ARi Locomotive Works
ARi is pleased to announce  “ARi Locomotive Works”. This facility will be able to house Modern Locomotives for development and validation purposes.  The Locomotive Works facility will be within 3 miles of our global headquarters and Engine Development Lab, located in East Peoria, IL. 

ARi Locomotive Works will be able to provide:
Performance & Emissions Development:
Locomotive Development, Emissions Regulated Updates, In Chassis functionality, Traction Control, Noise Testing, Heat Rejection
Prototype / Rebuild / Repair:
Next Generation Locomotive Design, Existing Fleet Upgrades, Traction Control Maintenance and Upgrades, Customer Locomotive Fabrication
Railway Integration:
Telematics Solutions, Locomotive Electronics Integration
ARi-HARMAN Customer Showcase
Last Month, ARi hosted a customer showcase with our new partner, HARMAN. HARMAN provides the latest technologies where we can collaborate to offer our customers integrated solutions in a timely and cost effective manner. Some of the main displays featured were the Service Delivery Platform, the OTA Solutions, and other demonstrations. The Service Delivery Platform is an open, cloud-based color display with services such as analytics, content provider, OTA capabilities, geofencing, fleet management, asset tracking, and other applications. The OTA Solutions was a web demonstration of secure software management system. This electronic showcase gave customers the opportunity to see how ARi can integrate our software solutions into existing displays being used in the automotive industry to enable manufacturers of heavy equipment to utilize displays in their machinery.
Halloween Brain Teaser

5 friends went trick-or-treating together for Halloween, but they soon got tired and went home at some point along the way. The next morning, the friends met up to exchange candy, so each could have their favorites. Can you figure out who wore what costume, in what order they left the group, and what each friend's favorite candy is?
Scroll to the Bottom for the Answer!
Andy, Jane, Max, Pam, Sam
witch, vampire, devil, cat, skeleton
Reese's, M&M's, Snickers, Starburst, Milky Way

1) The 5 friends are Max, the witch, the girl who likes Starburst, the boy who dressed as a devil, and the person who left the group 3rd.
2) Andy (who does not like Milky Way) left sometime after Max and immediately before Sam.
3) Pam likes Starburst and she left after Sam.
4) The friends left the group in this order: the one who likes Reese's, the witch, Andy, the one who likes Milky Way, and Pam.
5) The skeleton likes M&M's.
6) The vampire was not last.
ARi Trunk or Treat
to Benefit The Salvation Army Coats for Kids Program 
This winter season, ARi, in partnership with the Salvation Army, sponsored our first annual Coats for Kids program. New and used coats were donated by our employees and their families to make sure that every child in our community has a winter coat this season. For every coat that was donated, a raffle entry was acquired. We had 3 winners AND the best car decorations prize, featured in the image below. 
Halloween Brain Teaser Answer:
     1) Max, Vampire, Reese's
   2) Jane, Witch, Snickers
     3) Andy, Skeleton, M&M's
    4) Sam, Devil, Milky Way
5) Pam, Cat, Starburst

Contact Information

Paul Schaub, Account Manager
Phone: (309) 691-2533
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