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Where is weed legal in the US?

Celebrating the Hazy Holidaze Part 2: The Destination

"Zoom call to Grandma and a turkey dinner for two. 2020, you made it weird."

Whether you are traveling or staying put, we want you to have the best time possible as you enjoy some good weed during the Holidaze. Above you'll notice we put together a handy chart of where weed is legal recreationally, medically, and still illegal. Check out this Leafly article for a more in depth look at legalization. Below, we've put together our top recommendations on how to safely enjoy cannabis during the Holidaze. Rules are fun, right guys? 


1. Traveling

Bottom line is don't be traveling with weed. It's illegal! If the state you are traveling to has legalized the recreational use of weed, check out this Leafly dispensary locater to help you find the best fit for what you're looking for.
2. Purchasing

The laws don't change just because it's the Holidaze. No matter where you are, you must be 21+ to purchase cannabis. If you have friends or family visiting you here in Bellingham for the Holidaze and are 21+, they are more than welcome to come in the store with their valid ID and purchase weed!
3. Possession

In Washington, you are allowed to purchase one ounce of flower at a time. For concentrates that is seven grams, edibles are 16 ounces, and liquids are 72 ounces. These are also the limits you can have on your person at one time for recreational use. Learn more about Washington State possession limits.
4. Consumption

Now to the fun part! The best practice is to enjoy your weed in the coziness of home. Remember that even in states where weed is legal, it is illegal to use cannabis in public areas such as parks, public transportation, or schools. When in doubt, do the research.
Next week for Part 3, we will share with you how to plan the perfect Holidaze celebration including weed.
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