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Protect - Preserve - Defend: 
Introducing America's Constitutional Presidency Team

America is facing the most difficult election year in its history.  The response of the voters to the choice placed before them will decide the future for generations.  The decision is every bit as crucial as that placed before the colonists when they were asked to choose between tyranny and liberty - between the political status quo of their time and a chance for a new beginning based on the idea the liberty and limited government are the key to peace and tranquility in public life.

Once again the American people must decide who they are.  Are they people of principle standing on God's promises, or cowards in the face of Hillary?  This year principled people only have one choice.  That choice is a Christian, pro-life, preserver of the Constitution and what most Christians say they want.  Will they have the gumption to vote their conscience or fall back in lack of faith. 

Darrell Castle, the Constitution Party Presidential Candidate is owned by no one but God,is bold on the issues, and is educating the American people on what has been happening to them for generations.  He believes in Biblical marriage, is opposed to neutral gender bathrooms in our schools and places of work/shopping.  He hates war and sees it as a last resort, not an economic tool.  Most importantly he believes in and fights for a return to The Rule of Law, where no one is too "high and lifted up" to be above it, and conversely, no one is too "insignificant" to be below it.
If you want Constitutional government (according to the original intent) back in America, join with the many Americans who will be supporting monetarily, volunteering, and with their vote,the only hope for re-gaining their country.  With God's direction, and Darrell's willingness to follow Him, there is still hope that our families, our cities, and our culture may be saved.  Whether you know Darrell or not, he is the only candidate that genuinely loves America, wants what is best for the American people, and gives God all the Glory.  His promises to Americans are simple: 
  • He will treat the little old grandmother's $20 donation with the respect that it deserves, and
  • He will do what he says he will do or die trying. 

This is the man for such a time as this!  Will you keep him a secret or share the good news?

Learn more about Darrell Castle by listening to his acceptance speech here, or reading it here, or by visiting his campaign website at and his podcast website at (with over 600 podcasts on current events from a Constitutional perspective).
Remso W. Martinez, writer for, had this to say about Darrell Castle:
"Castle is more liberty minded than most of the Libertarian Party candidates, and more conservative by miles than Donald Trump. Castle is the only candidate running that takes his talking points from the Founders and his directions from the Constitution. In terms of record, philosophy, stances, and character, Darrell Castle is probably the best individual running for president in this race." 
We agree and think you will too.  Once you are convinced and committed to putting a true Constitutionist into the highest office in the land, we ask you to do your part in the following ways:

Q & A with Darrell Castle: Because You Asked

  • Gender neutral bathrooms
  • Refugees
  • ConCon (Article V Convention)
  • Education

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