Friday Favorites #99.5
October 16, 2020
"I think the most important thing a woman can have—next to talent, of course—is her hairdresser."

– Joan Crawford
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A very good hair day
I’m pretty passionate about my hair, and I always have been. My very favorite luxury is a blow dry, and I would choose one over a massage or facial any day. My day can be made or lost based on how I feel about my hair, and if I'm down or out of sorts, there is nothing that snaps me back faster than a shampoo and blow dry.
Sitting pretty (on the right) with my sisters, PS and Paula
My weeks are busy, and I’m on the go from dawn till dusk, but it’s one thing that I do each week for myself that feels special. As superficial as that may sound, it makes a difference in my life. I'm a big proponent of the philosophy that if there's something we can do to make a difference in our life or somebody else's, we should do it.
Lucy's favorite picture of me when I was in my early twenties. (When it was short, it was very, very short.)
You might think my hair has always been this long, but that is not the case. It might not surprise you to know that at 15 or 16, I had a Dorothy Hamill cut (the haircut of its time, named after an Olympic figure skater).
It's permed...and I'm not kidding
I also took my mane, had it permed and then styled into a 1980s look, and let's not even get started on when I did an asymmetrical haircut, which was not one of my better looks.
Laurie and I getting into trouble
Just like the decades have had major hair moments, I too changed my hair with the styles, for better or worse, until finding my current longer look I’ve had in many iterations over the last 20 years.
As a new mom, I liked to call it my football helmet. It wasn't my best look.
Who doesn’t love a compliment? One of my favorite hair memories was when I was introduced to Queen Bey, in 2004, back in the heyday of Destiny’s Child. She said, “I love your hair!” and my life was pretty much made in that moment.
A long bob—and can you believe that both Rachel and I blow-dried our daughters' hair each and every night? And Lucy cut it all off.
Recently, a follower asked if I have extensions. She and her friends were wondering, and I was happy to tell her that my hair is all mine. Both of my parents were blessed with a thick, full head of hair, and I'm pretty delighted that my children's father was too—we passed those hair genes down to our kids. I always wanted the flat stomach gene, but I certainly can’t complain, because the thick hair gene is also fabulous.
Lucy, Martha, and Oliver celebrating their hair
I have always had deep relationships with my hair stylists. They become friends and confidants. They are there for every moment of the journey: birth, death, divorce, kids leaving home, break-ups. Through it all, the hair people have been a constant.
In my thirties
Having my hair done is a little like therapy, but a lot more fun. I'm a super loyal customer, but I'm able to be loyal to more than one at the same time—I have Scott for cuts, Sarah for color and blow dries, and Mac for blow dries. Many of you are familiar with them because you’ve seen them on my stories, and if you’re in Chicago, you should absolutely go see them.
My good hair day file
Fun fact: I have a good hair day folder on my phone, and whenever I go to someone new, I whip out the photos and give them the whole nine yards!
Can't stop, won't stop, unless I change my mind
Lately, I’ve been pondering the idea of going gray. I get my hair colored regularly. Roy has encouraged me, and I imagine how freeing it would be to eliminate that process. For now, I’ve made a decision not to do it. My mother colored her hair her entire adult life, but when she was in her 60s and lost her hair to breast cancer, it grew back in gray, and it happened to be truly stunning on her. I certainly am not ready to go gray anytime soon, but thinking about it has been a small part of my hair journey.
Gray looked phenomenal on my mom

Hair is a very personal topic, and in this issue, we’ve included a range of perspectives from women with different hair styles and textures talking about the power hair has, as well as the challenges along the journey to embracing it.

Laurie and I in the 80's...what can I say
Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft
Author:  No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster:  nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop:
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Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
BGHI (Black Girl Hair Issues)
Mrs. Parker
I love being a Black woman! The swag, the confidence, the stereotypical boisterous nature of our personalities. But the one thing that has challenged me from a young age has been my hair: my edges weren’t smooth enough, my curl pattern wasn’t loose enough, my hair color (brown) was neither light nor dark. Plus: don’t get it wet, wrap it at night, don’t get it wet, don’t miss your weekly appointment, don’t get it wet! I’ve worn it short, long, black...and—wait for it—blonde!
I started relaxing my hair to blend in with the business world. Am I ashamed? Absolutely not! As a young banker, it was go along to get along. I’ve since learned that blending is very uncomfortable for me, and not my strength. Today I have a new appreciation for my relaxed 'do! It’s easy to manage and suits my personality extremely well. It really is me. I love it. Like most of us, I’m evolving. I’m certain that my “hair affair” will evolve as well. I’m a Black woman with a beautiful crown of hair! For now, I embrace my relaxed look! *flips hair*
Kymberli Parker, Mrs. Parker’s Charm School
Ginger Season
A member of the "real" one percent

