Friday Favorites #49
October 11th, 2019


Buy less.
Choose well.
Make it last.

— Vivienne Westwood
If someone had told me five years ago that today I would have a newsletter going out to tens of thousands of people who would be interested in what I’m wearing…I would never have believed them! Frankly, I’m a girl who doesn’t even like having my picture taken, but I’ve had to adjust, and course correct, and simply celebrate myself exactly as I am. I’ve always loved beautiful clothes, but I really don’t enjoy shopping at all. Every season I do get a few nice pieces--I would rather have fewer pieces that I really love. I then mix it up with pieces from Target, the Gap, Old Navy, and Nordstrom Rack. I do love the whole mix and match. 

On my recent trip to Paris I’ve carried a black sequined bag (which, by the way, I bought about 10 years ago at the Gap for $11). I love special pieces like that, and you don’t need to spend a fortune. 

My dear friend Kate Shifrin has helped me with projects from the contents of my closet to the furnishings in my home for years and years, and she always pushes me to try new things and get out of my comfort zone, though I have no problem saying no when a look doesn’t work for me. The best part about Kate’s vision is that often I get pieces that I put away and then move into them when I’m ready. I am a big believer in repeating outfits regularly, and I do not believe in over-buying clothes--although I sure am an excellent over-packer! This issue is all about my friend Kate, who is a fashion stylist with an unbelievable way of helping people to look on the outside the way they feel on the inside. With the fall fashion season here, I wanted her to share her tips and tricks. 

I’m so happy and proud to turn this issue over to my friend Kate Shifrin. She’s quite literally one of the best people I know. Such a dear friend, and if you have an occasion to work with her, you will be absolutely delighted. She’s like the clothes whisperer. You can find her on Instagram @kateshifrin, if you are looking for a personal shopper or stylist. In the meantime, follow along and see what she’s doing.
A common question my clients ask before each fashion season is “what’s in style?” My answer will always be “whatever is appropriate!” There are always many fashion trends to choose from, so ask yourself: What is my individual style? What do I like? You don’t have to wear a trend head to toe! It’s OK to have just one piece that nods to the season. The good news is that fashion is accessible at any price. Buy the best you can afford so you’ll have some good staple pieces, and spend less on trendy pieces to add fun to your look.

Teri always loves beautiful things, but she is a gal who buys only what she likes. She has a great sense of her own personal style. But I’ve talked her into a thing or two. We have had a lot of fun through the years finding some of Teri’s edgier pieces in the “Paris graveyard,” that is, the place in Teri’s closet where clothes go that, once she gets them home, she takes awhile to come around to. Then, months or years later, we pull them out, try them on, and miraculously they become a new favorite. And, as Teri says, “Kate knows best!”

Elie Tahari Blouse

Derek Lam Trouser
Fall favorites this year include: Animal magnetism! Python is the new leopard, and tiger stripes are on the prowl. I have been wearing leopard a good portion of my life. It is a neutral color for me, and I love mixing it with stripes, florals, and denim. Python and tiger are especially sophisticated and not as common as leopard. It’s wearable with other fun prints and leather to elevate the rock and roll look. Teri loves her python print shirt from Elie Tahari, and Zara has a great less expensive one. The look is great with jeans, but paired with an ankle length pant and a cool blazer, it’s a complete look. The best part about my job is creating individuality for each one of our clients, and these are a few fun elements to work with.

Blouse by Zara 

Pant by Zara
Feminine menswear is always in style. Diane Keaton is famous for her look, and it truly is her style. It is easy to achieve in a great plaid blazer or an overcoat. Some are oversized, some are fitted and all are classic. If you prefer a trouser or a skirt, get a great plaid or tweed to mix with a beautiful sweater or a denim shirt. Mixing plaids and fabrics is the perfect combination.

Overcat by Manteau Angelinas

Diego Polka dot Blouse

Long Polka Dot Shirt by Zara

Navy Overcoat by Zara

Elie Tahari Blouse

Vintage Blue Blazer

Derek Lam Trouser

T-shirt by Zara

Sport Coat by Laundry by Shelli Segal


Black Combat Boot by Stuart Weitzman
The boots this season are short, tall, western, and a big trend is the combat boot. The combat boot has a more aggressive fashion appeal, but this season they are adorned with pearls to blend the feminine and masculine. They look great with the new high waisted, fuller leg, washed out and torn up jeans that are the season’s hottest denim piece.

Black Combat Boot By Zara 
It is always fun to add a splash of color or sparkle. You can do this with tie dye, polka dots, or metallics. This season offers all of it, from blouses and dresses to sweatshirts and painted metallic dresses to lurex accordion skirts.

Owen Blouse by Kobi Halperin

Maria Skirt by Arcobaleno

Zara Dress
Treat yourself to a little luxe with a great leather blazer. It is the perfect weight for lots of different weather and always looks cool.

Fitted Leather Blazer by Vince

Johnny Was Floral Print Blouse

Metallic Shirt by Zara

FAUX Leather Jacket by Zara

I have a few more tips for creating your style. The most important thing to remember is to wear what you like the way you like it. Personal style is your greatest expression.

Before buying new clothes, start by shopping in your own closet.

Separate clothing by season so you can focus on the current season.
Then take a good look at what you have, try things on, get items cleaned (and altered, if needed).

Get rid of the clothing that no longer works for you.

Make a list of items you want for the season and prioritize purchasing. Then bring purchases home and start creating new looks by combining your purchases with items from your closet.

Take pictures of outfits and create a photo book of all your looks. This will help you pack for a trip or when considering what to wear for a fun night out. It takes all the guesswork of the inevitable question, “What am I going to wear?”

Get creative by mixing delicate fabrics with leather patterns or denim or suiting for a feminine menswear look.


Faux Snakeskin Booties by Old Navy

Find inspiration from magazines, photos, music, but most importantly, remember to wear what you like to create your own individual style.

Don’t save outfits to wear later or for a special occasion. Make every day a special occasion. And don’t dress for anyone else. Dress for yourself!

The same dress can be worn with heels and an elegant bag, and then again with a chunky sweater and boots.

Finish with a great shoe you might not expect.

Come find me @kateshifrin on Instagram.
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