What It Means To Be
On The Cusp

What does it mean to be on the cusp? To me, it means to be at the threshold of change. On the verge of something new and exciting. It’s that moment when you’ve done the work of hiking the mountain and are arriving at the top, finally taking in the view before you trek onward. You can be “on the cusp” of many things in life; on the cusp of greatness, on the cusp of a ground-breaking discovery, or something as simple as the changing seasons.

Here at CWC, we find ourselves on the cusp in a number of ways. With our purchase of the property in January,  we’ve ensured the future home for our rehabilitation & education center for years to come. We’re now on the cusp of making site improvements with the intention of being even more accessible to our greatest supporters - you! - and to improve the overall experience for guests and volunteers alike. We’ve just arrived at the point where we can take in the view: the moment where we can truly visualize a great future on our 10-acre parcel. 

Our education team is on the cusp of expanding their outreach to broader audiences. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for everyone to have access to wildlife education, a chance to gain an appreciation for all wildlife and the places they call home. We’ve been collaborating with school districts, senior housing facilities, correctional facilities, and youth outdoor schools. We know the importance of being more inclusive to groups from diverse backgrounds and circumstances. We will continue to improve, research, and develop our team so we can educate and celebrate right alongside the fantastically diverse members of our community. 

And finally, our rehabilitation program is on the cusp of seasons - we’re transitioning from the slow, steady (and somewhat predictable) season of rehab to the abundant, bustling, on-the-go time of year when the injured & orphaned wildlife come in droves and need our help. It happens slow enough at first that we can peek over the edge and know “busy season” is coming. We’ve got our reinforcements ready - more than 130 rock-solid volunteers, highly dedicated interns, and well-trained staff who are ready to take this on each and every year.

Thank you for sticking with us through it all: for the hike up, for the view at the top, and for the trek onward. Your continued support as we’re at the cusp is what makes it possible to continue our work preserving, protecting, and celebrating wildlife. 

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Wildlife Rehabilitation
Recent Patients

This male Ring-necked Pheasant is recovering from head trauma and other minor injuries after being struck by a vehicle. He has recently been moved from our ICU to an outdoor enclosure. We are hopeful for his full recovery!
An adult Western Screech Owl was recently admitted after being found in the road, unable to fly. The owl was suffering from head trauma and an eye injury, and is still recovering in our ICU. She is self-feeding and showing signs of improvement on her road to recovery.

The injured/orphaned young mammals have begun to arrive at CWC and last week we admitted the first juvenile cottontails of the year. The young rabbits' nest had been disturbed by a dog and the mother did not return for them.

This is a good time for us to send out a reminder to please be on the lookout for rabbit nests in your yard! For more information on what to look for and to find out if the rabbit(s) need help, visit Humane Society's website and scroll down to "Does that rabbit need help?"

**Crocheted nest donated by Wildlife Rescue Nests

In the Media
Willamette Living Magazine
The cover model (American Kestrel patient #19-2267) was originally admitted to CWC after being struck by a vehicle. She sustained head trauma and a fractured coracoid & scapula. She made a wonderful recovery and was released back to the wild in February! To see a video of her release, click here.
View FULL article here (pages 23-31!)

Social Fundraising 
Giving Tuesday

We're happy to announce the arrival of our new capnography monitoring system! Thanks to generous donations last Giving Tuesday we were able to raise the funds to purchase an anesthesia monitoring system. This monitor enables us to more accurately and safely monitor all of our patients while under anesthesia - a higher standard of care that we are excited to be able to provide to our wild patients.

An injured Bald Eagle required sedation recently and it was a relief to watch the breath waves and heart rhythms on the monitor. 

We are so grateful to each and every person who contributed - we couldn't have done it without you!

Volunteer Spotlight
Jessica Neilson

Jessica Neilson is a volunteer on Wednesdays and has recently taken on the role of Shift Leader. She is doing a phenomenal job with her additional responsibilities and is such a joy to have on shift. She also takes initiative with projects, volunteers extra hours to ensure tasks are completed, and uses her fabulous people skills while answering calls on our wildlife hotline.

 Please join us in thanking Jessica for her outstanding commitment to serving our community's wildlife.
Click here to learn more about Jessica or to read about previous Volunteer Spotlights!

Connection & Education

We recently held our annual workshop for the Zoo, Wildlife, & Exotics club (OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine), where students tour our wildlife hospital and partake in an experiential lab practicing wing wraps, gavage feeding, subcutaneous fluid techniques, and IO catheter placement while utilizing cadavers. We are happy to be able to provide a source of additional information to these up-and-coming professionals!

5th Annual Auction & Fundraiser
April 17, 2020

We hope you'll join us at this year's Art is Wild, our BIGGEST fundraiser of the year! This event includes a silent auction of beautiful works of art, fantastic experiences, and exciting prizes. Enjoy delicious appetizers and drinks while meeting representatives from our Raptor Ambassador team - all while supporting the wildlife you cherish.
Click here to buy tickets!

Upcoming Events

Winter Wildlife Field Day
Free! Fun for "kids" of all ages!
Mother's Day Open House
Join us from 10am-2pm! Sponsored by 
Wild Birds Unlimited! Stay tuned for more info.
Our supporters are a vital part of our community. We are lucky to work with some of the most compassionate people around who ensure that the animals in our care are safe and healthy. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all of the volunteers, donors and other supporters who make our work possible. Thank you.
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