Friday Favorites #48
October 4th, 2019

Lucky Numbers Edition

"Luck is when opportunity knocks and you answer."
 - Unknown
Each issue of Friday Favorites is numbered, and as this week approached, I realized October 4 would be issue number 48. I knew there was only one topic I could possibly talk about in the issue. You might find this a little bit nutty, but 48 is my lucky number. I was number 48 in my first-grade class, and for some reason, it has stayed with me for the duration. I love it and it’s always an absolute pleasure when I find it, whether it’s on a coat check, a license plate, an address, or a phone number.
Throughout my life it’s been a little game I’ve played. If you can think of every interaction as either a blessing or a curse. I definitely try to look for the blessing, and every time I see a 48, it feels like confirmation from the universe that I’m in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. It isn’t something I seek out--it’s simply part of who I am, and it finds me wherever I am. If you can live life from one joyful experience to the next, why wouldn’t you want to?
My kids have picked up the bug also, and they look for 48s wherever they go. You can imagine how delighted I was when, at one point, Patrick’s phone number was a series of 48s. Lucy looks for 48s wherever she goes; a few years ago, she was at an antique store and found a giant box of old keys with numbers, and she searched through crates, eventually finding a 48 and subsequently made a necklace for me.
Everyone in my circle is in on it too: whenever they come across a license plate or an address, they all take pictures of any 48s, and it’s a celebration. Recently, we saw an emergency vehicle that turned out to be Vehicle #48, and we were squealing with delight. All kinds of people have lucky numbers, from athletes to gamblers to regular folks. In creating issue 48, we did some research around numbers and how they are lucky for people.  This is some of what we learned about the number 48 with Angel numbers:
“The meaning of number 48 indicates that your angels are helping you manifest abundance in your life. You may not see them in physical form, but they are working tirelessly on the sidelines to make sure you get the results you want. The 48 meaning reassures you that the divine realm and your guardian angels are supporting your needs. They are working unseen to help you recognize opportunities, make new connections, perform your best, and be inspired with every step.”

I am currently feeling very connected to the number one. To the idea that the first day of every year is a chance to create a new world for ourselves. To actualize resolutions that I have been thinking about. To start fresh. The potential for newness feels so spiritually uplifting to me today, that right now, at this moment, I would say the number one is pretty high up on list!!! Whether you are celebrating a new year now or not, I do want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and sweet new year filled with health, love and laughter! Happy new year!!!

In the Jewish faith, numbers play a very important role. For us, the Torah (or bible) is the source of all we believe. The Torah begins with counting the days of creation. Words can be converted to the numbers each letter corresponds to. The word life in Hebrew is “chai” or חי. The numerical value of the first letter, “Chet” or ח is 8. The value of the second letter, “yud,” or is 10. Since 8+10=18, the number 18 symbolizes life in Judaism. It is very common for people to give gifts in multiples of 18 to symbolize a blessing for a long life.

Danielle Renov
Food & Travel Blogger/Vlogger

I've grown to believe in the vibrational power that numbers carry. If we pay close enough attention, they can bring us closer to answers (tarot), reveal truths about who we are (life path numbers), and offer messages to guide us along our paths (angel numbers). They speak a language that makes me feel more in tune with the Universe and helps inform a lot of the decisions I make, from choosing the right home to choosing the ideal day to schedule important events. 3, 6, and 20 are my lucky numbers.
Holley M. Kholi-Murchison
Founding Partner, HOLI. Brands


I am not sure that 1114 is my lucky number, but I believe it is my angel number. I am not exactly sure what that even means, but 1114 is a number that speaks to me on a daily basis...I am intrigued. When 1114 shows up on my clock at home or in the car, I just happen to catch it. It appears on everything from a grocery receipt to the number on the train slowly pulling into the station, to a scene in the movie I am watching. I see it everywhere. The coolest part is that my husband sees it all the time too. I have tried to figure out what it means, but until I do, I will simply sense that it is a good sign. It does make me feel lucky. 

Kate Shifrin
Personal Shopper & Fashion and Home Stylist

Kate isn’t the only one who feels that she receives messages in numbers. While reading, I found this about angel numbers, at “Angels cannot show themselves to you face to face, so they use angel numbers to get their message across. More frequently, you should know that this is your guardian angels’ way of catching your attention. When something needs your urgent attention, your angels will continuously send you this angel number until you understand what they are trying to tell you.”

  • Some other interesting things we found while researching lucky numbers: 
  • Though 7 is a number that comes up quite often, it actually gets second place on the winner’s podium, as the world’s most popular lottery number is 11. 
  • The number 13 represents St. Anthony in Italy, considered the patron saint of finding lost things or lost people.
  • And 3 has lots of luck attached to it: “Good things come in 3,” “On the count of 3,” “The 3rd time is the charm,” “Genies grant 3 wishes,” “The holy trinity,” and “Three wise men."
  • The luck of the “four-leaf clover” pushes 4 into a popular favorite for lucky numbers.
And from our Crumbles....

I just like the number 20, or anything with 2 in it. My awesome 4th grade teacher gave us all numbers that then corresponded with a county in the state. I was number 20, county of Washakie. Everyone I know who was in Mrs. Keefe’s fourth grade class (including my brother) has a favorite number that is 100% the county number they were assigned!
 My lovely daughter was born a week overdue on 11-11-11! So that’s definitely her lucky number! It’s also Veterans Day. My newest love was born 3 days late, on the Fourth of July, at 11:18! So, I have two patriotic babies with 11 sequences!
Anonymous Crumble
2 & 22 are my lucky numbers! I was born 2/22/91 at 2:22 pm so it was pretty much fate!
I was born on Friday the 13th. I wasn’t supposed to survive; I was a full-term baby at just 3lbs 9oz, but after being in the NICU for 30 days, I made it strong! 13 has always been my lucky number!!!


This week's favorite recipe - Green Minestrone with Pistachio Pesto

I absolutely cannot wait for you to try this. It’s all about starting with Chicken Stock then adding your local and in season green vegetables.
I used all my favorites, including green beans, cabbage, carrots, parsnips, celery, and sugar snap peas, but feel free to pare it down to just a few vegetables. I love all the green but added carrot for a little bit of contrast. It’s fabulous as is, but elevated to the next level with a dollop of my Pistachio Pesto stirred in. The color is magnificent, and the flavor even better.

This week's nocrumbsleft Table Talks Podcast:  

Episode 36: Everything Counts
In this episode, I talk with my long-time friend and author Ellen Rogin, about generosity as the new currency, how to create a prosperity plan, and the importance of teaching our kids about giving, saving and gratitude.

This week, we are going to give away a piece of nocrumbsleft pottery to one lucky winner - peronsonalized with your lucky number on the bottom! 
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