Friday Favorites Newsletter #41
August 16th, 2019 
Favorite Quote: 
"I always hear 'no' as an 'absolute maybe.'"
  -  Teri Turner
The Year of Saying Yes

I recently devoured Shonda Rhimes book, Year of Yes, and it was so powerful for me. I cannot recommend it more highly—I loved it so much that I’m giving a copy away this week! One thing about life that we can probably all agree on is that it is constantly changing. I’m challenging myself to look at what I’m pushing into, what I’m learning, and what I’m working toward. My mom, Patty, who was always able to distill her wisdom into words, used to say, “If you don’t allow any new information in, you’re not going to get new tomorrows.” What she really meant was, if we’re never learning, we’re never growing.

As someone who is all about living life with unbridled passion, I love the idea of considering what I’m saying yes to, as the season turns from summer to fall. Today I’m going to share some of my own yes’s. I hope that encourages you to ask the same question in your own life.

Recently I read that it’s ok to not know all the answers, and I want to take that a step further and say: it’s ok to not even know all the questions! One of the most powerful moments of the book, for me, is when Shonda realizes that she had been saying yes to being fat, and how sometimes we say yes to something that is creating what we don’t want. Wow! I want to be devoted to saying yes to living my best life--even in my most challenging areas. 

Sharing what I’m energizing for myself in my life makes me wonder: but do all these people even care what I’m energizing?! Part of saying yes is forging forward, even when I have my doubts. Of course there will always be people who say “Who cares?” And I have to be ok with that. So, though some of my yes’s are quite personal, my hope is that you might join me by looking into what your own yes’s are, what you are energizing in your own life. I think it will be a lot of fun to share the journey together!


Although I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the country on my book tour, it was officially “work.” I want to commit to travel as a way to replenish. I’ve set aside some time to take a trip with Lucy, and do a few things I’d really like to do--like going to a Secret Supper!  (click here)  But travel doesn’t have to mean going across the world. It can be simply taking a train into the city and going to the museum, or taking a train out of the city to visit a forest preserve. There is no need to spend money. Many cities have free museum day. Taking a break from the everyday and creating an experience I’ve never had is an adventure I am saying yes to.

2019 found me working most of the time, and although last week I shared that I was able to lose some weight, and while I have certainly kept active, I have not actually made working out a priority. Today I am saying yes to working out, to movement, to doing some kind of exercise that truly nourishes and energizes my body.

Finding the right people to surround myself with was partially the result of creating an intention to do so. If you currently aren’t surrounded by the people who help you live your best life, you can totally get there! I have actively sought out my people and let them fill my world. It’s important to say yes to being surrounded by people who give me an accurate reflection of myself and keep me on track. If you don’t have those people in your world now, you can absolutely make it happen! What if you were to decide that in the next year, “I’m saying yes to bringing the right people forward in my life”?
Book Group

Reading (or in my case having a story read to me on Audible!) is one of my favorite ways to take care of myself. So many people have suggested I start a book group, but with writing my cookbook, and then embarking on the book tour, I simply haven’t had the time. But wouldn’t it be a wonderful way for us to connect and have fun together? Even though I honestly have no idea how to do it, there’s no reason I can’t say a resounding YES to the book group anyway! I hope you’ll say yes to joining me. Click here if you’re interested.

Pretty much none of us are living the exact life we want to be living. I’m not saying I don’t have many wonderful moments, but I am always saying goodbye to something and hello to something else. I’ve found that the most important part of the process is to accept where I am now, so that I can move forward. Let’s all stop saying, “I’m broke, I’m lonely, I’m overweight,” etc. because that just energizes what we don’t want. I’m saying yes to accepting change. 

My biggest risk and my biggest yes ever was writing this book - because it's totally out of my comfort zone.  But I have been stunned and overwhelmed with how many people have embraced it.  I could not have asked for a better endorsement for taking that scary step and saying YES.
I am delighted that it is on sale right now at Amazon and Wal-mart for just $15 so it's possible people for more people to enjoy it. 
Heroine Chicken
Sharing this recipe today is absolutely perfect, because essentially this was my initial yes! I shared it with friends who shared it with friends who shared it with friends…and that’s how Heroine Chicken got this whole Nocrumbsleft adventure started! My Instagram caught the eye of an online magazine publisher, who asked me to contribute weekly. I didn’t know how to write, but I knew how to speak the language of food! Heroine Chicken went viral, and thus began my food blogging career. I’m delighted by how many of you are making Heroine Chicken, from the US to the UK, Dubai, Sweden, and everywhere in between!
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I want to share some YES with you, so this week, we are giving away a copy of Shonda Rhimes book, The Year of Yes (you can choose to get the actual book or the audiobook). Click below to enter.
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Episode 29:  Saying Yes  

In this episode, I talk to Christina Klinepeter (@cklinepeter), CEO of Eat Purely and Olympic level athlete at age 39, about marriage as partnership, parenting, and how to eat the best food for your body.

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