Friday Favorites #100
October 23, 2020
100th Issue
“Give yourself permission to live a big life. Step into who you are meant to be. Stop playing small.
You are meant for greater things.”
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It's our 100th Issue!
This is our 100th issue and I am both floored and proud. A hundred issues is a lot of issues! So much has happened in those hundred issues. The world has changed, we have changed, Friday Favorites has changed, and hopefully we are all changing all the time, because change is the nature of life.
Myleik and me
I started Friday Favorites after Myleik Teele came for lunch October 18, 2018, and told me about her weekly “favorites” newsletter. I thanked her for the suggestion and asked whether she’d be opposed if I did something similar. Our first Friday Favorites was a vehicle to share with our blog subscribers what we were loving in the kitchen, what we were cooking, and what my favorite things were that week. It was fun to share my favorite pan, eyebrow pencil, and soft drink, but soon I realized I had more to say.
Me and my mom
While I knew it was a risk for this format, and that it would be well received by some and not at all liked by others, I had to be true to who I am. We began to include reflections and inspiration about life in general. This love letter to my subscribers has been an opportunity to share my personal journey outside the kitchen. It has been a gift to talk about my mom, including sharing my journey of grief and where it's taken me.
Rooster is the symbol for my mother, gone 20 years
Last year’s issue about celebrating life through symbols was, for me, the week when Friday Favorites evolved into a deeper level. Another personally meaningful issue was the issue on the journey of grief and how it changes us. Being able to share the recent loss of my place in California and receiving the reaction I did and feeling the community around how we all grieve made that issue truly a gift to me. Looking back, I have so many favorite issues. I loved the topic of divine communication and hearing how women of different faiths celebrate that love.
Vision Board from The Law of Attraction Issue #45
Our issue on the law of attraction looked at the basic principles that have been at the center of my heart and way of being in the world. Another favorite issue was the kindness of strangers—we received so many contributions sharing such incredible stories that the issue became the longest ever. Another favorite was about how food traditions help create the ties that bind people, how they are central to our gatherings and a way in which we love one another.
Me and my vegan son Patrick
I loved working on the vegan issue with my son. Friday Favorites has focused on everything from hair to rebooting to rest to cooking for holidays to not cooking in the summer. A new trend has been to highlight one particular food, like apples, corn, or tomatoes, and offer a variety of recipes to enjoy it. Some issues are just me sharing on a topic and other issues include all kinds of contributors. It’s always an absolute delight to see what they come up with.
Laurie, Zach and I about to head out on the Book Tour
There are certainly plenty of people who want to tell me to stay in my lane, but frankly I have never been a stay in your lane gal. My feeling is this: make your own lane, widen the lane, and let's talk about the things we’re afraid to talk about. Early on, we cared about diversity and inclusion, and we were lucky to have someone on the team leading us there. But the events of this year increased our commitment, and more than ever we wanted to feature a wealth of representation.
Working from my cabin on the Rise and Shine Guide
Friday Favorites is definitely an undertaking. I am often awed that we are able to do all our cooking and daily inspiration while putting each issue together. But everybody on the team embraces it and has ideas for places we can take it, and we have an all for one and one for all attitude.
Zach and I working
I’ve said this in Friday Favorites, and on the podcast too: I don’t have the answers, but I sure am willing to ask the questions we all have on our minds. Doing so has opened up a world of things I didn’t know about and didn’t even know I needed to know about. I learn as I go. And while it is indeed an undertaking every single week, I receive so much more than I give.
Me and Lucy
This week, we asked Crumbles the question “What has Friday Favorites meant to you?” We were overwhelmed with so many heartfelt contributions but were able to include only some of what you shared. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us. On to the next hundred!
With Crumbles on the book tour
Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft
Author:  No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster:  nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop:
Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
Birthday Traditions 
Lucy's Favorite Birthday Tradition - celebrating with Inky
My favorite was birthday traditions! Since that issue with Inky the Octopus, I have celebrated birthday traditions with my own Lucy, including waking up to a birthday table with a cupcake for breakfast and a million balloons and full force decorations, no matter what day of the week (I have moved mountains to make this happen on nights when I worked late) and letting her set the agenda for the whole day—whatever she wants (within reason). Everything you write on traditions in general stays with me. They are so important, and I’m so thankful you share yours with us!

