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A question that we've been discussing as a staff is what is regenerative farming? Is it a buzzword or something more? The Counter published an article last month that focuses on the term regenerative, its many different meanings, and how the new use of an old term impacts agriculture today. From carbon farming to equity in the food system, give it a read to learn more about regenerative agriculture. 


Gena Moore, CFSA Organic Research Coordinator

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We're hiring a Local Produce Safety Coordinator! This position is responsible for delivering an innovative training program, in collaboration with external partners, to operators of diversified farms seeking food safety certification—specifically, the USDA GAPs and Harmonized GAP audits. 

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Expert Tip: Profitability of Sprouting Broccoli 
in High Tunnels

by Gena Moore, CFSA Organic Research Coordinator 
Post-Harvest Station at Central Carolina Community College Student Farm (a CFSA member)

Many of us are in the thick of the growing season right now, and the heat is picking up! Wouldn’t it be nice to shift some of this production to the winter? That’s exactly what we’ve been looking at Lomax Farm, CFSA's education and research farm.

Last fall, we started a research project with Cooperative Extension to demonstrate the growth and profitability of sprouting broccoli as a winter market option. We trialed three different varieties of sprouting broccoli in a caterpillar tunnel in Concord, NC. The crop was extremely low maintenance and high yielding from November through March, with an estimated gross income per square foot at $5!

If you’re interested in trading in this heat for some cool winter growing this year, check our fact sheet from the project!
Improve Your Soil Sampler
Does anyone remember our 'How to Build a Sweatless Soil Sampler' video? Well, one of our farmer-members, along with Clemson Cooperative Extension, has improved the design!

No clue what we're talking about? Last year, we published a two-minute video on how to elevate your soil sample collection methods. While shovels and trowels can do the job, it can be strenuous to take multiple samples, challenging to get a uniform sample, or tricky to use tools like probes in compacted soils. And this is where the sweatless sampler comes in. It's cheap and straightforward to make and is highly recommended by CFSA's education and research farm team.

Just in case, we'll include both videos for y'all. First is our video, second is Clemson's video with the improvements.
Check out CFSA's New Organic Research Page
Does Gena's expert tip above have you thinking about the efficacy of sprouting broccoli? Want to learn about the efficacy of OMRI-approved bio-pesticides? How about whether you should plant grafted or un-grafted heirloom tomatoes in your high tunnel? 

Check out our new Organic Research page to get answers to these questions!

What Are Your Experiences with IPM?
Jeremy Levinson, a graduate student and researcher at Clemson University, is researching Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the teaching and learning methods used between producers and extension agents, and consultants.

He seeks input from vegetable producers, agricultural extension agents and specialists, and agricultural consultants in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and North Carolina.  If you are interested in providing feedback on your experiences with IPM and your opinions on how you prefer to learn about IPM principles and practices, please complete this 15-minute survey.


2021 Sustainable Agriculture Conference
Nov. 13-15 | In-person in Durham, NC, with a virtual component too!

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