Teasing and unwanted attention aside, having red hair is pretty cool. And since it’s an odd gene, I am the only ginger in my family. Not many people know that as members of a one percent, red-haired people look out for one another. We’re like a secret club. Red-haired strangers offer one another helping hands, freebies, extras, upgrades, free rides, and bend-over-backwards acts of kindness. Oh, and even though others will ask if this is our “real" hair, a redhead always knows who their people are!  

Elizabeth Collins, Painter

Hair Loss, Not Lost Hair
Kylie Bamberger
At 15, I found myself losing my identity with each and every strand of hair. I was afraid of showers, combs, brushes, hair ties—anything that would take more of my precious locks. I was holding on so tightly to my old self that it was affecting how I'd see myself in the future. Hair loss is a never-ending journey. While it "happened" to me at 15, it's still "happening" to me at 31. Embracing our aesthetic as we grow is important. Alopecia took my hair, but it did not take my identity. Hair loss does not negate our beauty; it emphasizes it.
Kylie Bamberger, Blogger
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Don't Micromanage Your Mane
Danielle Lewis
My hair journey was all about bossing my hair around. Hair health wasn’t the priority, manageability was. Having my daughter made me understand how important it is that she love her hair. I couldn’t curse my hair in the mirror while encouraging her to love hers. I had to embrace it through all its phases. Teaching Logan healthy habits has made it easier to add them to my own routine. Watching her exist without the need to micro-manage her mane has given me permission to do the same.
Danielle Lewis, Brand Strategist
Danielle and her daughter
Embrace the Curl
Curly Hair styled by Barbara and Barbara
More than half the population has texture to their hair, and yet societal beauty standards have tried to tell us that natural texture isn’t true beauty. Well, that’s just not true! As a specialist in curly hair, it's incredibly important to support people in discovering how to experience their most beautiful, authentic selves. Curly hair is a personal journey, and no two textures require the same care. Don't get discouraged in the beginning if your curls don't look like you’d imagined. Curls take a while to bounce back from any stress placed on them. The most important thing when starting your curl journey is to moisturize and have patience.
Lauren Kieninger, Co-owner
Barbara and Barbara Salon

I wouldn't be able to do a hair issue without sharing about my dear friend Myleik and her business CURLBOX, which I am told is a game changer for women of color.   —Teri

If you’re natural, you’ve probably spent more money in the first few months of your journey on products for your hair than you’ve spent over the last few years combined. And if you’ve just “gone natural,” not only are you spending money trying to find what works, you’ve likely become increasingly frustrated with each purchase. The solution to this problem is CURLBOX, my exclusive, affordable, and effortless way to explore hair care products delivered to your doorstep each month. I started CURLBOX as a means to save you the drive and the money. CURLBOX gives women the opportunity to try several products for the price of one!
Myleik Teele, Creator of CURLBOX

Going Gray
Julia Flowers
I got my first gray hair at 16, and after 19 years of coloring and covering it, I decided in 2019 to embrace the gray. I was so tired of coloring it monthly and thought I was too young to make the transition to my natural color. I was also so inspired by the brave women making the transition at every age on the @grombre account on Instagram. Has it been easy? No! Do I regret taking the plunge? Absolutely not! It’s been a lesson in patience and learning to see and love myself with my natural silver highlights.
Julia Flowers, Mom and Food Lover
If you’re considering going gray, here are some accounts that I found to be really helpful and inspiring.  —Teri
@grombre               @silverstrandsofglitter
Best Brows in Chicago
I love my brows by Cheryl
Who doesn't love a great set of eyebrows? Brows have always been a fashion statement, and even more so now with masks! Brows should complement the eyes and bone structure of the face. Achieving this has been a quest that many never get quite right without the proper tools and guidelines. I perform a Corrective Brow Shaping and offer directions, including pluck and no pluck zones, to achieve the best brows for you. Through my years of experience, I've developed the best tool for perfect brows. With a proprietary crisscross tip, my tweezer is the forerunner in precision plucking!
Cheryl Renella, Owner of Channing's Studio & Spa
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