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Friday Favorites #80
May 15, 2020

Having A Moment

— as seen on @emmalatelynutrition
Teri in her cabin's kitchen

As a gal who likes to eat seasonally, nothing makes me happier than the change of seasons, which means new delicious produce to eat. This is the moment for asparagus, and it could not be any more glorious. Here's one thing to know about asparagus: keep it simple. Steamed asparagus with butter, salt, and pepper is simply spectacular. And simple grilled or oven-roasted asparagus is wonderful.

California Asparagus with Zesty Garlic-Tahini Avocado Dressing

There are so many wonderful dishes to make with asparagus. Did you know that 70% of the country’s asparagus is from small family-owned farms in California? Knowing that I’m eating produce from small, local American farms is important to me.

So many of you have been enjoying the delicious California Asparagus with Zesty Garlic-Tahini Avocado Dressing that I posted last week. I have a variety of ideas to inspire you to start enjoying in-season asparagus.

Whole30 Crispy Chicken with Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes

Whole30 Crispy Chicken with Asparagus and Sweet Potatoes. If you're doing Whole30, this is a fantastic entrée, and if you don't have time to make the Sweet Potato Croutons, the Crispy Chicken with Asparagus is easy and delicious without.

Spring Minestrone Soup

Asparagus is lovely in soup. Crisp Spring Minestrone Soup is wonderful for right now, while it's still chilly some days and you want to add plenty of green to your life. If you're wondering what else is in the same family as asparagus, it includes chives, shallots, onions, garlic, and leeks. I also learned that a mere four spears contain 40% of the vitamin K needed for the day! Asparagus spears also contain vitamin E, folic acid, and vitamin C. 

Bounty of the season

 I love food memories, and one of my first memories of asparagus is a wonderful little stir fry my mother made. At the end you put a bit of brown sugar in the center, which would caramelize, then she’d toss it all together, and it's pretty much a dream, though these days I like to come up with dishes that are a little bit more healthful.

Skillet Seared Sirloin with Asparagus and Mushrooms

Here are three wonderful asparagus recipes from my No Crumbs Left Cookbook. Have you ever prepared sirloin steak? The cut is less expensive but often overlooked and is beautifully prepared here with asparagus and mushrooms. It’s easy for dinner, and be sure to make extra, because Skillet Seared Sirloin with Asparagus and Mushrooms makes delectable leftovers. Spring Green Salad with Salami Croutons is absolutely crunchy delicious and something you can feel great about eating.

Spring Breakfast

My Spring Breakfast recipe includes eggs, asparagus, and fingerling potatoes and is a lovely little weekend breakfast. Also, be sure to check out my Modern Chopped Salad on the blog for more spring goodness.

This week, in addition to my resources for enjoying asparagus, I've curated counsel from some experts to encourage you to live your best life during a time when many of us are finding that a little bit challenging.

Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft™
Author:  No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster: nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop:

Wednesday Night IG Live Cooking Class
Spring Greens Salad

This Wednesday, May 20, at 7 pm CST, we're making the Spring Greens Salad on page 105 of the No Crumbs Left Cookbook. If you don't have the book, it's time to order it—it's on sale for $20! Join us Wednesday!

Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
Don't Get Stuck In the Red Zone
Anna Pool
Normally, our nervous system moves naturally through the three zones, but nothing is normal right now, and people feel “stuck” in the Red Zone. In this zone, we are less able to take care of ourselves, creating a vicious cycle. To interrupt this negative cycle, simply look around, gently allowing your eyes to explore your space—no agenda, no rush. A spontaneous deep breath or yawn is your nervous system saying, “Thank you.” Remember, you matter! Slow down, meditate or rest, and be intentional about creating “hygge,” that cozy connectedness we need so much right now. See page 22 of Teri’s “Rise & Shine” e-book for more lifestyle tips for getting back into the Green Zone.

Anna Pool, Master Level Corporate Executive Coach
Don't Wait to Date
Marni Battista
  1. Most people online seek the real deal; many who were just in it for hookups have opted out.
  2. Physical distancing puts more focus on emotional connection and compatibility.
  3. Most people have extra time.
  4. None of us have done this before, so each date will be an adventure, helping to increase your connection and create chemistry.
  5. Two recent Netflix reality shows, Love is Blind and The Circle, have demonstrated the depth of connection that can be created virtually and what quarantine dating can look like. 
  6. Fun virtual dates include watching a movie with Netflix’s Party feature, taking an exercise class “together,” ordering painting kits for a “wine and paint” date, or playing an online game. 

Here’s the full list:

Marni Battista, Founder, Dating with Dignity

Exfoliate, Sugar!

Felicia Walker

Right now, I’m all about using what I have around. From a beauty perspective, there’s so much in the kitchen that we can incorporate. I love adding a teaspoon of plain ol’ white sugar to a basic cleanser to transform my face wash into a gentle exfoliant. One of the skin care complaints I often hear about is dry, flaky skin that doesn’t hold moisture and can’t stay hydrated. The first question I ask is “How regularly do you exfoliate?” With white sugar in everyone’s kitchen, you can grab a spoonful and DIY your way to healthier skin.

Felicia Walker, Beauty & Skin Care Expert

Felicia Walker with her daughter

Power Through
MaryRuth and her family
Try to live in the present moment but also move forward every day during the pandemic. Take no small action for granted. Getting daily sunshine, sleeping 8 hours, chewing your food, making a new recipe from no crumbs left, stretching, exercising, drinking half your body weight in ounces of water, thinking positively, reducing stress, and believing in a universal force of goodness can all help move you forward. Value each action you do and be present while doing it. Gradually and cumulatively you will see small, powerful shifts. No matter how hard your challenges, you will overcome them one by one. Structure creates freedom.

MaryRuth Ghiyam, Founder | MaryRuth Organics LLC 

"I love MaryRuth and her products. I'm a total fan and customer, and I think her products are super high-quality."
— Teri
MaryRuth Ghiyam
Get the Cookbook
Joe, The Semi-Homemade Foodie

As essential employees, who work in education, our connection with Teri and the cookbook is what has been helping us stay sane. We're constantly inspired by her positive and delicious posts/stories and thank her for being authentically during a challenging time. 

Joe Grande

Click Here to Order the Cookbook
Nourish to Flourish
Whitney Stuart
In a stressful and uncertain time, it's important to listen to the expert signals of your body. Healing can occur only if you listen to your body’s needs instead of giving it what a silly algorithm prescribes. Subscribing to the rules of the diet culture often leads to malnourishment, although it’s masked by celebrated weight lossThat's not health! Cease the “shoulds.” You cannot implement restrictions and simultaneously expect your body to feel nourished, satisfied, or respected. When your body says, “I’m hungry,” allow nourishing food to satiate and abundantly fill that space.

Whitney Stuart, MS, Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist & Certified Diabetic Educator  

Heidi Priebe, Coach

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Other Resources

Strategy Consultant Julia of @smarterinasec is offering FREE resume and cover letter edits to anyone unemployed as a result of COVID-19. Market and position yourself for the job you want with free, professional help. Contact her at

Sarah of Spice and Zest is offering a free, pre-recorded online video sourdough course. For more info, reach out to her here

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This Week's Table Talks Podcast
Episode 19: Love Languages

In this episode from Season 1, I talk with my dear friend and neighbor, Melissa Richardson about love languages and finding your feet at each stage of mothering. We also discuss introverts and extroverts, where we get our energy, my love of Spindrift, raising children at different phases, immediate connections, chosen family, and more. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends. 

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