November 2016


New low-mass objects could help refine planetary evolution

When a star is young, it is often still surrounded by a primordial rotating disk of gas and dust from which planets can form. Astronomers like to find such disks because they might be able to catch the star partway through the planet-formation process, but it’s highly unusual to find such disks around brown dwarfs or stars with very low masses.
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Meet the new Trottier Postdoctoral Fellow of iREx

Many new members joined iREx in September 2016. Among them, the new Trottier Postdoctoral Fellows, Lauren Weiss and Holly Sheets. 
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Jonathan Gagné receives a Prix Acfas for his thesis on brown dwarfs

Jonathan Gagné, a former student and a collaborator of iREx, receives one of the Acfas excellence awards 2016. This award, attributed by the Association des doyens des études supérieures au Québec (ADÉSAQ), recognize the best thesis in natural sciences and engineering.
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JWST news

An international group of Astronomers in Montreal for the conference “Exploring the Universe with JWST-II”
The second edition of the conference “Exploring the Universe with JWST” took place during the week of October 24-28. One hundred researchers from everywhere around the globe gathered at Université de Montréal to discuss the scientific programs of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).
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Echoes from our Solar System

The Schiaparelli Lander crashes on Mars

The Schiaparelli module, a part of the ExoMars mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), tried to land on Mars on October 19, 2016. Unfortunately, the modules crashed on the red planet due to technical malfunctions. It is not easy to land on Mars, even in 2016!

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Upcoming Events

Les conférences de l'iREx : 

Planètes errantes ("Rogue Planets")

Speaker (in french) : Jonathan Gagné
When: January, 24 at 7h00 pm
Where: Université de Montréal 

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