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Friday Favorites #73
March 26, 2020

Movement: Body, Mind & Spirit

"When everything is uncertain, everything that is important becomes clear."

— Unknown

Teri drinking her morning tea out of her Let's Go Mug

I recently read something that said, "It's OK if all you can do today is get out of bed," and while I think that's humorous, I don't think that sentiment supports our best life. If you have ever wondered how you’d have behaved in a critical moment in history, well, that moment is here. And while putting our heads under the covers may sound enticing, I don’t think it is the best way to serve ourselves and others. Don't get me wrong: I do think we are experiencing a moment when we can slow down, take stock, get extra rest, pause, and even get some additional sleep each night. But I don’t think it’s permission to stay in bed all day.

Teri with her cocker spaniel, Henry,
on their fifth walk of the day

As a gal who's worked from home for years, I’ve learned that it's really important to get your body moving every day, to have a routine, to get up on time and take a shower, and to have some form of a personal practice in the morning, whether it's working out or meditating. Now is the time to find balance between rest and routine. Our time is precious, and what we do with this time matters.

Teri and band daughter/friend Lisa social distancing 6 feet apart while taking a walk

So, this week’s issue is about the movement of the body, mind, and spirit. A month ago, I was inspired to get a Fitbit. I simply love that something's keeping track of my steps. As a person who is competitive by nature, even just with myself, I do think it has been amazing for me. I purchased one for everyone on the team, and we've even started walking together at noon. For such a long time, my life has been go go go drive drive drive, and while I've been clear that it’s too much and that I need to slow down, the universe has now unfortunately officially afforded me an opportunity to do so.

Movement is so important in this time of distancing, just in terms of living our best lives, being our best selves, and accessing all of what we need to thrive. I’m getting out every day, sometimes twice a day, to take a walk while physically distancing from anyone I might run into. When I return to the cabin, I feel refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle the world again.

Teri & Henry

In this issue we offer some ideas and opportunities to move wherever you are sheltering, and we have even set up a few classes that are free to first-timers. I appreciate the teachers who partnered with us to offer them, and my hope is that if you feel inspired to do more after taking a free class, you will support these folks and others like them who are figuring out how we can work out from home. For movement, our Shop Manager Molly loves Gabrielle Union’s “FitOn” app, which offers personalized workout plans and a huge variety of free classes. Other Crumbles like the apps Playbook, SWORKIT, and obé fitness. Also, Peloton has extended a free trial of its app, offering access to all of their virtual classes for 90 days.

Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft
 No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster: nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop

Contributors Offering Classes This Week
Amy Owen

What I love about yoga is that it doesn’t matter if I can touch my toes or not, my body always feels better and more open from it. And moving my body while slowing down my breath calms my nervous system and helps me stay relaxed, even in unsettling times such as these. Conscious breathing is a game-changer!
Come join me for a gentle yoga class this Sunday, March 29, at 2 pm CST to experience all the wonderful benefits of the practice. Click here:
Amy Owen
Yoga Instructor

Yanis Marshall & Tiffany Dow

Movement is powerful. Beyond endorphins and circulation, my personal reason to get moving is to escape my head space and enter my body. My favorite way to move my body is DANCE. Hearing the music and feeling the rhythm is a super motivating force. Sometimes all we need is to turn up some Janet Jackson and sweat it out! To catch the next cardio dance party, follow @DowDance.
Tiffany Dow 
Crumble, Whole30 enthusiast, Dancer, Choreographer 

More Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
Christine D’Ercole

The most powerful thing anyone can say to us is what we say to ourselves. We all talk to ourselves, and often that talk starts with I AM and ends with something berating. What if we could stop, edit, and rewrite those stories into something liberating? 

I offer this tool to help change the chatter that holds us down: Complete these sentences. Be true. I AM… I CAN… I WILL… I DO… Now edit your sentences to be positive. Make a mantra. Repeat it until you believe it’s true.
I am Christine D’Ercole, and I am a storyteller. You too are a storyteller. Wordshop©  is where we workshop the words that make up our stories.

Christine D’Ercole
Founder of Wordshop©  and Storyteller

Sarah Lavoie

This morning I went on a photo safari, and I suggest you do one too! Take a simple walk around the yard, a nearby beach, or a nature preserve. Tune in to your surroundings and just start taking pictures. Pay attention to details: look at light and shadows and keep an eye out for cool reflections. Take photos from different perspectives. When you’re done, I promise you’ll feel amazing, and not just from the exercise! Experts say that creating art gives you a sense of control and relieves stress. Happy photo safari! 

Sarah Lavoie
Avid Cook and Photographer

Leah Orleans of ABCs of Fitness

When we exercise, our brains and bodies work together to transform reality. A workout will always leave you feeling different. Staying sane is about structure, keeping a consistent (healthful) habit, and having something to come back to every day. When I was performing on cruise ships, stuck at sea for months, the gym was my happy place. When my body was moving, my mind was at rest.

Stream my free 10-minute bodyweight workout today via or on Instagram @abcsoffitness. Promo code "CRUMBLES" gets you 20 percent off the full program download. 
Leah Orleans
Contortionist, Acrobat, Comedian 

Todd McCullogh

Ever want a superpower? Meditation is the key! It shifts the body into the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you feel relaxed. It helps you become the observer, rather than a responder to heated emotions. And studies show that people who feel connected to something bigger lead happier and more productive lives. 
Here is a meditation on YouTube.
Todd McCullough

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