Friday Favorites #92
August 7, 2020
Let's Spice It Up
“Keep having the conversations...
About racism.
About injustice.
About change.
About equality.
About humanity.
About a better tomorrow.”
Teri working at her cabin
I grew up in a family with a 1960s cook, and spices simply were not a part of my mother’s cooking repertoire. In fact, she found cooking a bit of a chore. Once I learned to cook when I was on my own, I discovered the real magic that can happen in the kitchen and the absolute joy that cooking can be.
My favorite spices from the Middle Eastern shop in Chicago
It was kind of like a rebirth for me in many ways. And as it turns out, I am passionate about spices. Here’s what I love about them: spices are an unimaginably easy way to completely update your cooking…for pennies. My pantry has long included things like smoked paprika, granulated garlic, dried oregano, and high-quality salt. Spice blends are truly superb and can be done ahead and then used to enhance your everyday cooking.
Fried egg sprinkled with sumac
A few years ago, I was lucky to discover sumac and Aleppo pepper, and they have been a favorite part of my cooking ever since. They successfully turn a Sloppy Joe on its head, and they are divine on something as easy as my Sizzling Everyday Roast Chicken Breast or a sumac fried egg. Spices simply make life just a little bit more fun—and they go with everything! Sumac is made from the dried fruit of a flowering bush and is traditionally used in Middle Eastern cooking to add a bright, tart, flavor. 
Sloppy Joes

Aleppo pepper is simply spectacular and adds just enough peppery spice. It’s used in Turkish, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisines. Adding these two spices to my repertoire has been life changing, and I have loved sharing them with friends. This week, I am delighted to include some authors, bloggers, and friends from around the globe who are equally passionate about spices.

Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft
Author:  No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster:  nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop:
Who’s ready for Whole30 September?
Teri and Stephanie Zooming

Who’s ready for a Whole30 September? I’m getting ready for one led by Whole30 coach and nutritionist Stephanie @cookbycolor. I love her groups, and I love feeling great. Stephanie leads a kickass virtual group at a super reasonable price for people all over the world, and with that you get guidance, community, and results. Click here to join me for her September group. Let’s go!

Cooking Class Next Week
Wednesday, August 12, at 7pm Central Time
Teri and Patrick in the kitchen prepping for the cooking class

Cooking Class! Join me along with Patrick, @nocrumbslefts_otherkid next Wednesday, August 12, at 7pm Central Time to cook an over the top delicious pasta dinner with @naturalheavenusa noodles. We have perfected our Vegan Crispy Mushroom Marinara pasta dish, and we can’t wait to share the recipe with you! Get your Natural Heaven noodles ordered and your ingredients together and cook along with us.

Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
For the Love of Spices

I grew up in a home where food was a symbol of love. I loved the aroma of cooking spices, and one of my favorites is cinnamon. It’s fragrant, versatile, and healthful. I love it so much that I add it to my morning coffee! A pinch of it transforms the taste of beef or lamb. I love it in Bolognese or meatballs, but my favorite is a modern beef shawarma recipe that I deconstructed into a platter (almost as beautiful as Teri’s). Marinate your favorite cut of beef with cinnamon, black pepper, nutmeg, allspice, ginger powder, and a touch of clove. Slow cook, then pull apart.

Noor Al Mutawa, Creative Director (also a beloved Crumble)

Noor Al Mutawa
Decolonize Your Diet
by Chef Zoe
One of Zoe's favorite spices

I work at the intersection of food, culture, identity, and politics, and I am inspired about changing the narrative around what “African food” even is. I want Jollof to be as readily desirable and available as curry is in the minds of diners, and we are getting there! I’ve helped establish a new gastronomy: New African Cuisine. One great spice blend originating from Nigeria is suya (yuji), a common West African blend used traditionally on grilled meats. Great on grilled and roasted vegetables, as well as halloumi, it’s a mixture of ground peanuts, hot pepper, smoked paprika, ginger, nutmeg, garlic, clove, cinnamon, and sea salt.
Zoe Adjonyoh, Chef, Writer, and Activist

Teri loves Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, which happens to be on her bookshelf, ready to roll. Click here to get a copy.