Mother and Son

I am an artist who has always had the support of my mother. I’m happy to honor her with my drawings. -Kyle Montes De Oca

Friday Favorites is the gift of connection. It's a connection with Teri, the nocrumbsleft community, and most importantly, my mom. It's a reminder to be present and to dig into that which fuels my soul. It's a lesson in what I don't know, as well as reassurance of what I know to be true. It's a love letter and hug from a friend which asks for nothing in return. What a gift.
Kyle Montes De Oca


All the positivity stories have helped me become a more positive person. Also, the stories about losing a loved one have helped me realize I'm not alone in what I may be feeling, even after losing that person 30 years ago. Thank you.
Lori Burgin
Mother of Kyle Montes De Oca

Transition to the Weekend
I save reading each week's Friday Favorites until I've completed work Friday afternoon. It's a treat I look forward to as my reward for finishing the work week. This ritual helps me transition from my work self into being introspective and helps me prepare for a meaningful, more present weekend. While all of them are special, my all-time favorite is issue #52: “The Kindness of Strangers.”
Sue Woodman
A Balm
The most comforted I have been was the week after the shooting in Pittsburgh two years ago. It was so nourishing to read your newsletter after the stress of the week. My daughter lives there, and we went to the memorial there. Your recipes and "ramblings" were a balm.
Jessica Semel
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Breath of Relief
Friday Favorites gives us back the feeling of what it’s like when you are holding your breath and the relief you get when you can inhale and exhale again. It’s the feeling of a weeklong tension that you have been holding in your shoulders finally being released, and you are able to feed your soul and those you love with amazing food. It’s the feeling of anticipation that a weekend with those you love will never end. It’s peace.
Monica Petruskavich
Supporting Small Businesses

Friday Favorites has meant a lot. I love that Teri shares stories of others each week, and that we get a chance to truly see diversity in who she shares. I also love that many of them are small business owners themselves, and that we get to support them by making their recipes, buying their product, or engaging with them on social media.
Kayla Jones

