Friday Favorites #96
September 18, 2020
Time for a Reset
“Focus on what you can do. Not what you can't.
Small steps turn into miles.”
Teri's September reset 
I'm back from a two-week vacation from Friday Favorites and 10 days off social media, and though it was absolutely divine, re-entry was a challenge.
Plants make your home special
I am also definitely grieving summer, because I never truly felt it begin until the last week of August, during my vacation. My unplugged time pointed out how much I need to strategize a way to take breaks to power down and reset myself with much more regularity. 
Reset with delicious Whole30 Magic Elixirs
The time off allowed me to recognize that the vacation was not just beneficial simply for the rest it provided. A well-rested body and spirit made room for fresh ideas. So, this week’s issue is about the idea of resets and how to make them happen, both in large and small ways.
In the spirit of the reset, Zach, Fernanda, and I are in the middle of a Whole30 reset led by the truly awesome Stephanie of @cookbycolor. This group is full, but her next group is in January, so get yourself signed up, because it's a revelation.
Lucy gearing up to blow out her four candles

One of the markers for me in September is that my kids share a birthday week—Patrick’s and Lucy’s birthdays are four days apart. A favorite Friday Favorites was our birthday issue. Remember that issue from this time last year? We had our traditions when my kids were little, but these days we celebrate with lots of cards from everyone—and I do mean everyone: neighbors, Lucy’s favorite childhood stuffed animal (Inky), neighborhood dogs, and all of us at nocrumbsleft, because traditions must evolve. A newer tradition that makes me happy is to pay for birthday dinner for my kids and their friends when I’m not there to celebrate in person.

Lucy's Birthday Zoom Call

I haven’t been with my kids on their birthdays for some years, but it’s still hard. Since Patrick has been with me for the past few months due to the pandemic, we’ll be able to be together, and I’m lucky we’ll get to share the day. Earlier this week, we had a Zoom party for Lucy, including some of our nearest and dearest, which was a new way of being together. Life is about transitions. Nothing is a given, and we have to traverse these mountains whether we like them or not. 

Celebrating Patrick, 2020 style

Among the great ideas for resets you’ll find in this issue, I’m including some inspiration from my dear friends Steve and Jason, who are both amazing talents. Steve designs luxury homes and sacred spaces; Jason designs workspaces and shares his ideas about WFH (Working From Home). They have created some magnificent ENVIRONMENTS (SPACES), and I hope you find their work as refreshing and impressive as I do. Consider their images a kind of “virtual vacation,” and a moment to experience beauty. In addition, my friends at Room & Board are offering tips on remote school spaces for older kids--plus, we have some inspiring reset ideas for your hair and your diet too! Let’s go!

Teri Turner, founder, nocrumbsleft
Author:  No Crumbs Left, Recipes for Everyday Food Made Marvelous
Podcaster:  nocrumbsleft Table Talks
Pottery Shop:
Inspiration From This Week's Contributors
Work (from home) Inspired
Add some greens to your home workspace

As a workplace designer and creative director, I’m often asked for suggestions on how to reimagine work-from-home situations, whether it’s a home office or a corner of the dining room table. Besides the obvious recommendation to invest in an ergonomic chair or a height-adjustable desk, consider how a beautiful, clutter-free environment can boost your mood and make you feel more productive. Reimagine your work area less as a functional space and more as an inspirational space--a sanctuary for work. Surround yourself with plants. Use essential oils or scented candles to improve concentration or reduce anxiety. Make sure the surfaces you touch are warm and natural, and that you can get a glimpse of the outdoors if at all possible.
Jason Hall, Creative Director

Room to breathe in the office
Home Reset

Design should elevate everyday life and be grounded firmly in place. Our homes are an extension of ourselves and how we live; therefore, they should be personal, thoughtful, and a joyful reflection of our aspirations. We design homes to be functional and beautiful, but, more importantly, to be meaningful and resonant. Our work-from-home world has put a spotlight on interiors, as many of us continue to balance work, family, and life from the same address.

