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Acquisitions and Funding
  • Adobe announced it will acquire Livefyre, a content marketing and brand engagement platform. Promus Ventures invested earlier in Storify, which was later acquired by Livefyre.
  • Promus Ventures invested in YourMechanic's $24 million Series B alongside SoftBank Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Data Point Capital, SAIC, Verizon Ventures, American Family Insurance, PG Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank.  Promus Ventures has invested in YourMechanic's previous rounds.
  • Promus Ventures invested in June Oven's $22 million Series A which was led by Eclipse Ventures with participation from Foundry Group, First Round Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Sound Ventures, Lumia Capital and Vaizra Investments.
  • Promus Ventures invested in Gauss Surgical's $12 million Series B which was led by Providence Ventures with participation from Jump Capital, LifeForce Ventures, Summation Health Ventures and the Stanford's Start X Fund. Mike Collett joined Gauss' board.  Promus Ventures has invested in Gauss' previous rounds.
  • Airware CEO Jonathan Downey discusses drone technology and the company's $30 million Series C from Next World Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins and John Chambers of Cisco.  Promus Ventures invested in Airware's seed round. 
  • Virool raised a $12 million Series A from Menlo Ventures, Yahoo Japan, Flint Capital and 500 Startups. Promus Ventures invested in Virool's seed round.
Community Highlights


Acquisitions and Funding Announcements


Adobe announced that it will acquire Livefyre, a Promus Ventures-backed startup.  Livefyre is well-known for its online commenting system and offers a number of tools for brands to engage with their audiences.

Livefyre will be part of Adobe Experience Manager and integrated across Adobe Marketing Cloud to make user-generated content available across all eight digital marketing solutions. Livefyre's many customers include CNN, Coca-Cola, and Major League Baseball. Livefyre raised a total of $67.3 million since its launch. Adobe and Salesforce participated in its last $47 million round. 

“With this acquisition our customers will be able to unify the best social media content with branded experiences created in Adobe Creative Cloud and community-driven content”  said Aseem Chandra, a vice president for Adobe.


YourMechanic raised a Series B led by SoftBank Capital, with participation from Promus Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Data Point Capital, SAIC, Verizon Ventures, American Family Insurance, PG Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank. YourMechanic is available in over 30 major market cities in the US where they dispatch mechanics to homes or offices for prices up to 30 percent less than traditional repair shops. 
June Oven raised a $22 million Series A led by Eclipse, with participation from Promus Ventures, Foundry Group, First Round Capital, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Sound Ventures, Lumia Capital and Vaizra Investments. The June Intelligent Oven is a connected countertop system that can recognize and cook foods automatically using computer vision and artificial intelligence. 

Gauss Surgical raised a Series B led by Providence Ventures. Promus Ventures, Jump Capital, Summation Health Ventures, LifeForce Ventures and the Stanford-Start X Fund also participated. As part of this round, Promus Ventures Managing Partner Mike Collett joined the Board of Directors.

Gauss' FDA-cleared Triton System is a tablet-based vision platform that accurately estimates blood loss in the operating room. Scans taken during medical procedures of surgical sponges and blood-bearing canisters are then processed real-time by Triton's cloud-based algorithms, helping surgeons make better blood loss assessments. 


Airware raised a Series C from led by World Capital, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins and John Chambers of Cisco.

Jonathan Downey, CEO of Airware, discussed the round and the company's plan to allow commercial enterprises to take advantage of aerial data in a post entitled "Taking the Enterprise to the Sky."

Virool, a Promus Ventures-backed startup, raised a Series A led by Menlo Ventures, and included Yahoo Japan, Flint Capital and 500 Startups. The company provides native video ads in the middle of articles and other editorial content that allow opportunities for viewers to engage or share them.


Community Highlights


On March 22, a group of Spire Lemur-2 cubesats aboard the OA-6 Cygnus cargo vehicle were successfully launched from Cape Canaveral, FL. You can watch the launch here

Whoop is a wearable for professional and elite athletes, enabling coaches and trainers to precisely measure athlete performance on and off the court, predict players' future performance, and protect against injury. Several notable NBA players such LeBron James use the Whoop platform. The product has received numerous positive reviews and Whoop will meet with the NBA to help shape the use of wearable devices in games.  
The New York Times profiled Daniel Nadler of Kensho, and discussed how the company has the ability to displace thousands of jobs on Wall Street with its knowledge engine for the financial industry. 
AngelList Launched AngelList Radio and a New Blog Series Inside the Deal

AngelList is a community of startups and investors who aim to make fundraising more efficient. The company recently launched AngelList Radio and its blog series Inside the Deal to provide investing advice from top angels and VCs.  
AltspaceVR is now available on Samsung Gear VR, the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which allows users to socialize across all platforms with friends who have different VR headsets. In addition, the company launched VR Call which lets you hang out with friends as easily as accepting an invite from a text, Twitter, Facebook or Slack. The company also launched an AltspaceVR Slack Integration. 

Mercer Health brings its global health benefits consulting capabilities and market reach to Kurbo Health's proven family weight loss platform. Together they will help employers assist employees in reducing childhood obesity and creating healthier families. 

TerrAvion, which provides growers with imagery from planes flying over land with specialized cameras, has now added the ability to add statistics with new service, Digest. 
The natural language data platform StatMuse allows fans to create their own infographics and charts to visualize data in a whole new way. Currently only available for the NBA, the company will launch with MLB coverage soon. 
Jessica Murphy of True Fit talked about returns and how the company's data helps minimize them for retailers. 

Kahuna, which specializes in marketing automation for the mobile era, launched "Locales" which allows marketers to use contextual data collected directly from customer devices to tailor messages to their preferred language. 

Paul Lee, formerly of Google, wrote about the journey that brought him to starting Threadloom. Threadloom helps make forums searchable and accessible, thereby driving increased engagement.

OwnerListens' Customer Messaging Management (CMM) tools for Facebook Messenger will help businesses manage instant messaging with customers. With this Messenger integration OwnerListens now supports the top three Instant Messaging apps, representing over 2.5 billion users. 

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