a member mentor, who is on the Fellows Team. Applications for the third year of cohorts opens in February 2019 with a mid-March deadline. For more information about the Fellows Program contact Tammy at  
As one of the 2018 Fellows, I’ll be interviewing my other Fellows over the next few months. This month, I had the pleasure of learning more about Tong Zhang and Molly Gray. I am excited to share a bit about them with you!
~Azul Tellez Wright
Tong Zhang joined ninety-nine girlfriends as a Fellow this year. She is the Executive Director of Oregon MESA, based at PSU. Tong is passionate about the work she does because it brings equity to the education space and encourages students to think for themselves. Before her work in nonprofit management, Tong was a research scientist in tumor immunotherapy. Her experience as a scientist has greatly shaped the work she does now; “As a scientist, I realized how hierarchical and exclusive the systems are for technical and scientific fields. There’s such a lack of representation and a lack of encouragement at most levels. That really fuels a lot of what I do now. I don’t feel like a lot of the experiences that my colleagues and I went through had to happen because we were women, young, or inexperienced. There are so many bright ideas that come from people of different backgrounds and society is missing out on them because the environment hasn’t fostered their growth.”

Outside of work, Tong enjoys traveling and going on day trips with her husband. She’s also a proponent of Asian dramas because she likes the completeness of stories. “I get frustrated with a lot of American TV shows that don’t have an end. All the Asian dramas have around fifteen episodes and that’s the whole show and there’s no more.” She has also begun to write a book about business strategy. This book would target early career professionals and offer management tips that she’s learned over the years and that she wishes were presented in a more relatable manner. She is passionate about helping young professionals in both her work and her free time!

Tong describes herself as an optimistic person, which is why she likes being part of ninety-nine girlfriends. “It’s really easy to get cynical and believe that it’s not going to get better. A lot of what I like to do is about helping make a better future for myself and others if I can. That depends, however, on believing that people, including myself, can change and the situations can change too.”
Molly Gray is in her second year as a fellow with ninety-nine girlfriends. In both her work and at school, Molly is very focused on nonprofit management. As the Director of Nonprofit Partnerships at the Oregon Public House, Molly coordinates fundraising events, manages ongoing collaborations, and books venue space for nonprofits.  Established in 2010, the Oregon Public House is a philanthropic bar which operates not to make a profit for owners or shareholders but to donate to local, regional, and international nonprofit partners.

Through this role and member education experiences with ninety-nine girlfriends, Molly has uncovered a desire to expand her repertoire and understanding of business operations. She is currently in her first year of the Nonprofit Management MBA program at the University of Portland. In addition to school and the Public House, Molly is looking to gain some experience consulting with nonprofit and hopes to one day work for a foundation.

During her first year as a fellow with ninety-nine girlfriends, Molly was on the Arts and Culture Grants Review Team. That year’s Arts & Culture finalist was My Voice Music. In her second year, Molly served as the Impact Team’s liaison to MVM. In her third and final year as a fellow, Molly plans to continue with the Impact Team and is interested in putting her new business skills to work with the Financial Review Team.
Invite a girlfriend to join!
-Message from Jinx, our Membership Committee Co-chair
We are so excited for the upcoming year and the funds we'll raise for our four-county community!  Watch for the World Cafe Orientations dates, starting in late February and running through April. Groups of 15-30 women gather at a member's home for a fun informational encounter, connecting women who may be interested in joining ninety-nine girlfriends. Invite a friend to attend one of these fun and informative events. Evite links will be sent out in late January.   ~Jinx
2019 Membership Season is Open Our membership goal?
525 girlfriends = $525,000 to area nonprofits! Let's make it happen!

Click here to join ninety-nine girlfriends or renew your membership for 2019

Membership season for 2019 runs through the end of April, closing on May 3, 2019
Your $1,100 membership is exponential!

“Alone we can do so little.
Together we can do so much.”
– Helen Keller
Grantee Partner Liaisons Are Kicking Off The New Year
In early December, a group of dedicated girlfriends gathered to learn about supporting our new grantee partners. Twelve girlfriends will get started immediately as liaisons. Each grantee partner will receive co-liaisons to work with them over their grant period. The liaisons will share stories, volunteer opportunities, and report back on progress.  They will also help plan events for girlfriends to learn more about our nonprofit partners. It promises to be a great year!
Thanks to everyone! ~ Maura
2019 Upcoming Events 

Wednesday, March 6 
Understanding Implicit Bias Workshop

8:30am - 2:30pm
Mercy Corps, 45 SW Ankeny St, Portland
Members only
Mark your calendar now.
This event sold out early last year. 
Invites will go out in January

Stay tuned for interesting educational TOPIC TALKS in February, April and May 2019. These are small-group learning sessions in people's homes. We will take a deeper dive into the community issues that were most popular on our member survey. If you are interested in hosting a TOPIC TALK or other sessions planned for 2019 by the Member Education Committee contact Deborah and Tammy

World Cafe Orientations for potential new members will take place in March and April. Watch for the dates and then call your friends and invite them to join. For information email Jinx and Eileen

Women's Giving Network Conference – The next conference for the national network (to be held in Seattle) is not in 2019, but in February, 2018 eighteen months away. And, the network has changed its name to Catalist. Check it all out at:
Would you like to volunteer?

If you volunteered while responding to the 2018 survey, someone will be in touch.

Wanted: Dedicated Facebook Page Manager
Would you like to make regular posts on our Facebook page that are in keeping with the themes, brand and tone of ninety-nine girlfriends? Jinx will give you a brief tutorial and you're off. Contact Jinx at

Wanted: Membership Helper
Can you write thank-you notes? Do you love connecting with new people? Help our Membership Committee with "connections-oriented" jobs for our members. Contact Jinx at
Did you snap a fun photo at an event?
Would you like to share it for possible use in ninety-nine girlfriends publications and social media? Just identify the event and participants, unless the photos is of a large crowd. Please make sure the folks photographed are okay with a share then forward to Trish at  

Outreach Team
Help expand our outreach list by getting all the email addresses for the Give Guide nonprofits not already in our Outreach Database. About 35 email addresses still need to be discovered. Contact if you have some time and like such research!

Reading Circle
Are you a reader? One of our members is interested in maintaining a philanthropy/community reading list. Share your recommendations of books, articles, podcasts, videos, etc. with girlfriends here
Ninety-nine girlfriends 2018 Award Winners
$100,000 IMPACT AWARDS: 
August Wilson Red Door Project, Evolve: Using Theatre to Impact Public Safety in Portland; KairosPDX, Transformational Education for Tomorrow's Leaders; Red Lodge Transition Services,Healing the Sacred Hoop

Bark;  Cascade AIDS Project

$12,200 CORE MISSION/RUNNER-UP AWARDS: Bravo Youth Orchestras;  Adelante MujeresFriends of the Columbia GorgeCASA for Children. Inc.; Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
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