Friday Favorites #99
October 9, 2020
Favorite Kitchen Tools
"Eating is a necessity, but cooking is an art."

– Unknown
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Enjoying Day 32!
For me, cooking is magic. As a food blogger, I’m frequently asked what my favorite kitchen tool is, and you might be surprised by the answer. I'm not an instant pot or slow cooker gal. My favorite tool for slow cooking is the oven. I’m not criticizing anyone who likes them, because they’re truly a convenience that helps busy people. I’m just saying that there is no substitute for the magic that happens in the oven, like with this unimaginably delicious pork shoulder, which happens to be incredibly simple and is true perfection!
Pork Shoulder
I believe you can’t cheat the process if you want a fabulous crust like this. For me, making it the old-fashioned way is a true celebration, and it soothes the soul. Click Here is my friend @jessetyler doing an interpretive reading of my kitchen philosophy. Enjoy!
My favorite timer
You might be surprised to learn that I don’t own a microwave. I had mine removed from the kitchen about 15 years ago, and I’ve never looked back. I find no joy in the microwave; there’s something even counterintuitive about it for me. I don’t like what happens to food when it goes into the microwave—I feel like it loses its magic. But I am pretty excited about the kitchen items I do say yes to. I adore things that are both beautiful and useful, and this issue is about the ones I love to use daily.
My favorite little spatula
I love this little spatula. It was actually my dad’s, so not only is it perfect for flipping tricky things, for me, it’s infused with his love.
My wooden spoons and slotted spoon 
I am certainly a wooden spoon gal. I use them to stir almost everything. There’s something about a natural fiber that feels so much better in my hand, and in my food. I love a slotted spoon. It is the very best way to remove cooked food from hot water, whether you’re poaching an egg, making a jammy egg, or scooping green beans from a hot pot of water.
Stick blender and Mason jar are perfect to make Magic Elixirs
I’m not a big proponent of plastic in the kitchen, which is why I also love Mason jars. They are perfect for food storage and an amazing container to make sauces and dressings in. I use them daily with my stick blender. Just add the ingredients and blend--and by the way, if you’re adding something like garlic, be sure to use smaller pieces or put it through the garlic press so it will mix properly.
My two favorite garlic presses
Speaking of the garlic press, if you have a great one, hang onto it. The garlic press pictured on the right is a vintage one I’ve had forever, and the one on the left is newer. While I don’t have a specific brand recommendation, I’d suggest you get a heavy one, and never put it in the dishwasher. 
My Crum-bowls are ideal for mise en place
One of my cooking philosophies is the art of “mise en place,” which means everything in its place. Before cooking, I get everything together and measure it out. I enjoy the process of measuring and setting up, but beyond that, the outcome of my cooking is much better when I do that. Whether it’s chopped garlic, veggies, spices, oil, or salt, I highly recommend that you lay out all your ingredients in advance.
Getting those Crum-bowls ready
For mise en place, these Crum-bowls are spectacular. I also use them to hold salt and pepper, so we can easily grab a pinch anytime, and they’re great for serving sauces, salad dressings, and snacks.
Everything Bowl
Do you have an Everything Bowl? We created this bowl because I wanted something I could use joyfully, day in and day out. I love these!
Everything Bowl
They’re beautiful, and I do use them for everything. Whether I’m making chicken salad, a marinade, or coleslaw, I pull out an Everything Bowl about ten times a day, and you better believe I have them in every color.
My favorite slicer

Although I'm not big on gadgets, I completely fell in love with this slicer when a friend loaned it to me. I assumed it was a luxury item I would never use again, but as a gluten-free person, I use it every day. Whether it's for Marinated Red Onions, sweet potato rounds, or slicing cheese, bread, or roast beef, it's pretty amazing.

My Vitamix

A Vitamix is definitely a luxury. I love mine for blending soups with warm chicken stock and making smoothies, both of which I do on the regular. It's a stunning piece of equipment. I bought my first one at a garage sale (even then, for around $75), and it lasted 20 years. Some models are much better than others, and I don't personally like the version with the smaller container; I prefer this wide-mouthed one.

My favorite small Cuisinart

I also love this small Cuisinart. It holds two cups, so it’s a wonderful option for salad dressings and sauces. It’s a real gem, and Roy thrifted this older version, which has been super strong and spectacular for me in the kitchen, reminding me of the adage that they just don’t make things the way they used to. We are excited to be sharing a newer two-cup model in this week’s giveaway.

Made In's Knife Set

I’m so excited about some of Made In’s new, super well-made products. I happen to love a nice knife. I have always loved the Santoku, which is my everyday go-to knife. I’m particularly excited about this wonderful new set from Made In, because it has everything you need: a large chef’s knife, a Santoku, a utility, and a paring knife. My best advice is never put your knives in the dishwasher.

Made In's Sheet Pans

I certainly celebrate sheet pans. They are perfect for meal prep, whether I’m making salmon cakes or battering chicken strips, and ideal for cooking Everyday Roast Chicken Breasts or roasting vegetables. Both full and half sheet pans are absolutely kitchen essentials, and I have a stack of them.

Made In's Sheet Pan and Santoku Knife

People have long asked me where I get mine, and I’ve always just replied, “Buy the heaviest ones you can find.” But recently, Made In released these sturdy, gorgeous sheet pans and half sheet pans, and they are the very definition of a kitchen essential. I must admit I have fallen completely in love with them.

Made In's Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan

And last, this small Blue Carbon Steel Roasting Pan from Made In is perfect for everyday cooking because it’s compact, heats quickly, and retains its temperature well. Pro tip: season the pan when you first get it, and then continue to re-season it on the regular. If you don’t like the “lived-in” pan look, this may not be the pan for you. Maintain it like a cast iron pan, and it creates a natural nonstick surface. It also happens to be super lightweight, which I love!

After 9 months I got to see my Lucy this week

I hope this issue inspires you to get in the kitchen and start cooking. And remember: the very best kitchen tool is my cookbook!

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