Zoe Adjonyoh
Photo credit: Nassima Rothacker, 
The Wisdom of Spices
Freda's unique spices

Growing up surrounded by exotic spices from the Indian subcontinent, I learned a lot about them early in life. Today my own unique spice cabinet is a collection of whole seeds, plants, and dried herbs that I’ve built up over years, and it embodies centuries of wisdom and knowledge pertaining to the health and medicinal properties of each individual spice. I use them daily; my portfolio of flavors and beautiful colors is used in absolutely all my dishes. I share my knowledge of spices and their benefits every day, through the food I create.
Freda Shafi, Food Blogger

Freda Shafi
Korean Chili Flakes
Korean chili flakes

While I didn't learn to cook until I became an adult, I always loved my mom's cooking and enjoyed our traditional family meals. My favorite comfort food spice that always feels like home is gochugaru, Korean chili flakes. It is probably one of the most important ingredients in Korean cooking, and it's used in gochujang (Korean chili paste), kimchi, soups, and banchan (side dishes). My kitchen is never without it, and it's probably what I grab most often when I need to add a bit of spicy kick to my Asian dishes! Kkakdugi recipe here.
Jean Choi, Recipe Developer and Food Photographer

Jean Choi
Adobo and Powdered Sazon are the Bomb
Flor's Flavor Bombs

Spices are more than just flavor profiles; they tell a story of tradition and community. Everything was homemade for us growing up, but some things were staples. Adobo and sazon were nonnegotiable. As I got older and learned the importance of reading labels and being intentional about what I put into my body, owning the formula of some of my favorite spice blends became essential to me. I was committed to being healthy but not flavorless. Flor's Flavor Bombs, inspired and created to keep our unique and important Latin traditions alive, are versatile and easy to use. They make even the most novice of cooks seem like an expert chef. Click here for the Flavor Bomb recipes.
Floritza Gomez, Blogger

Floritza Gomez
Bunjal Chicken Curry
Althea's Bunjal Chicken Curry
As a Guyanese/Caribbean food blogger, my spice cabinet is overflowing, but my curry spices are getting most of my attention lately. Curry is a favorite in my home, and this Bunjal Chicken Curry is always a winner. It is quick and easy to make and sure to be a weeknight favorite. The spices are warm and aromatic, with subtle hints of roasted cumin, coriander, nutmeg, and cloves, which I really love. If you don’t like spicy curries, choose a mild yellow curry as your base, then add cayenne or chili pepper if needed.
Althea Brown, Food Blogger and Caribbean Whole30 Enthusiast
Althea Brown
Transport Yourself!
Danielle's Haloumi + Sweet Potato Salad
With Blueberry Vinaigrette on a nocrumbsleft Platter

A carrot is just a carrot (well not just, because carrots are fabulous as they are), but with the right spices and seasonings, a carrot can become your ticket to a culinary journey! Seasoned with cumin, turmeric, and paprika and drizzled with tahini, a carrot can evoke the ancient open-air markets of Tel Aviv. Seasoned with lime and saffron, you jet set into the streets of Iran. A little ras el hanout and—poof—you’re in Morocco! From the comfort of your kitchen, at your very own table, you can comfortably travel the world and explore new cultures with the help of a simple, well stocked spice pantry!

Danielle Renov, Author

Click here for a printable version of Danielle's Haloumi + Sweet Potato Salad With Blueberry Vinaigrette recipe.

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Danielle Renov
This Week in the Shop

Platters are finally available for purchase!
I’m pretty well known for my platters as a lifestyle philosophy and way of presenting food, so creating platters for the shop was a natural. I fill the platter and allow everyone to dig in or simply take whatever they prefer, offering something for everyone. In my house we have a range of eaters, with some people doing keto, other people gluten-free, and others vegan, and this accessory brings them all together.
We have them in Black, Blue, Oatmeal, Tie-Dye, Moondust, Azul, Malachite, and in the Drippy Collection in Pearl, Pearl Tie-Dye, Robyn’s Egg Blue, and Cherry Blossom. If you're thinking about enjoying one over the holidays or sharing one as a holiday gift, I strongly recommend ordering your platters now. It’s time to let your spouse, partner, or family know that if they direct message Teri, she will walk them through the system. We run out right away, so if you didn’t make this batch, direct message Teri to get on the list.

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I love the NCL cookbook because of the diverse range of dishes I can prepare for my loved ones. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, no one feels left out with this cookbook in their collection.

Allison Sherman, Crumble
Dallas, TX

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