July 2016


The Science Behind the Validation of 1 284 Transiting Extrasolar Planets

On May 10, 2016 the Kepler team announced the validation of 1 284 planets which represents the largest haul of extrasolar planets in a single study.  Read more

Planet-Devouring Star Reveals Possible Limestone Crumbs

A group of researchers using the W. M. Keck Observatory have discovered a planet-like body that may have been encrusted in limestone and is having its surface layers devoured by its deceased host star. Read more

A newborn giant planet flying close to its sun

For the last 20 years, the giant planets known as hot Jupiters have presented astronomers with a puzzle. How did they get into orbits 100 times closer to their host stars than our own Jupiter is to the Sun? Read more

TRAPPIST-1 – A new Earth 2.0?

What do exoplanets and beer have in common? TRAPPIST. TRAPPIST is the name of an exoplanet survey that just announced the discovery of a stellar system containing three planets, each the size of the Earth. Read more

Echoes from our Solar System

Juno spacecraft arrives today !

Juno spacecraft arrives today  - this July 4th - near Jupiter and will study jupiter during at least 18 months.

Follow its arrival on Nasa/JPL web site

JWST news

June 2016

Science Instruments of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Successfully Installed 

Read more on JWST web site.

Upcoming Events

Les grandes conférences iREx :

L’équation de Drake ou la métrique de l’ignorance

Speaker (in french) : Robert Lamontagne
When: Septembre, 20 at 7h00 pm
Where: Université de Montréal 

Get tickets and informations:
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