Consider a refresh to promote a more healthy, functional, and beautiful life! Start small with a thorough cleaning and decluttering. It will get the blood pumping and create a calmer, more inviting space. Keep going by painting the walls a new color or switching out pillows and accessories for a new take on your current space. Maybe think big by sprucing up the kitchen with new appliances and countertops, or gutting your tired master bath, or think even bigger by adding the great room and family living space of your dreams. Now is the time to commit to those meaningful areas of your home to bring joy and warmth to your work-from-home life. 
Stephen Kadlec, Principal, Kadlec Architecture + Design

Jason and Stephen
School (from home) Inspired

I asked my friends at Room & Board for their thoughts on creating space for virtual school. And as a person who unintentionally collects clutter, I am crazy about my Fletcher baskets! So excited to say that we are giving them away this week. 
                                                                                                – Teri 

Room & Board
Good lighting, a dedicated, quiet space, headphones, and plenty of storage for their own supplies are essential. For teens, who want and need privacy, it really is all about having a desk in their room. Junior high kids are on Zoom classes nonstop. Adaptability is what’s needed, rather converting a multiuse piece or finding something in the room that “works.” They need a dedicated schoolwork space. Handy power outlets and chargers is another key, so their electronic accessories are always fully powered. Items with power outlets and built-in USB ports help minimize an extra layer of cords--consider these deskslamps, and power strips.
Room & Board
15-minute Walking Reset
A glimpse of nature through Patrick's lens
For me, the quickest reset always comes from being in nature. Whenever I am agitated or just don’t feel like myself, I like to stop what I’m doing, excuse myself, and take 15 minutes to go outside, breathe in the fresh air, feel the sunlight on my skin, and harmonize with the biorhythms of this beautiful planet. In addition, I try daily to incorporate some way of connecting with earth by going outside, walking barefoot on the grass, playing in the dirt, and offering a healing intention to this planet. Her abundant and loving energy is available to all who choose to connect in and listen.

Patrick Hartman, Teri's son
Teri and Patrick
Reset for Weight Loss

Liz is an amazing health coach and weight-loss expert. She helps people make permanent, powerful changes, joyfully.

– Teri 

Did summer and the lockdowns throw your weight loss routines off track? Ready to reset? The ten weeks before Thanksgiving are some of the strongest for weight loss, with cooler weather, great food, and the spirit of “back to school” in the air. Commit to three small changes that will make a big impact:

1. Track your food, even for just one week. See the missteps and correct them with your new awareness. 
2. Drop a snack from your day. Sitting all day on Zoom calls means we must decrease our intake. 
3. No “BLTs.” Those little Bites, Licks, and Tastes can add serious calories over time. 
Ready to lose weight for good? Details on my LIVE 10-week course are available here.
Liz Josefsberg, Weight Loss Expert
Fall Hair Refresh Ideas
Teri and Sarah
Ask your stylist for a gloss! It will add shine back into your hair as well as get rid of any yellow tones from the sun or swimming. Now is also a great time for a deep conditioning treatment. Hair can become dried out from the sun, the ocean, chlorinated pools, or those salt texture products we enjoy using during the summer months. This treatment will add moisture and shine and can help strengthen the hair.  My favorite do-it-yourself idea is the Restore Repair Mask from Living Proof. Come see me in Chicago!
Sarah Kralowski, Stylist, Owner Hare and Co Salon
This Week in the Shop
Marinated Onion Bowls

We’ve jumped into September Whole30 at nocrumbsleft, and to celebrate, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on Marinated Onion Bowls within the U.S.! 

Head to the shop to get your bowl and start making your Marinated Red Onions! The free shipping discount will be applied automatically.

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This Week's Podcast
S1: E22 Food for Thought

In this episode from Season 1, I talk with Liz Josefsburg, Weight loss expert and author of Target 100, about the six pillars for weight loss: nutrition, hydration, movement, exercise, stress relief, and sleep. They discuss late-night eating, navigating vacations, creating new habits, and setting goals. Liz also dishes about working with celebrities at Weight Watchers. She shares some amazing tips for weight loss, so listen in, and share with your friends.

Listen on:

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Laurel enjoying her prize

I won Teri's cookbook on Instagram from Mrs. Parker @parkercharm 🎉 I quickly became hooked! I love that I can come home from work, open the book, and make a delicious dinner while I unwind from the hectic day.
Laurel Hastings
Baton Rouge, Lousiana

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