Treasure it All
I look forward to Friday Favorites so very much. It's like receiving a hug every week. I treasure your ability to feel big things and put them out into the world.  Your ability to honor your parents, celebrate your children, applaud your friends, and share connections—I love it all!  And let's not forget your love language, food.  In a day where busy is normal, you remind me to treasure it all.
Rosaria Mayer
Rooster Napkins - my sisters and I are always looking for roosters.
I LOVE when you speak of your mother and all the symbolism in your life. The roosters, her wedding ring, her plates, etc. It has opened my eyes to the role my mom plays in the belongings she left behind. I try to use more of them in my day-to-day living, thanks to you! They are treasures to always keep and cherish. Thank you for the deep meaning of LOVE.
Kari Ranney
Giving Hope
Friday Favorites is something I look forward to all week. The most recent one about grief really spoke to me. My father passed recently, and it has been more difficult than I could have prepared for. I’m coming to terms with the fact that grief is forever daunting. But the Friday Favorites was just what I needed to give me hope. Now, I'm looking for ways to honor him and say his name every day.
Cassandra Gonzalez
To the Rescue
I don't believe I've read a single Friday Favorites that I haven't loved. Two that come to mind are last Friday's—the tips on kitchen tools were fantastic, and I immediately ordered some Made In sheet pans. If Teri recommends them, then I know they are fantastic. The other was the tomatoes issue in August. My husband and I were puzzling over the hundreds of garden tomatoes in our kitchen, and voila! Teri comes to the rescue. Priceless!
Michele Campbell
Creating and Experimenting
Friday Favorites has completely revolutionized my cooking skills and my mindset about cooking. I've learned so much about creating, experimenting, and discovering marinades, seasonings, etc.
Deb Bates
We are Here
Choosing a favorite Friday Favorites is like choosing a favorite child...or favorite Crum-bowl glaze...or recipe from nocrumbsleft, so I will simply say this: I love Friday Favorites because it is here, and that means WE are here, this lovely community.
Theresa Collins
Me and Theresa Collins
Labor of Love
For me, Friday Favorites is like waiting for a package. You look forward to it, and when it's delivered, you can't wait to open it. My favorite issue is the very first one, because that's where it all started, with a labor of love.
Melissa Miller
New Crumble
As a new Crumble, Friday Favorites has been a way for me to feel like I get a last word from Teri or a little slice of extra that makes me feel special to her (be my second mom, Teri <3 )
An anonymous crumble
Inspiration for the Week
Friday Favorites always has a great theme, which I use to guide my weekend cooking and living. If the theme is seasonal produce, I am inspired to seek out my farmers market on Saturday morning. If the theme is moms, I am inspired to connect with my mom over our family's best recipes. I look forward to this newsletter every week to ground both me AND my love for cooking.
Ashley Leamon
Love of the Rooster
I love the way you consistently honor your mom. I lost my mom three years ago, and she was by far my biggest fan and supporter. She loved her three girls, my father, and her grandchildren fearlessly and without judgement. I miss her every second of every day, and your constant devotion to your mom and your beautiful relationship with her lifts my heart. She also loved roosters. She collected them, and I have many of them watching over me.
Sharon Cook
Foodies Unite
I believe good food unites us all. During this difficult time, it's comforting to see and hear what others are drumming up in their kitchens and how they use food to come together. Friday Favorites gives me a glimpse into other kitchens and inspires me to continue to show graciousness through cuisine.
Sharyn Lovelace
Joy in the Small Things
Friday Favorites has been a joy to read through each week. I have loved the recommendations made for kitchen and home items, but what I love the most is how it is a gentle weekly reminder and example of engaging and honoring the people you love, even in the day to day, and finding joy in the small things!
Carly Thompson
The Heart and Soul
I think the reason Friday Favorites is so important to me is that it is authentically Teri. When I read it, I feel like I am seeing a glimpse into the heart and soul of who she is and the people she surrounds herself with. We hear opinions and stories of people from all walks of life, and they are brought together by Teri. We all get to enjoy the fruit of that.
Katie Kearney
Keeping the Rhythm
Regardless of the challenges I have faced (my mother's passing, for one)‚ my normal was the guarantee that EVERY Friday, Teri would find her way into my inbox and bring laughter, thought, and yummy food ideas. The rhythm of the Friday Favorites has made a difficult season normal. Thank you, Teri.
Karen Tremper
A Hug from Mom
Friday Favorites is like a hug from my mom! I love the way that Teri gives love so freely through her food, her kindness, and her warm, generous spirit!

Sara Freeman
A Cup of Tea
Friday Favorites is a dose of comfort in my inbox. I settle in with a cup of tea every Saturday morning and pore over it. It’s one of my few rituals, and I love it.
Leading as You Learn
Friday Favorites feels like what Teri would say if we were sitting across the table, sipping a good drink. Each week feels like another touchpoint. I love the beautiful photography. It's a guaranteed moment of sensory indulgence. Thanks for modeling leading as you learn, especially in light of this year's events for people of color. You inspire me to make a difference.
Jenn Nahrstadt
Something for Everyone
I love how each issue starts with a very personal Teri story but then provides various different angles and aspects of that story from different contributors, including tips and tricks, recipes, etc. In the end, I guarantee every reader has something they can relate to and use for themselves.
Raj Junginger
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Recipe of the Week

What's better than a cake to celebrate our 100th Friday Favorites Issue? This week we're sharing this incredible Gluten-free Chocolate Covered Prune Cake made with California Prunes! Run don't walk and make this delicious cake today!

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This Week's Podcast
The Best Advice Show with Zak Rosen

This week we are sharing a podcast I recorded this week with Zak Rosen. The podcast is called The Best Advice Show and I love it because the advice varies so much, from how to load your dishwasher to being a better decision maker. And the episodes are so short and sweet they are a fun daily ritual. Zak is a radio producer in Detroit and truly the best! Listen in here.    

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My favorite is the Shoreditch Chicken.  It has the perfect amount of spice.  I love this cookbook because there so many amazing, delicious, and delightful recipes!

Adeline, nocrumbsleft friend and neighbor
Chicago, Illinois

Tune in tomorrow for Adeline’s spooktacular cupcakes!

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