September 2019


Probing a new class of exoplanets

An international team led by iREx astronomer Prof. Björn Benneke gets a clearer picture of what is likely the most abundant type of planet in the Universe, sub-Neptunes, using data from the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes.

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The dark side of exoplanets

A new study lead by Dylan Keating, Ph.D. student with iREx, has found that the temperature on the nightsides of different Hot Jupiters is surprisingly uniform, suggesting the dark side of these massive gaseous planets have clouds made of minerals and rocks.

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The Earth's spectral fingerprint

Two iREx astronomers, including 2018 summer intern Evelyn Macdonald, have assembled a “fingerprint” for Earth, which could be used to identify a planet beyond our Solar System capable of supporting life.

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A lookback on the 2019 summer internships

After their four-month long internships with the iREx team, our 2019 summer interns offer you an overview of their experiences and research projects.

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iREx welcomes Eve Lee, new prof. at McGill

We are pleased to welcome Eve Lee, the newest member of iREx's team of professors. Eve is a new professor at McGill University and with the McGill Space Institute. She specialises in the theory of planetary system formation.

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Celebrating the Moon at the MIL campus

For the third year in a row, the iREx and the Université de Montréal organised a celebration of astronomy on the site of the new MIL campus. This year, the festivities commemorated the 50th anniversary of the first steps on the Moon.

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Instrument News

JWST assembled for the first time

For the first time since the start of the mission, the two sections of the James Webb Space Telescope have been connected. The assembled telescope will now undergo another battery of tests in preparation for its launch, which is still planned for March 2021.

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Join iREx!

New openings for Fall 2019

Summer internships, graduate student positions, and postdoctoral fellowships will soon be advertised for the upcoming school year.

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Upcoming Events

Science Literacy Week 2019

During this year's Science Literacy Week, iREx will be giving a number of public lectures and organising activities for children at the following municipal libraries:

Saint-Charles | Père-Ambroise (private) | Marie-Uguay (private) | Île-Bizard (private) | Hochelaga (private) | Cartierville

Astronomy on Tap

The next edition of Astronomy on Tap MTL in French at Pub l'Île Noire will be on WEDNESDAY September 25th. The next edition of Astronomy on Tap MTL in English at McLean's Pub will be on October 29th.

For more information and to know the dates of all future events, see our webpage.

"Name the Exoplanet" Contest

In collaboration with the International Astronomical Union, the Canadian Astronomical Association invites you to name the exoplanet HD 136418b that has been assigned to Canada for the international "Name the Exoplanet" competition. There will be several participation prizes as well as special prizes for the finalists whose names will be considered during the public vote in October! Deadline: September 20 2019.

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Image Credits: Header (Earth from space): NASA/Reid Wiseman; Sub-Neptune: STScI; Dark side of exoplanets: McGill University; Earth-like planets: NASA/ESA/G. Bacon (STScI); Summer interns: Étienne Artigau; Eve Lee: Eve Lee; Celebration at the MIL: Ben Seropian; JWST: NASA/Chris Gunn; SciLitWeek: SciLitWeek; Name the exoplanet: Jacques Goldstyn.
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