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Time to step up...

This coming Saturday we are having a very important meeting and we need the support and cooperation of every garden in Community Board 3. You are all invited! Please come and help us make Gardens Rising a success.

This entire project is dependent on the cooperation and help of each community garden.  We will meet on Saturday, January 16, 2 to 5 pm, at the 6th Street Community Center, E. 638 6th St between Avenues B & C, on the first floor.

We will be discussing the Steering Committee and how it will be structured.
Each garden is asked to send at least one representative to this meeting. It is very important to have your garden represented.
Five members of the Steering Committee will be community gardeners. One member will be elected from each of five geographic garden groups within the community gardens of CB3.
The five geographic garden groups are:
Great Northwest: 11th to 14th Sts.

  1. Dias y Flores, 13th St btwn Aves A & B, Zone2
  2. Relaxation, 13th & Ave B, Zone1
  3. Vamos Sembrar, Ave B btwn 12 & 13 Sts, Zone1
  4. Avenue B Community Garden Assoc., Ave B btwn 12 & 13 Sts, Zone1
  5. El Sol Brillante, 12th St btwn Aves A & B, Zone2
  6. El Sol Brillante JR., 12thSt btwn Aves A & B, Zone2
  7. Children’s Garden, 12th St & Ave B, Zone1
  8. Campos Gardens, 12th St btwn Aves B & C, Zone1
  9. 11BC Garden, 11th St btwn Aves B & C, Zone1
  10. Toyota Childrens’ Garden, 11th St btwn Aves B & C, NYRP, Zone1
  11. East Side High School Garden, 11th St btwn Aves 1st & A, Zone 5
  12. 11th St Community Garden, 11th St btwn Aves 1st & A, MLT, Zone 5

 El Pueblo: 7th to 10th Sts.

  1. 9C Garden, Ave C & 9th St, Zone1
  2. La Plaza Cultural, Ave C & 9th St, Zone1
  3. DeColores Garden 8th St Aves B & C, Zone1
  4. Earth People Garden, 8th St btwn Aves B &C, Zone1
  5. Fireman’s Garden, 8th St btwn Aves C & D, Zone1
  6. Green Oasis 8th St btwn Aves C & D, Zone1
  7. Sam& Sadie Koenig Garden, 7th St btwn Aves C & D, Zone1
  8. Lower East Side Ecology Center Garden 7th St, Aves B & C, Zone1
  Middle Earth: 4th to 6th Sts
  1. Creative Little Garden 6th St, btwn Ave A & B, Zone 4 
  2. 6B Garden, Ave B & 6th St, Zone 4
  3. 6BC Botanical Garden, 6th St, btwn Aves B & C, Zone 2
  4. 5th St Slope Garden 5th St, west off Ave C, Zone 2
  5. El. Jardin del Paraiso, 4th St, btwn Aves C & D, Zone 3
Generation X, 4th St, btwn Aves A & B, Zone 4

  7. Secret Garden, 4th St & Ave C, Zone 2
  8. Orchard Alley, 4th St btwn Aves C & D, Zone 3
  9. Parque de Tranquilidad, 4th St btwn Aves C & D, MLT,  Zone 3
  Mundo Verde: 2nd and 3rd Sts
  1. Kenkeleba House Garden 2nd St btwn Aves B & C, Zone 4
Hope Garden, 2nd St btwn A & B, Zone 5
  3. Miracle Garden, 3rd St btwn A & B, Zone 5
  4. Los Amigos 3rd St btwn B & C, Zone 4

  5. Brisas Del Caribe 3rd St btwn B & C, Zone 4

  6. All People’s Garden 3rd St btwn Aves C & D
 MLT Zone 3
  7. Le Petit Versailles, 2nd St btwn Aves B & C, Zone 4

  8. Peachtree Garden, 2nd St  btwn Aves B & C, Zone 4

  Southland: below Houston St. and west of First Ave.
  1. Liz Christy Garden, Houston & Bowery Sts, No Zone  
  2. Albert’s Garden, 2nd St btwn Bowery & Second Ave MLT, No Zone  
  3. First St Garden 1st bwtn 1st & 2nd Aves, No Zone  
  4. Dorothy Strelsin Suffolk St Garden, Stanton & Houston, NYRP, Zone 6
  5. Clinton St Poor Peoples Garden, Stanton & Clinton Sts, Zone 5
  6. Children’s Magical Garden, Stanton & Norfolk Sts, No Zone  
  7. M’Finda Kalunga Garden, Chrystie and Rivington Sts, No Zone  
  8. Siempre Verde, Stanton & Attorney Sts. Zone 5
  9. Forsyth St Conservancy, Forsyth and Delancey Sts, No Zone  
  10. Lower East Side People’s Care Garden, MLT, Zone 4  

Note each Garden's Flood Zones designated by the City.
In addition, we are beginning to gather data and need your help. Citizen Science is vital to Gardens Rising is a fun and educational component of what we are doing. 

Please measure the street frontage of your garden, that is the length of your fence, the width of the sidewalk in front of your garden and the width of your garden gates and their location and what kind of fence does your garden have.

For example; DeColores Garden on E.8th St has a frontage of 40 feet four inches, the sidewalk is fifteen feet wide and there is an eight foot double gate on a chain link fence that is 21 feet off the far left fence post.

This Thursday's ROUND TABLE
Don't forget the Third Round Table discussion this Thursday, January 14, noon to 2pm at the Neighborhood Preservation Center, located on 232 E.11th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.The round-tables feature experts, stakeholders and public in a brainstorming session to build nature-based and green infrastructure to increase permeability in the Lower East Side of New York City.

This week’s round-table features:

  • Susannah Drake, dlandstudio
  • Andy Stone, Director, NYC Trust for Public Land
  • Carlos Martinez, Assistant Director, NYC GreenThumb
  • JK Canepa, Community Activist


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